Nash Bridges

Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 21, 1997 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Cassidy really showed her passionate side opinions when she posed nude for the safe sex poster (much to her parent's delight..not) in this episode.

  • Quotes

    • Cassidy: What's wrong?
      Nash: I think I missed the boat on this one. I see what you were going for with the poster. And... I think it was brave and artistic. And kind of wonderful.
      Cassidy: I'm sorry that I didn't talk to you and mom about it sooner.
      Nash: Ah, forget about it. I love you and I love who you are.
      Cassidy: Thank you.

    • Joe (about Cassidy): So she forgave you, huh?
      Nash: We're in negotiations.

    • Lisa: I used to tell my mother I was going to the movies with Patty and then we'd wind up in the backseat of that junky of yours.
      Nash: Hey, wait a minute, that wasn't a junky car. It was a '57 Chevy with tuck 'n roll interior, four on the floor. Besides, this isn't the same thing.
      Lisa: Oh, how is it different?
      Nash: Well, for one thing, no one was trying to take a picture of us and plaster it on the side of a damn bus.
      Lisa: Would we have said no if someone had wanted to? Think about it, Nash. What is Cassidy doing that we didn't do at her age?
      Nash: Lisa, I don't want to be thinkin' at my age, about what Cassidy is doing that we did when she's her age. Well, alright. What do we do?
      Lisa: I don't know. Maybe you should talk to her again. Try to be a little more accepting.

    • Lisa: I guess your talk with Cassidy could've gone better.
      Nash: What are you, crisis intervention?
      Lisa: She's sulking.
      Nash (grimaces): I'd rather take a beatin'.

    • Cassidy: Okay, let's have it.
      Nash: Do you want to explain to me what the hell you were thinking when you decided to pose nude in a poster that you knew would be plastered all over town?
      Cassidy: Then asked me to do it, it was for a good cause, so I did it. It was an artistic expression. It was a chance to make a difference.
      Nash: Uh huh. Couldn't you write a poem or something?
      Cassidy: Please don't patronize me.
      Nash: If you were so certain in your convictions, why didn't you discuss it with your mother and I before you did it?
      Cassidy: Excuse me, but when did this become about you and mom?
      Waiter: Excuse me, could I get you--
      Cassidy: No, thanks.
      Waiter: Aren't you the girl that--
      Nash: Yes, she is. (glares at the waiter, who walks away) Did Freddie put you up to this?
      Cassidy: No. I asked him.
      Nash: Oh, you ask him but you couldn't ask me for permission?
      Cassidy: I didn't think I needed your permission.
      Nash: Well, you damn sure do.
      Cassidy: Daddy, you always taught me to make the best decision possible with what I know at the time, that's exactly what I did. If I had to do it again, I'd do the exact same thing. I'm sorry if you can't handle that.

    • Nash: Okay, where is she?
      Lisa: She stormed off to the library.
      Nash: Oh, she stormed off? And just what is it that she has to be angry about?
      Lisa: Apparently she didn't like it when I found her condoms.
      Nash: What condoms?
      Lisa: The ones she plans to use when she and Freddie have sex.
      Joe: Oh, um, you have anything to read?
      Lisa: On the coffee table.
      Joe: I'll be reading and uh, eavesdropping from over here.
      Nash: I don't believe this.
      Joe: Shoulda had a boy, Nashman. You probably would've been buying him condoms yourself.
      Lisa: That's true.
      Nash: That is not true. That is not true. Look, I damn near collide with a naked photograph of my daughter plastered all of the side of a bus this morning and I come over here to talk to you about it and suddenly, we're discussing condoms? I-I don't wanna know about this, alright?
      Joe: Don't involve me in this, either.
      Nash: You're out of it.
      Joe: Okay. Do you know what the average age of a girl to lose her virginity in this country is?
      Nash: Are we talkin' to you?
      Joe (points to the magazine): It's in here.
      Nash: I don't care.
      Joe: Ooh, god. I didn't think it was that young.
      Nash: Fine. Fine. Alright, what are we gonna do?
      Lisa: What do you wanna do, Nash? Rip down every poster in the city? Erase the memory of everyone who's seen it?
      Nash: Now those are good ideas. You should be writing those down.
      Joe: Or just lock her in her room until she gets married. (laughs, Nash glares at him) Just, uh, tryin' to help.

    • Joe: You know I wonder if Inger and I are going to have a little boy or a little girl....with a little boy, you can, you know, kinda initiate him into the club...with a little girl, I think you're gonna spend most of your time kind of protecting them from the club, you know?
      Nash: Whoa, Bubba, you're not wrong there. But let me tell 'ya somethin', when they put that little bundle in your arms and you see that sweet little innocent face lookin' up at you, oh, brother, you are done. You will have absolutely no problem if you get a little girl. Life as you know it will be changed forever. But, believe me, it's as sweet as hell, brother. (they stop at a light next to a bus with Cassidy's poster, Joe makes a face) What? It's right behind me, isn't it?
      Joe: Uh, pretty much, yeah.

    • Lisa: Guess what I saw on the way to the grocery store?
      Cassidy: What?
      Lisa: Your poster.
      Cassidy: Oh, is it out?
      Lisa: Oh, it's out. When were you planning to tell me?
      Cassidy: Tell you what?
      Lisa: That you were naked.
      Cassidy: Mom, I wasn't naked. I was wearing jeans and they taped my breasts.
      Lisa: Oh, well, then that makes all the difference.
      Cassidy: What are you so upset about? You knew I was going to do this poster with Freddie. I mean, you even signed the release form.
      Lisa: You said that you were doing a public service poster.
      Cassidy: It is a public service poster, Mom. What's the big deal?
      Lisa: It has to do with honesty and disclosure.
      Cassidy: What does?
      Lisa: I found condoms in your bedroom.
      Cassidy: You were snooping around in my bedroom?!
      Lisa: I-I wasn't snooping. Th-This is my house. And if you must know, I was looking for the diamond necklace that you borrowed.
      Cassidy: You're such a hypocrite.
      Lisa: Don't talk to me like that.
      Cassidy: Come on, mom. Do you really think that when Freddie and I have intercourse it's going to be unsafe?
      Lisa: Wh-When you have intercourse?
      Cassidy: You see what I mean? This is exactly what I'm saying. Sometimes honesty and disclosure is not the best tact. Look how upset you're getting.
      Lisa: I-I don't know any responsible parent who wouldn't react this way.
      Cassidy: Dad, for one.
      Lisa: Well, then you don't know your father as well as you think you do.

    • (Joe notices a girl on a poster advertising sex on the side of a bus)
      Joe: Hey, the girl on that poster looks like your daughter!
      Nash: Yeah? (looks at it a second time) That is my daughter.

  • Notes

    • James Gammon (Nick), Jaimé P. Gomez (Evan), and Jeff Perry (Harvey), do not appear in this episode.

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