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Nash Bridges

Season 6 Episode 13

Recover Me

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 02, 2001 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Recover Me

Rachel is arrested for murder, and the SIU try and track down the real killer. Things get sticky when Nash catches her in lies. Joe tries to find a ringer to represent the department in an arm-wrestling contest.

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    Michael Bailey Smith

    Michael Bailey Smith

    Sergeant Iron Mike Willis

    Guest Star

    Randle Mall

    Randle Mall

    Neal Rogan

    Guest Star

    Michael Massee

    Michael Massee

    Harley Corzine

    Guest Star

    Steven Kravitz

    Steven Kravitz

    Ira Buxbaum

    Recurring Role

    Ronald Russell

    Ronald Russell

    Officer Ronnie

    Recurring Role

    Stefonos Miltsakakis

    Stefonos Miltsakakis

    Eldon Sistrunk

    Recurring Role

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      • Nash: Ira- Ira, what are you doing here?
        Ira: The you owe me.
        Nash: Okay, what is it? What do you want?
        Ira: I want to be dismissed from any further obligation to the Rachel McCabe case.
        Nash: You got it, you're fired.
        Ira: Thank you, you're too kind. Now if you can have Rachel sign this--
        Rachel (interrupts): Hey, Ira, your clients are askin' for 'ya. (Nash hands the piece of paper Ira just handed him to Rachel)
        Nash: I'd read that if I were you. (she walks away, to Ira) You're clients? You're handling Trask and Rogan now, huh?
        Ira: Absolutly not. Just Rogan.
        Nash: What is it a second house Tahoe?
        Ira: A condo in Molly.
        Nash: Good luck. You know you're not gonna win.
        Ira: Life is not about goals, Nash. It's about the journey.

      • Ira: This is exactly what the jury is gonna see. Hidden security camera footage from the parking garage the day Wexler was murdered. Notice the date and time stamp.
        Nash: Duly noted.
        Ira: Rachel uses a swipe card to drive out of what she thinks is an unobserved back entrance. 3 minutes and 12 seconds after witnesses reported hearing the fatal gun shots.
        Rachel: This isn't me. That's impossible.
        Ira: Oh, it's possible, sweetheart.
        Rachel: I wasn't wearing those clothes on that day.
        Ira: Well, then I guess it's a case for the fashion police.
        Rachel: Hey, you're supposed to be on my side!
        Ira: What?! You think that--
        Nash: Both of you stop it.
        Rachel: Alright. Maybe they changed the time code, what you don't think that these guys can manipulate a piece of video.
        Nash: I don't know, we'll check it out.
        Ira: Great, we'll call it the MCD frame up!
        Nash: Ira, get outta here.

      • Nash: You're alibi didn't check out.
        Rachel: So, now you're checkin' up on me?
        Nash: My mother used to say that there's nothing worse than a liar. She believed that and so do I. People who lie are afraid on the truth, what are you afraid of?
        Rachel: I was at the City Records office, that is not a lie. Check your facts.
        Nash: I did. You left 90 minutes before Wexler was shot. ... Where were you?
        Rachel: I can't say.
        Nash: Rachel, you're putting me a very bad position here. If you want my help, you sure as hell aren't acting like it.
        Rachel: I want your help Nash, just please don't press me on this.
        Nash: You realize that your entire case might hinge on the fact that you don't have a solid alibi.
        Rachel: I can't. I'm sorry.

      • Joe: Hey, so, Rulon you ever arm wrestle?
        Rulon: Sure do. I love arm wrestlin'. (Joe looks at Nash with a huge grin)
        Nash: I don't believe this.
        Joe: Ask and you shall recieve, bubba.

      • Nash: What are you talkin' 'bout?
        Joe: The department arm wrestling championships, man. The SIU will kick butt behind Ronnie in the super heavies.
        Nash: Yeah, I gotta talk to you about that.
        Joe: Man, I'm so tired of Iron Mike bragging, Bayview this, Bayview that, well, their reign is over and the SIU will rule. Ronnie...
        Nash: That's what I wanna talk to you about.
        Joe: Ah, man he's so pumped, he's so ready.
        Nash: And he's also in the hospital.
        Joe: What? What'd you say?
        Nash: He's in the hospital. He had an emergency appendectmy two hours ago.
        Joe: What? No!
        Nash: Yeah.
        Joe: No- but we're- this-- It can't be.
        Nash: He's fine though, thanks for asking.
        Joe: This can't be happening.
        Nash: Yeah, it can. Well, there's always next year.
        Joe: Well, it's just a little tiny hole in his stomach, huh?
        Nash (laughs): Joe.

      • Nash: You know, just outta curiousity, where were 'ya yesterday afternoon around 5?
        Rachel: Oh, you mean when I supposed to be murdering Robert Wexler?
        Nash: Yeah.
        Rachel: I was in the city records office researching some of Rogan's shell companies.
        Nash: Ah, good. So, plenty of people saw 'ya.

      • MCD Inspector Jerome: We got security camera that place Inspector McCabe in the parking garage three minutes after Robert Wexler was shot.
        MCD Inspector Louise: We also found her Grand Caymon's bank account.
        Nash: Oh, well, sure, no frame up is complete without an off shore bank account.
        MCD Inspector Louise: 1.2 million dollars and a signature card with her name on it.
        MCD Inspector Jerome: That's a lot of money to throw away on a frame up.
        Nash: Not if you got a lot. Where's your murder weapon?
        MCD Inspector Louise: We don't have one yet.
        Nash: Where's your witness?
        MCD Inspector Louise: We don't have one.
        Nash: Uh-huh.
        MCD Inspector Louise: You really don't think she did it, huh?
        Nash: No. I don't.

      • Nash: What are you sayin' to me? Are you sayin' that Iron Mike can scheme better than you?
        Joe: No.
        Nash: I can't hear you.
        Joe: No!
        Nash: Alright!

      • Nash: Alright, play time's over. Tell me where you were or my help ends now.
        Rachel: It's complicated.
        Nash: I'm fairly intelligent.
        Rachel: ... (has tears in her eyes) I have a daughter. She's five. I gave her up at birth. I um, was working at Oakland General, I met this guy, a fellow resident, we were living in one room, surviving on three hours of sleep a night... and the stress it bonded us for a while, but, uh, it we weren't right for each other.
        Nash: Does he know he's the father?
        Rachel: No. I transferred to another hospital when I found out that I was pregnant. It was easy for me to place her, 'cause I was a doctor. ... I made the right decision, I did... I wasn't ready to raise a child. But not a day goes by that I don't think about it.
        Nash: So, that's where you were? With your daughter?
        Rachel: I, uh, knew who the adoptive parents were, I knew that they named her Sicilia. Rogan's firm does there tax work, I came across their name when I was there, all of their information. The worst kind of life concidence.
        Nash: Have you tried talking to the adoptive parents? I've heard of some of the parents making room for the birth mother.
        Rachel: No. No, that's not what I want. I just wanted to see her. I lied to you because I don't want anyone else to know about this. And I certainly don't want Sicilia and her parents being dragged into a homicide case where I'm the suspect.
        Nash: Well, then we'll just have to find another way won't we?
        Rachel: Thank you.

      • Joe: This competion is supposed to be about fair play.
        Nash: Oh, yeah, which is why a janitor was gonna arm wrestle in the first place.
        Joe: Hey, he started it.
        Nash: Oh, he started it. What are you six?

      • (Rachel is returning to the SIU after spending the night in jail)
        Harvey: Aww, it's our fugitive from the chain gang.
        Antwon: What happened? You didn't like the food?
        Rachel: Very funny.
        Antwon: Well, you didn't expect sympathy, did 'ya?
        Rachel (laughs): No.

      • Ira: So, this guy Rogan figured out he was in trouble, figured Rachel for a cop, wasted Wexler and made it look like she did it.
        Nash: He catches on fast.
        Ira: Alright, what do you got on Rogan?
        Antwon: Nothin' Rachel was workin' on it.
        Ira: Uh-huh. It's ingenius, its cunning...
        Nash: I know, huh? Whoever set her up did a hell of a job.
        Ira: What are you talking about? I'm talking about you suckering me into defending her.
        Nash: Ira... come on, now.
        Ira: You got nothing.
        Nash: Yet.
        Ira: Uh-huh. I guess you're all fine with me representing this girl against the city's biggest mob accountant. And I don't know, saddling me with the stigma of defending a corrupt cop.
        Nash: Now, that's beautiful hyperbole. Save it for court.
        Ira: Look at the evidence. There is not a judge, jury or prosecutor in the state of California that'll even break a sweat over this. Good bye.
        Nash: You're not quittin' this.
        Ira: I can't get her off.
        Nash: Then get her out.
        Ira: I can probably get her out. But--
        Nash: But nothin'. Just do it.

      • Ira: Why do I feel like I'm being set up here?
        Joe: One of our inspectors, Rachel McCabe is being charged with a homicide.
        Ira: Oh, because I am. Why should I get involved? What's in it for me?
        Nash: Because I'll owe you one.
        Ira: You'll owe me one?
        Nash: Yeah! I'll owe you one.
        Ira: So you sleeping with this woman?
        Nash: No I am not sleeping with her! But it's that important.

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