Nash Bridges

Season 4 Episode 15


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 19, 1999 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Caitlin (after Nash finds pieces of his broken mug): Nash, I am so sorry. In fact, I'm-- I'm mortified, I am.
      Nash: It was kind of a special cup to me.
      Caitlin: I realize that. That's why I've been on the phone for the last hour trying to replace it.
      Nash: It's irreplaceable.
      Caitlin: I will-- I will replace it.
      Nash: Wait. (walks over to his desk, opens the drawer, grabs something and walks back over to Caitlin's desk) Here. (hands Caitlin a scarf) Hold this. It's a magic scarf.
      Caitlin: A magic scarf?
      Nash: Yeah, you just hold it up by the corners, you ready? (Caitlin holds up the scarf, Nash takes a folder and slides the broken pieces into it) Okay, now then, I need you to take the magic scarf and put it over the file.
      Caitlin: Nash, come on.
      Nash: Put it over the file. (Caitlin does so) There 'ya go. Say the magic words.
      Caitlin: I do not know the magic words.
      Nash (holds up an intact mug): Apparently, you do.
      Caitlin: How did you do that?
      Nash: Magic. (takes the mug and walks back over to his desk)
      Caitlin: Oh, wait one second, Nash, come on. Let me see it. Where are the pieces?
      Nash: What pieces? There are no pieces.
      Caitlin (feeling in Nash's jacket): Come on, give 'em up.
      Nash: I have no pieces. You know what? Here. (hands her mug) You can have this one. (opens desk drawer and pulls out another mug) And I'll just take one of these here.
      Caitlin (laughs): Okay, alright. That was pretty good. You guys got me pretty good.
      Nash (laughs, to Joe): Look. Almost a sense of humor.
      Joe (laughs): Yeah, I can see that.

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