Nash Bridges

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 07, 1997 on CBS



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    • Angel: I heard a voice telling you to close the door behind you.
      Nash: Close the door?
      Angel: He isn't coming back, Nash. Ever again. (places a set of 'cuda keys on Nash's desk)
      Nash: Where'd you get this?
      Angel: That's not important. What is important is why I'm givin' 'em to you.
      Nash: Why?
      Angel: So you could be whole.

    • Nick: I lost your mother. I thought I lost your brother and the fact that I didn't outweighs everything else. Can you understand that?
      Nash: Not right now I can't.

    • Nick: I don't want to be a burden, Nash.
      Nash: Nick, you're a lot of a lot of things, but a burden ain't one of 'em. ... Do you want to talk about it?
      Nick: I have a feeling you do.
      Nash: I'd like to know where he is.
      Nick: I can't help 'ya. I wish I could but I can't.
      Nash: Isn't that just like him? He comes to see you, and doesn't see me.
      Nick: You always were competitive with him, weren't 'ya, Nash?
      Nash: What? No. Get outta here.
      Nick: Nash, he's your older brother. You wanted to be just like him. You worshiped the ground he walked on. Hell, who could blame you? Bobby could light up a room and I for one, am glad he's back.
      Nash: He isn't back. Will you listen to yourself? You're talking about him like he's the prodigal son, returned. What about the rallies, what about the M.I.A meetings?
      Nick: Well, it's the time we thought--
      Nash: That he was dead. That's exactly right. We thought he was dead. He let us think that for 24 years, Nick. 24 years he let us think that he was some kind of a hero, 24 years. We didn't know that he had a wife, children. That you had a-a daughter in-law and grandchildren. Then he comes back here and doesn't even have the heart to face me? What is that? Who is that guy?
      Nick: He's my son, Nash.
      Nash: He's a deserter.
      Nick: He's alive. Can't you just be happy about that?
      Nash: So, let me understand this. So, what you're saying is you're willing to cut him any amount of slack, is that right?
      Nick: I didn't say he was my favorite son, Nash.
      Nash: Well, that sure as hell sounds like what you're saying.
      Nick: Why are you so mad at me?
      Nash: I'm not mad at you. I ain't mad at you.

    • Mrs. Nu (about Bobby Chase): He is from an area far north in Thailand where there are no other westerners. He's been there since the war. He organized the villagers in the region into poppy growing for his own heroin empire.
      Nash: Go on.
      Mrs. Nu: Marquette's business began to suffer, he tried to have Chase murdered but he missed. Yet, he found Chase's wife and children.
      Nash: Marquette murdered his wife and children?
      Mrs. Nu: Yes.
      Nash: And Chase is in town?
      Mrs. Nu: Yes.
      Nash: To kill Marquette?
      Mrs. Nu: Yes.
      Nash: Where can I find Marquette?
      Mrs. Nu: I don't know. But if I were you, I'd check the art importers in town.
      Nash: And Chase? Where would he be?
      Mrs. Nu: Where he's comfortable. Maybe in Chinatown. If you have no further questions, now I must leave.
      Nash: Madame Nu, you can go, but don't ever come back.

    • Angel: Hello, Michelle.
      Michelle: How do you know my name?
      Nash: Ignore him.

    • Harvey: Nash, come on, man. What are the chances this guy's your brother?
      Nash: Better and better all the time.
      Harvey: Okay, come on, let's go back for a second. Your brother was shot down, right? Lets say that Bobby's lucky enough to survive the crash. Lets say he was lucky enough to avoid capture. Lets go as far as to say, that he's lucky enough to make it out of the jungle, across enemy lines and get to some place safe. I mean, he-he doesn't drop a dime to tell you that he's okay, not in 24 years, man?
      Nash: I know all this, Harv.
      Harvey: Nash, I'm not saying that he's not--
      Nash: What are you saying?
      Harvey: I'm just sayin', what are the chances?
      Nash: It's never been about chances, Harv.

    • Nash: I think we need to get a few rules straight if you're planning on staying for any lengthy period of time.
      Lynette: Wait, are you or are you not my ex brother in-law?
      Nash: Ah, yes, I would be your ex, but as long as your living in this house with my daughter, I am still the law. However, while Lisa's gone this is Cassidy's house and you're the guest.
      Lynette: Well what does Cassidy have to say about that?
      Nash (laughs): Oh, don't you worry she'll put her two cents in.

    • Lynette (about the guy in the towel): Don't worry, he's not staying.
      Nash: I could've told 'ya that.

    • Nash: Who's the guy in the towel?
      Cassidy: That guy?
      Nash: Yeah, yeah. The very same guy who walked out of your mother's bedroom, in the towel, in the kitchen, and just walked back in there. That guy.
      Cassidy: Mom didn't tell you, huh?
      Nash: Apparently not, no.
      Cassidy: A picture's worth a thousand words. (Cassidy leads Nash into Lisa's room, Lisa's sister Lynette is there)

    • Harvey: Listen, Bobby was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam, okay? He got shot down in his second tour over Cambodia. They found the wreckage, they didn't find him.
      Michelle: Wow, so he's M.I.A.?
      Evan: Yeah, that's exactly right.
      Michelle: So were Nash and Bobby close?
      Harvey: From what I hear Nash just idealized him. Bobby was a star quarterback, a certifiable war hero, he got a silver star and a distinguished flying cross before he got shot down.
      Michelle: So, the 'cuda's Bobby's car?
      Evan: Yeah, he gave it to Nash to take care of while he was in 'Nam.
      Michelle: Wow. No wonder he's so protective of it.
      Harvey: I'm no psychatrist but I think that Nash secretly hopes one day that Bobby'll show up and reclaim it.
      Nash (walks up behind them): Reclaim what?
      Harvey: Oh, nothin', boss. I'm callin' the Thai conculate.
      Nash (smiles to himself): Let's make one thing clear guys. This case is not about my brother, okay? It's about a woman with a husband and a family who was murdered. Let's stay focused on that, all right?

    • (Nash and Bobby are talking, Nash is on one side of the fence, Bobby the other)
      Bobby: How 'ya doin' brother?
      Nash: Bobby.
      Bobby: Thanks for takin' care of Marquiet for me, he had it comin'.
      Nash: Where 'ya been, man?
      Bobby: Here and there. Mostly there. You look good, bro.
      Nash: Why didn't you call, Bobby?
      Bobby: I didn't do alot of things. Kinda took a big left turn. I guess you know that by now.
      Nash: What were you thinking, man?
      Bobby: I wasn't really thinkin'. You think I wanted my life to turn out like this? You think this is what I had planned?
      Nash (shakes his head): I don't know what to think.
      Bobby: Me, either.
      Nash: So, are you back? I can help you, Bobby.
      Bobby: I know you're good, Nash. I've been watching you. But you can't fix it. You know what I was thinkin' bout the other day? Remember my green pendelton?
      Nash (laughs lightly): I remember you used to beat the crap outta me when I took it outta your closet.
      Bobby: That didn't stop you.
      Nash: I wanted to be like you.
      Bobby: Yeah, well now I wanna be like you.
      Nash: What do you want me to do?
      Bobby: Let me go, Nash.
      Nash (almost crying): I don't want to, Bobby.
      Bobby: Take care of Dad and give Stacy a hug. (Nash moves towards the cage fence and puts his hand on it)
      Nash: Bobby.
      Bobby (moves towards Nash and puts his hand up to the cage where Nash's is): You take care bro. (walks away)

    • Nash: Bobby Chase is my brother.
      Harvey: You sure, Nash?
      Nash: When I wasn't sure, I was hoping that he was. Now that I am sure I'm wishing he wasn't.

    • (Nash and Michelle stop somewhere and Angel's handcuffed in the car)
      Angel: You're not leaving me here alone? You know, people get arrested for leaving their dogs in their cars.
      Nash: Dogs aren't angels. And besides you're in a convertiable and since you're my guardian angel you can look after my car. (starts walking away with Michelle)
      Angel: This isn't your car yet, Nash but it will be soon.
      Michelle: What is that supposed to mean?
      Nash: Ah, I told you don't pay any attention to him.

    • Angel: I had a feeling I'd be seeing you today.
      Nash: Don't say that.

  • Notes

    • Cheech Marin (Joe), does not appear in this episode. This is the only episode in which he does not appear, yet is credited with the main cast.

    • Jan Michael Vincent and Tracey Walter are credited as Special Guest Stars

      Suki Kaiser (Lynette Summers) joins the Cast. She will be Guest Starring in 6 episodes only in this season.

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