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  • Nash Bridges REMAKE

    There really should be a Nash Bridges remake ....

    that was a great show....

    Whats the a lot to chose from out there...
  • 100th episode was a complete letdown!!!

    That episode was horribly abrupt when they killed off Evan in the wrong time, before his marriage to Cassidy! Whoever made that stupid decision to kill off Evan should get sued by the fans! Afterwards, the show went completely downhill! They did not mention how long as much that Cassidy will stay in France and they would not try to show more seasons, especially trying to kill of that Harvey character!
  • The best show ever!!

    I think Nash Bridges is/was the best show ever made!! I started watching this after Miami Vice, because I kinda fell in love with Don Johnson and wanted to see more of his work, but this show is soooo very much better than Miami Vice and I loved that as well, but this really had it all.

    I indeed agree that this is Don Johnson at his very best, and you gotta love the way he looks here, the vests and ....

    The storyline was also great, had the right amount of humour, only just a shame that they didn't let it end with Nash having found a girlfriend for life, or even getting back together with Lisa, that would have made it even better.

    But nonetheless like I said, yhe best show ever made (and I've seen a lot)
  • This was just a wonderful and exciting show!

    There was just so much fun going on in this show...yet the characters could be very serious when the time came. This was Don Johnson at his best. I loved him in Miami Vice but here he was able to bring a new dimension to his character. San Fransico was the perfect city to shoot a cop show. There were so many different characters, that everyone had someone to relate with, whether it be Cassidy, Nash's daughter, who wants desperately to break out and be something to Evan, the major screw up that fell in love just as easily as he opened his mouth. Joe was just an adorable character...always trying to get rich quick but in the end doing the right thing because it was the right thing no matter what happened to his money. Harvey is the one that everyone wanted to be. He is funny and a die-hard 'DEAD' fan! He knows what matters to him and that's what he lives for and works for. This was a great show that didn't get the accolades that it deserved.

    An Awesome Show!!
    Filled with drama, intrigue, comedy relief and Don Johnson's sex appeal!!
    Hash Bridges is a well written show!
    I enjoy the surprise moments like the disco ball and music suddenly turning on, the relationship between Nash Bridges and his daughter and Father are a wonderful developing story. Both characters grow to be an important part of the show. Of course, I enjoy watching Don Johnson!!
    The sparkle in his eyes, and that smile that could melt an iceberg is unforgettable!

    I enjoyed him on Miami Vice but the role of Nash Bridges was a role that seemed to fit him like a glove. I wish Don Johnson the best and hope we see more of him on the Big Screen and the Television Screen!!
  • Not the best mistery.

    Having grown up with Starsky and Hutch, I enjoyed Nash a lot. A fun buddy series, with good chemistry between Johnson and Marin (who actually steals a lot of their scenes together). I can't understand why so many people compare it to Miami Vice, which was posing and pretentious, while this show has its tongue firmly planted in its cheek.

    So the plots are far-fetched and the characters are a bit thin ... this is Don Johnson, not David Lean. There are enough car chases and pretty women to keep the guys amused (OK, so Yasmine Bleeth couldn't act her way out of a paper bag, but who cares?), and some nice by-play between Nash and his formidable ex-wives and daughter.

    Don't expect rocket science here. This is definitely beer and crisps material, but enjoyable nevertheless.
  • Started off great but ended on a low point.

    Nash Bridges started off as a great cop show with a 80s feel. It had Don Johnson from Miami Vice and Cheech Marin who played great together. I liked it because it was a cop show that didn't take place in New York. It seems like almost every cop show is based in New York. It had good stories and involving characters. I'm not sure where it started to go down hill. I think it was in season 4 when Even started dating Cassidy, they had Stone Cold from the WWE guest star and they brought in Yasmine Bleeth. I'm sorry it just wasn't working for me. The story telling began to go down the drain, and it lost it's feel. By the end I was happy CBS put the show down.
  • Possibly the best cop-buddy show I've seen.

    Don Johnson and Cheech Marin were perfectly cast for this show. They had such great chemistry on screen, with Nash always laughing at, but usually falling for, Joe's get rich quick schemes. And Joe always trying to get Nash to "lighten up." The mood was mostly on the light side, but definitely had its more somber moments, especially when dealing with Nash and his strained relationships with his family members.
    I certainly won't forget his 'Cuda, and how he always pampered. You could be certain he'd get quite upset whenever anyone did anything to damage it. And by damage, I mean scratch, that's all it took for him to go off.
    Also, Nash Bridges was the first time I recall hearing SOB on TV with any regularity. But, it was done in such a way to be funny instead of an actual swear.
    Great show all around. I only hope it comes to DVD.
  • This was the Bomb!!!

    I didnt know anything about this show at all probably till, oh I will say around three years later, I was just flipping through channels one night and it was on, so I thought I would just check it out, well all it took was one show and couldnt get enough, so then they would have re-runs of shows before, my highlight of the week was to tape every one of them that I could get and on a Sat., night I would sit down and begin to enjoy, I guess I had almost six hours of them every weekend to watch, after one I had to watch another, I am like alot of you, I miss it alot, I hated it when I seen what was about to happen to it, that they were going to kill it off, and that was a really sad day to see that it was going to end, I did not care nothing for Miami Vice, but when they hooked up Don and Cheech together this show was a pair made in Heaven, and not taken nothing from the other cast members, they all made the show great, I guess I am not one of those that cares to see a guy chasing some girl around through out a whole show, I think it takes away from what the show is really about, I am talking about Evan and Casidy, really got tired of her playing a normal role of reality, as far as him just gooling around all about her, but other than that, Jeff and his part of being a Dead Head was really good, hate it that he went through all that he did about his kid, another one of those moments where she made it hard on him, this was the Bomb for a show and yeah, had to Love that car, sounded great and looked it too, and I am not into dodges, even though it was a plymounth, still a chrysler product, wish it was still going on, seen all the re-runs need more new shows.
  • Like Nash Bridges over Sonny Crockett anyday and anytime!

    I really liked this show as I think that Nash
    Was a better and more polished cop than Sonny Crockett
    Ever would be in his lifetime. Also he was better dressed!
    Not afraid of the feds Nash Bridges is at all. One cop
    Of a few that can stand up to them. Also
    Had a comic relief sidekick in Cheech Marin of Cheech and Chong!
  • great show, wish it was on more, and a differnt time

    Nash Bridges is, in many ways, like Miami Vice. Nash Bridges is somewhat like a new. more advanced Miami Vice, with new suits, a cell phone, more technology, and Don Johnson isn\'t nearly a much of a grumpy old loner guy in Nash Briges as he is in Miami Vice. It is a great series, although sometimes has somewhat boring, uninteresting episodes, but most shows have a few boring, uninteresting episodes. And honestly, who couldn\'t love the car, i mean it\'s awesome. I would recommend this show to anyone who wants to watch a good and interesting action, somewhat drama show.
  • Awesome show! I still don't understand why they cancelled this show.

    I looked forward to watching this show every week. I couldn't believe it when they cancelled it. The storylines were great and so were the stars. Don Johnson did an amazing job in this series along with the rest of the cast. I always look forward to catching a repeat of the show. To bad CBS didn't appreciate this one.
  • LOVE IT!!!! Still watching the reruns.

    No matter how unbelievable the story, its still one of my all time favorites! Seriously, is there any cop out there who has killed more people than Nash??

    I hated how it got axed without any real finale. We were left hanging. I know they thought the show was coming back, couldn't they allow a show to film a final episode when ever they axe it?
  • It is the best detective tv show ever!

    I think all the new detective shows are not so good as Nash, some are really ok, but Nash Bridges had some great style and was more original. Some episodes are not so good that is true, but all in all it is just one great show.
    I like Don Johnson (Nash Bridges) very, he is very good in his role there, but without his great car he would not be so cool.
    All the other actors are good too, they have a diferent temper, not like in all the new detective shows everybody looks good, is very smart or does something else.
    The new directors should learn from this show some things!
  • It is the best detective tv show ever!

    I think all the new detective shows are not so good as Nash, some are really ok, but Nash Bridges had some great style and was more original. Some episodes are not so good that is true, but all in all it is just one great show.
    I like Don Johnson (Nash Bridges) very, he is very good in his role there, but without his great car he would not be so cool.
    All the other actors are good too, they have a diferent temper, not like in all the new detective shows everybody looks good, is very smart or does something else.
    The new directors should learn from this show some things!
  • Nash Bridges... WOW.. i havn't evjoyed watching tv in while , i must say the more new episodes are better then the older then i dont understand why did they cancel it on CBS?

    Damn this show is amazing i enjoy watching evry episode and i wil not miss any episode by any chance.

    This show is about a police department called the USI and the inspectors in it..

    This show involves Drama.. Action.. Laugh..
    you will enjoy evry moment watching it
    watching how amazing a tv show can be

    it is not only about the police department
    it is also about thir personal life of Nash Bridges and Joe Domingez

    some things are very like alot of famillies problem but most is not and its very funny
    and fun to watch.

    the actors are amazing espcially Donnie Johnson
    whice can be so serious and angry at the time.
    and his sense for jokes is amazing he just tells it in such a good way no one could compare to him.

    I really admire Donnie Johnson i hope for him that he will continue to succed in whatever it does.
  • Don Johnson is the best actor I have ever watched. I love this show; his ability to change personalities on a second's notice; the way comedy worked into each plot. This show should be returned to TV. Don Johnson made this show a huge suc

    Most superb show ever made for TV. Don Johnson truly the top actor of all times. Action packed, comedy in the right places, intrigue throughout each episode. Clean, refreshing to watch. Not like today's shows with sex and filthy language. Truly a work of art.

    Bring it back to TV.
  • One of the best shows ever on television!

    A unique show that went far beyond the typical cop drama, more delving into human interpersonal relationships with the occasional good comic relif or action and nothing beat the 90\\\'s retro classic americana style. Like he did with Miami Vice, Don Johnson fed off the 90\\\'s culture and the culture of the city in which it was filmed.
  • Nash Bridges is the charming, charismatic leader of San Francisco's Special Investigations Unit. Each week Nash, along with his partner Joe Dominguez, solves a wide range of cases. Aside from running the SIU, Nash is also raising a daughter and taking c

    Nash Bridges was and is definately one of the best cop shows on television! I spent every Friday night with Don Johnson when Nash Bridges originally aired on CBS. Even though I have seen every episode, I still either watch or tape Nash Bridges weekdays on USA [airs usually around 11:30 am and again around 1:oo am].

    The Nash character is very easy to fall in love with. He is a dedicated father, good friend and a man with convictions, not to mention a job!

    I was very sad to see that the show had been cancelled. I had always thought Nash should get back with Cassidy's mother Lisa. The chemistry between Nash and Lisa was amazing!

    Don Johnson is such a talented actor and he is sooo nice looking. I believe Don Johnson is like a fine wine, he just gets better with time!

  • A Cop show with a great attitude.

    Unlike most TV-Cop dramas, Nash Bridges was't neither dark or generous with the kind of violence that defines the genre. Mostly, the show uses good humor and an excellent camera work to deliver a non-compromised criminal plot that was usually solved in 35 minutes, leaving enough time for some good jokes and character arcs.

    The production values of the show were above average in most episodes, taking enough time to develop both the complex relationships between the characters and their intended backgrounds, with a solid soundtrack and an excellent photographic work in almost every scene.

    The best element of Nash Bridges is the work of Cheech Marin, who used his presence on the show to get some impulse in his movie career.

    A truly enjoyable experience for true fans of the genre.
  • Good cast in a decent police detective drama set in San Francisco

    I have to say I really enjoyed this show. I do think the story lines were better in the first 3 years then the last 2 but the show still rocked. I thought all the actors did excellent jobs with their characters. The 2 I especially enjoyed were Cheech Marin and James Gammon as Nash's partner and father respectively. And come on, Don Johnson yet again in the awesome suits. Yasmine Bleeth made another nice addition and I also enjoyed Annette O'toole's character. I looked forward to watching the show on Friday nights and was surprised and disappointed when the show was cancelled. San Fransisco also made a awesome back drop to the story lines...almost as if it was another character in itself. The seals even made occasional appearances when the "office" was moved to a barge. But as usual, imo, this is another show that was let go before it's time.