Nash Bridges

CBS (ended 2001)





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  • Good cast in a decent police detective drama set in San Francisco

    I have to say I really enjoyed this show. I do think the story lines were better in the first 3 years then the last 2 but the show still rocked. I thought all the actors did excellent jobs with their characters. The 2 I especially enjoyed were Cheech Marin and James Gammon as Nash's partner and father respectively. And come on, Don Johnson yet again in the awesome suits. Yasmine Bleeth made another nice addition and I also enjoyed Annette O'toole's character. I looked forward to watching the show on Friday nights and was surprised and disappointed when the show was cancelled. San Fransisco also made a awesome back drop to the story lines...almost as if it was another character in itself. The seals even made occasional appearances when the "office" was moved to a barge. But as usual, imo, this is another show that was let go before it's time.