Nash Bridges

CBS (ended 2001)





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  • This was the Bomb!!!

    I didnt know anything about this show at all probably till, oh I will say around three years later, I was just flipping through channels one night and it was on, so I thought I would just check it out, well all it took was one show and couldnt get enough, so then they would have re-runs of shows before, my highlight of the week was to tape every one of them that I could get and on a Sat., night I would sit down and begin to enjoy, I guess I had almost six hours of them every weekend to watch, after one I had to watch another, I am like alot of you, I miss it alot, I hated it when I seen what was about to happen to it, that they were going to kill it off, and that was a really sad day to see that it was going to end, I did not care nothing for Miami Vice, but when they hooked up Don and Cheech together this show was a pair made in Heaven, and not taken nothing from the other cast members, they all made the show great, I guess I am not one of those that cares to see a guy chasing some girl around through out a whole show, I think it takes away from what the show is really about, I am talking about Evan and Casidy, really got tired of her playing a normal role of reality, as far as him just gooling around all about her, but other than that, Jeff and his part of being a Dead Head was really good, hate it that he went through all that he did about his kid, another one of those moments where she made it hard on him, this was the Bomb for a show and yeah, had to Love that car, sounded great and looked it too, and I am not into dodges, even though it was a plymounth, still a chrysler product, wish it was still going on, seen all the re-runs need more new shows.
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