Nash Bridges

Season 3 Episode 6


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 24, 1997 on CBS
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Cassidy finds herself in the middle of an SIU case when she becomes the victim of a high-climbing jewel thief and Nash begins to close in on the suspect, who happens to be her boyfriend. Stacy becomes concerned that Nick is being turned into a lab rat at the university where he has volunteered for a research study.


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    Dylan Bruno

    Dylan Bruno

    Brad Armitage

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    Daniel Rosen (II)

    Daniel Rosen (II)

    Eddie Greene

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    Ladd York

    Ladd York

    Kyle Chambers

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    Angela Dohrmann

    Angela Dohrmann

    Stacy Bridges

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      • Cassidy: I just wanted to thank you for the advice. You've been there for me.
        Evan: I care about you, Cassidy.
        Cassidy: I know. Boy, do I have bad taste in men.
        Evan: Occasionally. Ah, I'm one to talk. I'm not exactly the right person to be passing judgment on that subject.
        Cassidy: You'll find somebody some day.
        Evan (laughs): You sound just like my mother.

      • Joe: You know, sometimes the rich are really hard to like.
        Nash: Bubba, what are you going to do if one of those schemes of yours pays off and you get rich?
        Joe: Oh, I'll be different. (Nash laughs)

      • Nash: Let me tell you this again, tell her the truth.
        Nick: Would you stop beating that dead horse? Do you want your sister to know the intimate details of what went on in there? Because I sure as hell don't.
        Joe: Personally, I'd go with a grievance counselor idea. Look, you help people get over the loss of their loved ones, it's simple, it's easy to remember and it's believable.
        Nick: And that's why I had to sign a confidentiality agreement because I knew too much about the intimate details of their lives.
        Joe: Exactly. Plus, it takes a lot out of you, emotionally, and that's why you've been so exhausted.
        Nick: Not bad.
        Nash: This from the people that brought you Watergate.
        Nick: What's wrong with that?
        Nash: Nick, she can handle the truth. She's a D.A. She's been around the block a few times, there's nothing here that's going to rattle her cage.
        Nick: So you'll back me up if she launches?
        Nash: Absolutely.
        Nick: Okay, let's go face the executioner.

      • Stacy: How can you eat when someone is turning our father into a lab rat?
        Nash: Easy, I'm hungry.
        Stacy: Oh, fine. Eat. I'm going to get to the bottom of this and when I do, you're going to regret that you didn't get involved. (sets her beer down) No, thank you.
        Nash: Well, la-ti-da.
        Stacy: Well, la-ti-da to you.

      • Evan: Wow, this place is cool.
        Nash: Yeah, if you like loud and insane.
        Evan: Your point?

      • Nash: Alright, bubba, come on. What is it?
        Joe: What?
        Nash: You got that look.
        Joe: What look? I don't have any look.
        Nash: That guilty look. Yeah, that one, right there. Uh huh. And don't try and deny it because it just makes it worse.
        Joe: You know, you're getting worse than Inger, I-I swear to god.
        Nash: Out with it, come on.
        Joe: I-I can't say.
        Nash: It's about Nick, isn't it?
        Joe: I promised I wouldn't say anything.
        Nash: Now who the hell would make you make that kind of promise?
        Joe: You know, just watch the--
        Nash: Stacy, right? Uh huh. What the hell is she up to?
        Joe: Alright, she asked me to look in on Nick's situation.
        Nash: That's not a bad idea.
        Joe: Wait a minute, I thought you weren't worried about it?
        Nash: Ah, I don't know. Maybe she's right.
        Joe: Okay, I'm lost.
        Nash: Okay, look, whenever it comes to Nick, Stacy and I have always been at odds with each other. It's like a Pavlovian reaction for me. Whenever she takes one side, I take the other. It's been that way our whole lives. In fact, if you hadn't tried to keep it from me I probably would of never realize how worried I am.
        Joe: Oh, well that's clear as mud. So what do you want me to do?
        Nash: Look into it. We'll see what we got and figure it out from there.
        Joe: Alright, that's cool.
        Nash: Oh, but don't tell anybody we had this talk.
        Joe: No way. I'm a human encryption.

      • Nick: Let's rock and roll.
        Stacy: Uh, wait a minute, dad. Since we're all here maybe you could explain where exactly it is that you're going.
        Nick: I told you I'm volunteering at the university.
        Stacy: Yes, but you haven't told me what kind of volunteer work it is.
        Nick: She's doing the jury summation thing on me, Nash.
        Stacy: Stop it, Dad.
        Nash: Well, you are.
        Stacy: Oh, so you don't care what your father does?
        Nash: Stacy, I'm sure he has a very good reason for not tellin' us. Right, Nick?
        Nick: I signed a confidentiality agreement.
        Stacy: You what?
        Nash: What are you doing there?
        Nick: I'm doing a research project. It's engaging. It's keeping me occupied. Believe it or not, I managed quite well without your approval of my activities for many years of my life.
        Nash: Can't argue with that.
        Nick: I even raised three children. Though, sometimes I wonder how well.
        Stacy: I am not going to made feel guilty for being responsible.
        Nash: Stacy, we have to respect his privacy.
        Stacy: I'm telling you, I'm going to saying I told you so.

      • Evan: Hey, so how's Cassidy doing?
        Nash: She's okay, she's tough.
        Harvey: Gee, I wonder where she got that from.
        Nash: Lisa. (Harv laughs)

      • Joe: Ah, man. I wouldn't jump off here for all the beans in Mexico. Would you jump off here?
        Nash: If I had me chasing me, you bet your ass.

      • Nash: Cassidy is auditing a forestry class over at U.S.F I bet she'd be happy to help out.
        Nick: She doesn't want to spend her time running an old man around town.
        Nash: Well, won't hurt to ask.
        Nick: She'll get enough of that in your golden years.
        Nash: Cold shot, Nick. Cold shot.

      • Harvey (on the phone with his wife): Yeah, honey I saw the phone bill. Not all 900 numbers are pornoraphic.

      • Evelyn: Bye bye, big boy.
        Nick: See you around, Evelyn. Thank you. (she leaves and Nash and Joe walk in) Aw, holy hell. I knew this was too good to be true.
        Nash: Nick, what in the hell is going on?
        Joe: This place is like a steam room.
        Nick: Sweetest gig I ever had, son. They're actually paying me to have sex.
        Nash (laughs): You're kidding me, right?
        Nick: They're studying... the sexual habits of the fifty plus generation. Mum's the word.
        Joe (seeing a mirror): Uh, Nash Man, they're probably taping him.
        Nick: What? I never agreed to that.
        Nash: Aw right, you pseudo-scientific perverts! We're going to need those tapes.

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