Nash Bridges

Season 6 Episode 1

Rock and a Hard Place

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 06, 2000 on CBS
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The SIU tries to catch a man with ties to Nash's past, after he says he will set a bomb off unless Nash kills Joe. Cassidy, who is now a cop, is brought in to help, and so Nash can keep an eye on her. A new inspector, Antwon Babcock, is brought in to replace Evan. Joe and Inger are forced to move, and find a great house being sold for half its worth. Nick's memory continues to worsen.


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    Wade Williams

    Wade Williams

    Edward Strode

    Guest Star

    Mike Martinez

    Mike Martinez

    Mario Torrez

    Guest Star

    Susi Damilano

    Susi Damilano

    Vera Peralta

    Guest Star

    Ronald Russell

    Ronald Russell

    Officer Ronnie

    Recurring Role

    Caroline Lagerfelt

    Caroline Lagerfelt

    Inger Dominguez

    Recurring Role

    Golden Henning

    Golden Henning


    Recurring Role

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      • (Antwon is about to hotwire a car with the bomb in it)
        Nash: What are 'ya doin'?
        Antwon: Misspent youth. (gets the car hotwired, he drives it down the pier, jumps out of it, the car goes into the bay and blows up)
        Joe: I like this guy.
        Nash: Well, he damn sure knows how to make a splash on his first day.

      • Nash: Alright, so what's wrong with it? What's the catch?
        Joe: Catch? There's no catch.
        Nash: Nobody sells a house at half it's value unless there's a problem.
        Joe: Hey, is it my fault that she doesn't know that she's sittin' on a goldmine? Hey, hald a million dollars is probably more than she's seen in her life. Or maybe she's just happy to have a wonderful family living there.
        Nash: Mmhmm. And, uh, what does Inger have to say about it?
        Joe: My Inger? Oh. Well, she thinks we're tkaing advantage of the situation a little. (Nash laughs) But just a little.
        Nash: How little?
        Joe: Well, she says that if we make a donation to the Swedish red cross, we'll be cool.
        Nash: Well, there goes your profit margin.
        Joe: Hey, as soon as I sign the papers we're in the black.
        Nash: Whatever you say, bubba, but I guarantee 'ya, there's a catch. And the trick is gonna be to catch the catch before the catch catches you.

      • Nash: Hey, Nick, where 'ya been?
        Nick: Church.
        Nash: Church? (laughs)
        Nick: Well, I like to go to mass on Thursday nights, if you'd be here on Thursday night sometimes you'd know that.
        Nash: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
        Cassidy: Grandpa, how long have you been goin' to church?
        Nick: All my life.
        Nash: No, no, I think she means lately.
        Nick: You know, I was thinking of going into the seminary, and uh, I met your mother and she disabused me of the idea.
        Nash: Wow. A force more powerful than God. Mom.
        Cassidy (laughs): Grandpa, I just can't picture you as a priest.
        Nick: You wouldn't have seen me, 'cause you wouldn't have beent there.
        Nash: Well, is there anything else that you wanna share with us that you been holdin' out?
        Nick: I once told your mother that I was 3 years older than I was because I wanted her to think that I was more mature when I asked her to marry me. (they all laugh) A wonderful woman, your mother.

      • Nash: Okay, we're really gonna have to find this bomb, 'cause I really don't wanna hafta kill 'ya.
        Joe: Gee, I apperciate that.
        Cassidy: You know, I don't get it. Why does Strode want you to kill Joe?
        Nash: I killed his wife-- His partner, or that's what makes sense to him.
        Harvey: Okay, Edward Strode, diagnoised with terminal cancer four months ago. According to prison officials, the dude is dead.
        Joe: He's awful chatty for a dead guy.
        Nash: But then, so are you.

      • Nash (looking at Antwon's file): So, uh... You've been with 5 investigative units in 3 years, huh?
        Antwon: Yes.
        Nash: Well, that's good. Gives 'ya a variety of experiences.
        Antwon: You're probably the only person in the department that sees it that way.
        Nash: Why don't you sit down? You're makin' me nervous.
        Antwon (chuckles a little): I-- I don't think I'm SIU material.
        Nash: I made some calls about you, and everyone agrees that you're an outstanding investigator.
        Antwon: But...
        Nash: Did they express concerns? Yes. Do I care? No. Do you want the job?
        Antwon (sits down): You're offering me a position here?
        Nash: Yes, I am. ... Do you want it?
        Antwon: Yeah, uh, yes sir, I do.
        Nash: Good. You're hired.
        Antwon: Did you read everything in the file?
        Nash: Oh, yes. I'm an excellent reader.
        Antwon: The cops around here, do they know about my situation?
        Nash: They will.
        Antwon: Right. When?
        Nash: Whenever you decide to tell 'em. Welcome aboard. (they shake hands)

      • Cassidy: Uh, Captain, my Sergeant told me to report to the SIU. What's going on?
        Nash: Well, I uh, need some help.
        Cassidy: You need to keep an eye on me.
        Nash: No, I need some help. I thought maybe you'd like to learn a thing or two. Unless, of couse, you wanna stay out in Sea Cliff taking vandalism reports. (Cassidy glares, he turns to Joe) Joe, look at her, doesn't she just look so--
        Cassidy: Aw, being cute isn't gonna get you off the hook, whadd'ya need?
        Nash: Alright, come on.

      • Joe: I'm miss you down on the floor there, man.
        Nash: Ah, I had to make room for the new guys. Plus, I thought I'd give you a little room, try out a new dynamic.
        Joe: Yeah, we'll see how much time you actually spend up here.

      • (After Joe tricks Nash into telling Inger they have to move out)
        Nash: You know, that tiny little bladder of yours sure does come in handy sometimes, doesn't it?
        Joe: I'm sorry man, I just didn't know what to say. I tried, but I just couldn't tell her. I mean, I just didn't know what to say.
        Nash: I don't know, why don't you say 'Inger, we gotta move'?
        Joe: Well, you're the landlord. You should have to braek the news.
        Nash: I am not the damn landlord. I'm the bubba stuck with the heavy lifting.
        Joe: By the way, uh, you did a good job.

      • Joe: So this guy really expects you to take me out?
        Nash: That's what he says. He's just playin' some kind of a game and I haven't figured out what it is yet.
        Joe: While you're figuring it out, you should swing by my place and you can give Inger a pinata as a peace offering?
        Nash: What-- Wait, wait. What did I do to break the peace?
        Joe: Well, besides kick us out on the street? Oh, nothing, man.
        Nash: Oh, no, no, no, no. I am the messanger, bubba. How many times do I have to tell 'ya? Lisa wants Cassidy to live at her house. It is her house, you know. I mean, you could call her in Paris and try and talk her out of it. I'll pay for the call.
        Joe: How about if I pay for the call, and you do the talking?
        Nash: You know, I could just shoot 'ya and solve everybody's problems.

      • Nash: You're lookin' awfully comfy for a marked man, bubba.
        Joe: Ah, I just think it's refershing that someone wants to kill me for a change.
        Nash: Correction. They want me to kill you.

      • (After Nash and Joe just saved themselves from being tied up on Mario's boat and then when to confront them)
        Harvey (into phone): Hey, Nashman, you busy?
        Nash: Nah, it's been a pretty slow morning, really.

      • (Nash and Joe are tied up in a boat)
        Nash: You know, the code word for set up was unicorn, not popcorn.
        Joe: I thought you said popcorn.
        Nash: Well, obviously, I didn't. You know, a unicorn is a horse with a horn on it's head. Popcorn is something that you eat. Hell, it was your code word to being with!
        Joe: Maybe you didn't enunciate clearly.
        Mario: Gentlemen, it's been nice doing business with you.
        Nash: You know, I'm thinkin' that it's not such a wise thing to kill a coupla cops.
        Mario: I'm not a wise man. I'm a rich one. Have a nice death. (all the bad guys jump off that boat and onto another, leaving Nash and Joe tied on the boat which headed right for a freighter)
        Nash: Popcorn! Unbelievable!
        Joe: When you gonna give this up?
        Nash (looks at the freighter ahead of them): Uh... When we're dead... I'm thinkin' in about a minute. (Nash opens a compartment with his foot, flares fall out of it. Nash picks one up with his feet, hands it to Joe. They burn the rope and Nash gets control of the boat)
        Joe: Where we goin'?
        Nash: We're gonna go put a crimp in Mario's business.

      • (Joe, Harvey, and Officer Ronnie have their guns drawn and are ready to bust down a door)
        Officer Ronnie (to Joe): You're cool when you're giving orders.

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