Nash Bridges

Season 3 Episode 23


Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 15, 1998 on CBS



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    • Nash: Harvey, you're not here.
      Harvey: I'm not here, and you didn't see me.
      Nash: You're right, I didn't.
      Harvey: I had to come.
      Nash: And I had to say that.

    • Nick: What's the matter, son? You look terrible.
      Nash: I just found out that Cassidy's dating Evan.
      Nick: And?
      Nash: Well, I just went over there to talk to her about it and... (shakes his head)
      Nick: Nash, she's a good kid. Hay's in the barn as they say. You raised her, you gotta trust that she's got the smarts to do the right thing.
      Nash: Oh, that's another thing. College? She's not even gonna go to college now. It's a nightmare.
      Nick: Well, I'm quite certain if you went over there you didn't leave without letting her know your opinions. (Nash gives him a look)
      Nash: This is true

    • Nick: I never meant to hurt your mother, Nash.
      Nash: I know.
      Nick: Of course I told her. But you know how she was.
      Nash: Mmhmm. Probably never mentioned it again, I suppose.
      Nick: Not a word. And she still agreed to marry me.
      Nash: Nick--
      Nick: I was in love with Julia, Nash. I loved your mother, too, and god knows I did. But, Julia... There was just something about her.
      Nash: The one that got away, huh?
      Nick: Maybe. But I would've married her if it hadn't been for her old man. But you kids would've never been born.
      Nash: Nick, you don't have to apologize to me.
      Nick: I'm not. I- I just can't get my mind around the idea-- Those letters, what might've been. Looking at you here, how sad can I be and how thankful at the same time.

    • Nash: How come you never told me about this?
      Nick: I was on a ship. My war stories don't amount to anything. Uh, the boys, the marines, they took those islands. They had the stories.
      Nash: I read this, Nick. It says in here that you shot down a Japanese Kamikaze pilot who was about to bomb the bridge of the ship. The admiral's flagship. Is that true?
      Nick: That's true.
      Nash: Well, what happened?
      Nick: You said you read it.
      Nash (laughs): Well, I did read it. Tell me.
      Nick: I was on the U.S.S Phoenix it was Admiral Berkeley's flagship so it was part of the seventh fleet. We were standing off a hellacious battle. Guns blasting, planes getting shot down every where. It's a terrible thing to say, but you could look out and in a way, it was beautiful. Planes, acrobatics, trails of cabin fire, the bursting of aircrafts in the air. I noticed this sand colored plane that was coming right for us. It was strange because nobody else seemed to get what was happening and I wasn't a gunner but I was on the fourth deck near the port side, and I just ran over to the thing and started firing and I hit it. First the wing fell off, I hit it again, I got it good and 30 yards short of the ship it plowed into the sea.
      Nash: Damn, you saved your ship.
      Nick: I didn't do anything that anybody else wouldn't have done. I just got to the gun first.
      Nash: Nick, how many men would've died on that ship if the plane would've crashed into it?
      Nick: A lot of good men would've died. You know, I can still see that face of that pilot when that plane hit the water.

    • Joe: So what's up with this woman who wants to get in touch with Nick, man?
      Nash: Beats the hell out of me. We're gonna meet with her and find out.
      Joe: Hey, you know, you might have a sibling out there you didn't even know about, y'know? You hear that story about the guy who was sleeping with this woman and it turned out to be his long lost sister?
      Nash: Bubba, you have got to cut back on the Jerry Springer.
      Joe (laughs): Hey, maybe we're related, man. Did she sound Latino?
      Nash: Too late. You're already my brotha.

    • Harvey: Shot by a high school girl and her metal head boyfriend. I can't wait for that to get around.
      Nash: Well, look on the bright side.
      Harvey: What bright side?
      Nash: They could've been in junior high school.

    • Nash Hi.
      Cassidy: Hi.
      Nash: I don't wanna fight with you.
      Cassidy: Me, either.
      Nash: But, I do have something that I want to say.
      Cassidy: So go ahead.
      Nash: Every parent has hopes and dreams for his child... so ... what do you do when he or she does something that you don't think is right?
      Cassidy: Maybe give her credit for making a responible decisions.
      Nash: All right. Maybe you're right. But it would be worse if I didn't tell you how I felt about something as important as college.
      Cassidy: And who I fall in love with?
      Nash: Well, that's, uh, that's a bit more subjective, I guess. But I'm probably stiill gonna weigh in on it. In fact, I can almost guarantee you that I won't be able to help myself.
      Cassidy: Daddy, you may not like this thing with Evan, but I love him.
      Nash: Okay.
      Cassidy: And I have to see where it goes.
      Nash: Fair enough.
      Cassidy: So how clenched are your teeth?
      Nash: Pretty clenched.
      Cassidy: That's okay. And um... I also wanted to tell you that I spoke to the drama professor at Berkley and it turns out that there are a lot more oppurtunties to do stuff over there than I thought.
      Nash: Which means?
      Cassidy: I turned down the Oregon festival. I'm gonna go to Berkley in September.
      Nash: That's...that's good.
      Cassidy: Daddy, don't hide it, if you wanna be gleeful, be gleeful.
      Nash: All right. Yes! (they Hug)

    • Nash: (about Cassidy) That little girl means more to me than anything in the entire world.
      Evan: I understand that.
      Nash: Good. Enough said.

    • (After Nick grabbed his jaw)
      Nick: I don't wanna sit in an emergancy room all day.
      Nash: What are you crazy? I've shot half the people that get treated in there, you'll probably go right to the front of the line.

    • Nash: Cassidy.
      Cassidy: Hey, Dad.
      Nash: We have to talk.
      Cassidy: Who told you?
      Nash: Who cares? Hell, it could have been everybody because apparentley everybody knows but me. (his phone rings) Wait a minute. (Cassidy keeps walking around the apartment and Nash follows, and Harvey puts Nash on hold) All right, now then---
      Cassidy: Take your phone call, dad. We have nothing to talk about.
      Nash: Ooh, I think we do.
      Cassidy (walking up the stairs away from him): You cannot come in here and tell me how to live my life.
      Nash: Wait a minute, sister. Don't you launch your missles yet.
      Cassidy: I'm an adult. (Nash is talking on his phone) So realize that, dad.
      Nash (hangs up): Hold it. (she stops walking and looks at him) When you go to college, sometime in the next few months, you can make all the adult decisions you wanna make. In the meantime, I'm your father, and I'm gonna give you my opinion that this thing with Evan is not a smooth move. It's a bad move!
      Cassidy (walking back down the stairs towards him): Oh yeah? I'm not going to college in the next few months dad.
      Nash: Oh, yeah, and when were you going to enlighten me? Sometime in the next damn millennium?
      Cassidy: I auditioned for the Oregan Shakespeare festivible and they offered me a 6 month contract in Ashland. I think I'm going to take the job.
      Nash: I-- I don't think so. You see, you've had your year off before going to college and you are damn skippy going to college.
      Cassidy: It's not your decision.
      Nash: Do you remember me? I'm your father, and I'm not gonna stand around and watch you throw your life away.
      Cassidy: There is nothing you can do about it.
      Nash: Oh, yeah? Just watch me.
      Cassidy: You watch me. (walks away)

    • Nash: Evan. Come over here. (Evan walks over) Evan---
      Evan: Okay, let me go first. I-- I just-- I was the one that wanted to tell you but she insisted on telling you, even though that you know and I know and everyone else knows that Joe can't keep a secret, okay? (Nash looks really confused and Joe is making faces that Evan is talking) I just wanted you to know that I'm a changed man and I am totally committed to making this thing work and I will absoultey not let this interfer with our working relationship-- or our job relationship or any of that stuff. And I just wanted you-- you know, hopefully to get your blessing. (they shake hands) Thank you sir. (walks away, and Joe tries to walk away but Nash stops him)
      Nash: Joe.
      Joe: Hmm? What? Yeah?
      Nash: Guess what?
      Joe: Huh?
      Nash: I just had the most interesting conversation with Evan.
      Joe: Uh-huh.
      Nash: I called Evan over to tell him to keep an eye on Harv while he's in this state and he started babbling about something else, and including, that you can't keep a secret from me.
      Joe: Uh-huh. Uh-huh-uh.
      Nash: And yet you do have a secret, don't you?
      Joe: Uh-uh. Mm-mm.
      Nash: Is that... uh-huh or uh-uh?
      Joe: I-- I don't have a secret because I forgot what I saw for this exact reason.
      Nash (sighs): What did you forget?
      Joe: That um... Evan is sleeping with your daughter.
      Nash: That's not a good joke.
      Joe: It's not a joke, bubba. (pats him on the shoulder and walks away)

    • (During an interrogation)
      Nash: I need a name, or you're getting a bath right there. (thumbs over his shoulder)
      Guy: You can't do that.
      Nash: The hell I can't.
      Guy: That water is 50 degrees and I can't swim.
      Joe: Well, if you can't swim the water temperature doesn't make a big difference does it now?
      Nash (points towards Joe): Excellent point.

    • (After Joe catches Evan and Cassidy in the shower)
      Evan: Joe-- joe...
      Joe: Ev. Is there a problem?
      Evan: Is there a-- How did it go down?
      Joe: How did what go down?
      Evan: You know exactly what I'm talking about.
      Joe: No, I don't know what you're talking about because if I did know what you're talking about I'd have to tell Nash, because I can't keep a secret from him. And that would not be good for you or me. So... because that's not the kind of news that I want to deliever to him...ever.
      Evan: Joe-- Joe, you-- you gotta help me here, bro.
      Joe: I'll help you out, bro. I got some advice for you, either kill yourself or transfer out. But whatever you do, do it quick, okay? (Nash comes in and everyone is being super nice to him, Michelle brings him coffee and everything)

    • (They are in the shower)
      Cassidy: Oh, no I don't use soap, it dries out my skin.
      Evan: Then how do you get clean?
      Cassidy: Do I look dirty to you?
      Evan: No, but you definitely have a dirty mind.
      Cassidy: You know what the best thing about a dirty mind is?
      Evan: What's that?
      Cassidy: Where it leads. (Joe comes by to give Evan something for the case, and catches them together)

    • (Joe sneezes and puts the tissue he sneezes into into a baggie full of other used tissues)
      Nash: What in the hell is that? A science project?

    • (Harvey's in the hospital after getting shot in the shoulder)
      Nash: Ahh! Now, that's a good look.
      Harvey: Please, no crying, no gifts.
      Joe: I hear next year we'll all be wearing the mummy.
      Harvey: Yeah. I told Evan too much caffenine could kill us, but he had to stop for that second cop. (they all laugh)

    • Stacy: Alright, what's happening?
      Nash: Hi.
      Stacy: Hi.
      Nash: About what?
      Stacy (sighs): You know what. And I know you. You haven't looked into this woman yet. Despite what you said, you haven't investigated her.
      Nash: Uh, as a matter of fact, you're wrong. I did look into this woman and she happens to be very nice.
      Stacy: You spoke to her?
      Nash: Yes, I did.
      Stacy: That was not part of our arrangement. You had no right to do that..
      Nash: Excuse me. (sees Joe looking amused by their fighting) Aren't you overreacting here?
      Stacy: No! The problem is you're under reacting-- big time. What's wrong with you?
      Nash: Perhaps you should let me finish, counselor. I arranged for the lady to come and meet with us later and explain what this is all about-- before she ever sets eyes on Nick.
      Stacy: Oh. I'll be there. Why are you copping this attitude?
      Nash: Who's copping the attitude?
      Stacy: I should have never mentioned this to you.
      Nash: 8:00.
      Stacy: Good.
      Nash: Fine.
      Stacy: Fine!
      Nash: Fine.
      Stacy: Bye.
      Nash: Bye. (they kiss goodbye)

    • Joe (seeing Stacy approaching): Ut-oh, looks like Stacy's on the warpath.
      Nash: Why would she be on the warpath?
      Joe: I don't know but I'm getting outta here.
      Nash (seeing her): I think you're right.

    • (About Evan and Cassidy)
      Harvey: Oh...Evan. How did I let things get to this critical state? What early warning signs did I miss?
      Evan: Look Harv, love by definition, is never predictiable, convenional, or easy.
      Harvey: That's all peachy. But you're talking Kamikaze here, man.
      Evan: Harv, do you think I'd be willing to walk down this road with Cassidy unless I was, like, deadly serious?
      Harvey: I don't know, would you?
      Evan: Not a chance. I know what's at risk here. I'm in love with her, I think about her all the time... and I'm prepared to live with the consquences.
      Harvey (groans): Oh, lord.

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