Nash Bridges - Season 2

CBS (ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • Deliverance
    Episode 23

    After a series of murders in an inner-city community, Nash and Joe's number one suspect is a group of Urban Commandos who has been hired to protect the community, but seem more threatening than helpful. While awaiting the birth of the new baby, Joe searches for the family crib that he lent to Nash seventeen years ago.

  • Wild Card
    Wild Card
    Episode 22

    Nash is on the case when a beloved community member, and personal friend of his is gunned down in Chinatown. A friend of Nash's is in town trying to get back money that he was cheated out of, which he owes to some gangsters. Joe and Nick try and breed Mr. Woody.

  • Moving Target
    Moving Target
    Episode 21

    Nash's old nemesis from the SIU, Rick Bettina, now a bounty hunter, is back and in competition with Nash as they both try to track down mobster Ray Goetz, who Bettina wants on assault and battery charges in Vegas, and Nash wants to try and find someone who killed a mobster. Joe panics after he losses his wedding ring.

  • Out of Chicago
    Out of Chicago
    Episode 20

    Nash helps a Chicago detective who follows a murder suspect to San Fransisco. At first, Nash can't stand her, but they soon fall for each other. Joe and Nick enter Mr. Woody into a race, only to discover he is depressed. Joe decides to hire an animal hypnotist.

  • Rampage
    Episode 19

    Nash and Joe try and find a man who is on a crime spree, feeling he is owed money from a former partner-in-crime. Along with him, is his girlfriend, and daughter of an old partner of Nash's, who isn't thrilled with the way things are going down. Cassidy poses for a safe sex ad, much to the chagrin of her parents.

  • Gun Play
    Gun Play
    Episode 18

    After Cassidy is shot at school, Nash and the SIU's investigation leads them to an illegal gun selling plot. Nash's home is under construction, so he and Nick move in with Lisa and Cassidy for a few days.

  • Knockout
    Episode 17

    Nash's sister, Stacy, becomes the latest victim of a kinky sex couple, who drug, rape, and rob men and women. Nash and the SIU try and catch the couple. Nash also deals with personal issues, when he discovers that his sister is a lesbian, and dating his old girlfriend. He also finds out a secret that Whitney is keeping from him.

  • The Web
    The Web
    Episode 16

    Nash busts computer hacker/robber, Andy, and discovers Andy's committed the crime because his wife has been kidnapped. The crew of crooks want Andy's hacker skills as their ransom. The SIU must work to save the woman and bring down the crew before their daring daytime robbery is successful. Bryn catches a robbery in act and chases down the man. During the standoff she learns that the robber is a former boyfriend. Whitney is concerned about how Nick may handle her and Nash's relationship, when things get more serious between the two of them.

  • The Counterfeiters
    The Counterfeiters
    Episode 15

    The SIU investigate a counterfeit operation, that is being run by a group of people pretending to be the SIU. Joe and Nash try and earn money on the side by locating a stolen Super Bowl ring, but must go undercover as a gay couple.

  • Inside Out
    Inside Out
    Episode 14

    To find a cop killer, Joe goes undercover at a prison, as they believe the order came from behind bars. Harvey, Evan, and Bryn work the case from the outside. Nash has to deal with being at court, and working with his sister on their Nick's will. Harvey is staying with Evan, and drives him nuts.

  • Road Work
    Road Work
    Episode 13

    Nash and Joe transport a key witness, who is in the Witness Protection Program, and must avoid being killed by federal agents who've been bought off by the defendant. When Cassidy's date cancels last minute, she decides to ask out J.J.

  • 25 Hours of Christmas

    Everyone at the SIU is trying to making Christmas Eve plans, while working on cases. Nash and Joe work on an armed robbery case, while Harvey tries to solve a case where prostitutes are blackmailing. Joe wants to surprise Nash by having the Cuda detailed, but it winds up getting stolen.

  • Promised Land
    Promised Land
    Episode 11

    Nash and Joe investigate a case of Chinese people smuggling. Things are particularly difficult when one man seeks revenge for the death of his parents, who were supposed to be smuggled in. Harvey tries to interrogate a woman who helps give people fake IDs. While working for the mayor, Evan becomes very close with Lisa. Everyone at the SIU is told they need to speak with a shrink.

  • Hit Parade
    Hit Parade
    Episode 10

    In order to ensure that he gets into the Witness Protection Program, a key witness in a money laundering case puts a hit on Nash and Joe if anything happens to him. When he is murdered, Nash and Joe have to avoid being taken out, while tracking down the killer, so they can have evidence against the original suspect. Cassidy is nominated for an award, and the stress causes her to fight with Lisa, who has just landed a big client. Nash makes things worse when he pampers Cassidy, and Lisa is against it.

  • Leo's Big Score
    Leo's Big Score
    Episode 9

    Nash makes a twelve year-old boy tag along with him, as he is the key to a big drug bust, and is a potential victim. Joe's son, J.J. is in town, and Joe tries to help him get a job. Nash has a difficult time trying to find the perfect nurse to help take care of Nick.

  • Zodiac
    Episode 8

    Nash leads the case, when it appears the infamous Zodiac killer has returned. Joe goes undercover to do a drug bust. A.J. awaits news on being the captain. Nick gets kicked out of the retirement home, and allows Cassidy to throw a party at Nash's place.

  • Night Train
    Night Train
    Episode 7

    While on their way home, Nash and his fellow SIU cops are caught in the middle of an extremely dangerous train heist. Cassidy is rushed to the ER.

  • The Brothers McMillan

    The son of a mafia man, who is a prime suspect in an old murder case, returns to town, and is trailed by Nash and the SIU when a new body shows up. Nash soon discovers he has a relationship with Kelly. Joe has to deal with a possible case of theft at his bar.

  • Trackdown
    Episode 5

    A world renowned hit-man has been hired to kill the chief witness in a far reaching drug prosecution. However, this man is Nash's childhood friend gone wrong. A cameraman follows Nash and A.J. around as they try and solve the case. Evan and Bryn are on a stakeout, and Evan uses the spy gear to meet a woman.

  • Wrecking Crew
    Wrecking Crew
    Episode 4

    Nash tries to track down a professional robber and his crew. After Evan gets shot at the first heist, he debates about being a cop, while in the hospital. Cassidy looks at some colleges, and the cost of tuition has Nash wanting to make an extra buck. He decides to become a P.I. and try to locate the car of a San Fransisco Giants' shortstop.

  • The Great Escape
    The Great Escape
    Episode 3

    Nash must track down an escaped prisoner, who is hellbent on overthrowing the government, and getting his daughter back. Lisa decides she wants to move to Baltimore, which angers Cassidy.

  • 'Til Death Do Us Part

    Nash and the SIU try to track down a man who has stolen a dangerous and contagious drug, and the antibiotic. Nash goes undercover and starts 'dating' the man's ex-girlfriend, who he now stalks. Joe fears he may only have three days to live after he is exposed to the toxin. Nick announces that he is getting married. Lisa enters a baking contest, in hopes that she can win a ton of money.

  • Internal Affairs
    Internal Affairs
    Episode 1

    After Nash shoots, and kills a homicide suspect, he is investigated by Internal Affairs. However, Nash does some investigating himself, when it seems that the lead AI might be dirty. Cassidy has a school project and decides to do it on Evan, and joins him and Harvey on a stakeout, where she and Evan form a bond. Joe debates about whether or not to sell his part of the club to the other co-owner.