Nash Bridges - Season 2

CBS (ended 2001)



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Episode Guide

  • Deliverance
    Episode 23
    Nash and Joe butt heads with the leader of a team of Urban Commandos who has been hired to protect an inner-city community. While awaiting the birth of the new baby, Joe searches for the family crib that he lent to Nash seventeen years ago.
  • Wild Card
    Episode 22
    Nash solves murders in Chinatown and helps out an old friend, Cedrick Hawks, a professional gambler who is in San Francisco to clear up a bad debt.
  • Moving Target
    Episode 21
    Nash's old nemesis from the SIU, Rick Bettina, now a bounty hunter, is back and in competition with Nash as they both try to track down mobster Ray Goetz, who Bettina wants on assault and battery charges in Vegas, and Nash suspects of "hitting" a high-level mob boss. Meanwhile, Joe fears repercussions from Inger after losing his wedding ring.moreless
  • Out of Chicago
    Episode 20
    Hot on the trail of a murderous criminal from Chicago, Nash teams up with a KAREN DECKER, a cop from the Windy City who's in every way his equal: smart, competent-and yes, sexy. Sparks fly between them as they track down the visiting villain together -until, that is, Nash learns his newfound partner is not as perfect as she's led him to believe. Joe, meanwhile, hires a pet psychologist to cure what ails Nick's racehorse, Mr. Woody.moreless
  • Rampage
    Episode 19
    When James and Lorraine, a wild couple, go on a crime spree, Nash must hunt them down while dealing with Cassidy's half-nude photo being displayed all over town on a safe-sex poster.
  • Gun Play
    Episode 18
    When Cassidy is shot by a stray bullet during school, Nash and Joe hunt down a dealer who has been selling guns to teenagers.
  • Knockout
    Episode 17
    Nash's sister, Stacy, is robbed, forcing her to come out of the closet as a lesbian. Nash deals with his own secret romance with Nick's nurse Whitney. The fallout from these family revelations takes place while Nash tracks down a kinky couple responsible for the robberies.
  • The Web
    Episode 16
    Nash busts computer hacker/robber, Andy, and discovers Andy's committed the crime because his wife has been kidnapped. The crew of crooks want Andy's hacker skills as their ransom. The SIU must work to save the woman and bring down the crew before their daring daytime robbery is successful. Meanwhile, Nash and Whitney finally consummate their relationship.moreless
  • The Counterfeiters
    The Counterfeiters
    Episode 15
    Nash and the SIU uncover a counterfeitering group where the money is top-of-the-line Supernote quality. Moving in to bust the group, they discover a fake SIU gang impersonating the police. Cooperation becomes tense as suspicions abound over who and what to trust. In the interim, as Nick gets in over his head financially with his horse costs, Nash reluctantly agrees to work with Joe on an off-duty case searching for a Super Bowl ring. However, Nash and Joe soon find themselves impersonating a gay couple as the case develops differently than Nash anticipated.moreless
  • Inside Out
    Episode 14
    Joe goes undercover inside State Prison to bring down a ruthless Mexican gang leader who put out a hit (from behind bars) on a SFPD undercover cop who had infiltrated the Mexican Mafia. Nash runs the investigation on the outside, hoping to fulfill a promise to the dead man's widow by catching the trigger man. Naturally he'll have to overcome the distraction caused by Nick, putting together his will, who discovers some long-forgotten wealth.moreless
  • Road Work
    Episode 13
    Nash and Joe realize that there is a leak in the prosecution team as they escort a key witness who has joined the Witness Protection Program to San Fran, while Cassidy decides to go out with J.J.
  • 25 Hours of Christmas
    The SIU are trapped at the office on Christmas Eve, as they finish wrapping up a murder investigation and prostitution case. Joe freaks when Nash's 'Cuda is stolen while he is getting it detailed.
  • Promised Land
    Episode 11
    Nash and Joe must help and follow a police custody escapee named David Chung, who seeks bitter revenge when his parents are murdered.
  • Hit Parade
    Episode 10
    Nash and Joe find themselves striking a deal with gangland money launderer Carlos Casas, offering him freedom in exchange for his testimony.
  • Leo's Big Score
    Leo's Big Score
    Episode 9
    Nash is stuck with an eleven year old delinquent who's the link to busting a drug kingpin, while Joe is re-united with his own son, J.J.
  • Zodiac
    Episode 8
    While Joe goes undercover to capture a drug dealer, Nash goes head-to-head with the notorious San Fran serial killer: Zodiac, who has not made an appearance in twenty years.
  • Night Train
    Episode 7
    While on their way home, Nash and his fellow SIU cops are caught in the middle of an extremely dangerous train heist.
  • The Brothers McMillan
    Nash and Joe trail two brothers who are heirs to a Mafia family, and to make things worse, one of whom Kelly used to be involved with.
  • Trackdown
    Episode 5
    A world renowned hit-man has been hired to kill the chief witness in a far reaching drug prosecution. However, this man is Nash's childhood friend gone wrong.
  • Wrecking Crew
    Episode 4
    While a professional robber and his crew hit San Fransisco and conduct a series of crimes, Nash slips into the role of private eye as he hunts down the missing car of the San Fran Giants shortstop.
  • The Great Escape
    The Great Escape
    Episode 3
    Nash must track down two escapees from a hi-jacked bus full of San Quentin prisoners, one being a para-military activist who seeks bitter revenge on Nash.
  • 'Til Death Do Us Part
    Nash and the rest of the SIU are heartbroken when they learn that Joe may only have three days to live after being exposed to a dangerous chemical while he and Nash are investigating a drug theft.
  • Internal Affairs
    Internal Affairs
    Episode 1
    Nash and the SIU find themselves chasing after renegade Internal Affairs cops after unwittingly triggering one of their investigations.
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