Nash Bridges - Season 4

CBS (ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • Goodbye Kiss
    Goodbye Kiss
    Episode 24

    The SIU gets a one week reprieve, and are back in action. They work with Jake Cage to try and hunt down Brasher, who escaped while being transported. Caitlin prepares to move to Boston. Cassidy has second thoughts about getting married. Harvey tries to figure out if he is the father of Anna's baby.

  • Frisco Blues
    Frisco Blues
    Episode 23

    The SIU gets disbanded and split up; Nash and Joe are given park duty, Harvey goes to Homicide, Evan is given traffic duty, and even Caitlin has to move to Vice. While on park duty, a murder takes place, so Nash and Joe team up with Harvey and Homicide. Evan and Cassidy pick a wedding date, but they wind up arguing about every detail. Things go from bad to worse, when both of them find themselves in scandalous situations with a different person. Harvey hires a stripper for Evan's bachelor party, who turns out to be someone from Harvey's past.

  • Crash & Burn
    Crash & Burn
    Episode 22

    The SIU try and track down a group of women who are robbing banks with the same MO as their husbands and boyfriends, who are all in prison. Caitlin is ready to send a negative report on the SIU, which upsets Nash. Nick wants to move out, into a old-folks home which has just recently been made co-ed, where he and his friend are the only males.

  • Vendetta
    Episode 21

    An ex-cop who was put in jail by Caitlin is out, and seeking revenge, so Nash and Joe help her catch him one more time. Joe and Inger continue trying to conceive, but Joe feels like everything is forced. Harvey and Evan go undercover to catch people robbing rich tourists in a ritzy hotel. While on the case, Harvey meets a woman.

  • Power Play
    Episode 20

    The SIU try and locate a kidnapped goalie, who seems to have been kidnapped by the Russian Mafia. Tony B., who is involved, has lost all memory, and helps the SIU try and figure it all out. Inger wants another baby, and Joe has to make clinic visits. Harvey and Evan borrow the Watch Commander's squad car, without permission and accidentally shoot a hole through the roof.

  • Angel of Mercy
    Episode 19

    The SIU reopens old cases on a serial killer who was never caught, when the skeleton of another victim is found. To make things more interesting, the deceased has an uncanny resemblance to Angel. Bonnie, Harvey's ex-wife, is back in town. Caitlin uses the help of her new boyfriend to help coach a soccer team, whose next game is against Joe's team.

  • Boomtown
    Episode 18

    A sleep-deprived Nash must track down an ingenious bomber targeting a corporation he feels has wronged him. Cassidy gets a part in a play which involves her being topless, which bothers Evan. When Nash announces that he is going to see the play, Cassidy worries what he'll think when he discovers the nudity.

  • Hide and Seek
    Episode 17
    The Governor is missing, and Nash and Joe lead the "off-the-record" investigation into his disappearance. Caitlin, shut out, is determined to find out what he's up to. Joe and Inger attend a charity auction as a man's proxy to get on his good side, but overpay and get stuck with the art project.moreless
  • Pump Action
    Pump Action
    Episode 16

    The SIU try and track down a person selling deadly drugs to body-builders, which has them become highly aggressive, before dying. Helping them on the case is an overbearing, unorthodox, cop, Jake Cage. Cassidy struggles with the aftermath of the accident.

  • Resurrection
    Episode 15

    The SIU try and track down a sniper, who is killing people at random. Joe has a rat problem, and winds up in a dispute with Nash. Evan proposes to Cassidy, which doesn't go over well with Nash, but things get put on hold when she is involved in a fatal car accident.

  • Superstition
    Episode 14

    Nash puts an attractive musical artist under protection, when a group of vampires seem to be after her. Her flirtatious attitude towards Nash has Caitlin and him butting heads. Joe puts Boz in charge of buying a car for Inger, and things don't go as planned. Evan meets a beautiful woman while walking Harvey's dog, King, but she turns out to be different than Evan first thinks.

  • Gimme Shelter
    Gimme Shelter
    Episode 13

    The SIU investigate when a group of runaway youths carjack and murder people. They all seem to be tired to a shelter, which is run by an old friend of Harvey's. Joe goes undercover at a department store to clear Maria of shoplifting charges. Caitlin is desperate to meet the host of an art gala, which Nash has tickets too.

  • Shoot the Moon
    Shoot the Moon
    Episode 12

    Nash is out of action after Caitlin's gun accidentally discharges, and he gets shot in the butt. Much to his chagrin Nick tries coddling him. Joe and Bettina do a joint investigation with FBI agents to bust a clever con-artist, only to find out the entire thing is a con. Cassidy meets a guy, which angers Evan, leading to a fight. Things get worse when the guy turns out to not be at all like he he first appeared.

  • Mystery Dance
    Episode 11

    After the car bombing of a rouge CIA agent, with whom Caitlin has a history, she becomes the prime suspect. However, he was not the one in the car, and is trying to hunt her down. Nash tries to dig into her past in order to help solve the case and keep her safe. Joe gets a personal trainer that is too hardcore for his liking. Cassidy agrees to help Nick in a tango competition.

  • Hardball
    Episode 10

    Nash and Joe are forced to protect a loudmouth, overbearing shock jock, when someone attempts to shoot him. Nick asks Nash and Joe to help him locate a man, who is in the country illegally. Caitlin is forced to babysit her new roommate's children.

  • Firestorm
    Episode 9
    Nash pursues a deadly arsonist who torches a church and the only witness is Angel. Caitlin investigates Evan on a police brutality charge, probing into his past. Nash's friends and family plan a surprise birthday for him.
  • Warplay
    Episode 8

    After a public shootout, which leaves civilians wounded, the SIU's investigation leads to a War Games between two men, after each other's prized possessions. Joe and Evan investigate Bettina's fiancée, who he suspects is cheating on him. Evan tries to stall the case when he realizes he is the one they are after.

  • Swingers
    Episode 7

    Caitlin helps the SIU try to catch a couple who preys on swingers. Nick turns to Joe to help him recover the body of an old friend, whom he made a promise to. Evan and Cassidy have a fight.

  • The Tourist
    The Tourist
    Episode 6

    Nash and Joe are on the trail of a renowned assassin who has come to San Francisco to kill FBI special agent David Katz. Lisa returns from Paris with a big announcement, but seeing Nash again, might change things.

  • Apocalypse Nash
    Episode 5

    Nash and Joe are arrested for the murder of three SFPD Investigators, one of whom has a bad history with Nash. While Nash and Joe stand trial with a police board, it is up to Evan, Harvey, and Internal Affairs agent, Caitlin Cross, to figure out the truth.

  • Overdrive
    Episode 4

    Nash and the SIU are on a timeline when it is revealed that a death row inmate scheduled for execution that night, may in fact be innocent. Nash's starter is busted, so he must spend the whole day in the car, as he can't turn it off. Joe's day is not going well as he tries to keep hydrated by drinking lots of water causing frequent bathroom trips. Also, his daughter is accused of being a bully in school, and things get out of hand when he tries to resolve it.

  • Hot Prowler
    Episode 3

    The SIU try and track down a prowler, who ups the anti with each crime. J.J. chips his tooth while eating at a restaurant and Joe decides to try and get a settlement. Harvey feuds with a neighbor over a dog. Michelle gets asked to move back to Auto Theft, but wants to stay with the SIU.

  • Impostors
    Episode 2

    Nash and Joe try to stop a crooked bail bondsman who tries to have a witness assassinated. Joe and Nash open up a private detective agency, and their first case is to locate a Cher impersonator's stolen wig. Harvey and Evan feud over a washing machine.

  • High Fall
    Episode 1

    After Nash's accountant commits suicide, he discovers that he is now broke. The scam behind all of it leads the SIU to Tamara Van Zant, Nash's former flame, who's scammed him more than once before. Inger wants the bathroom remodelled, and Joe insists on doing it himself. Cassidy and Evan try to figure out living arrangements. Nash is worried about Nick after his heart attack.