Nash Bridges - Season 5

CBS (ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • Jackpot (2)
    Jackpot (2)
    Episode 22

    Nash and Joe follow Roy McNair to Las Vegas in order to catch him once and for all, as well as get Tommy Zee. Soon, the entire SIU is in town, and Nash is undercover as the pilot responsible for flying the money to Mexico. Cassidy also goes out to Vegas, where she asks Evan to elope with her. Both Caitlin and Cassidy make career choices. Everyone is shocked when tragedy strikes the SIU.

  • Jackpot (1)
    Jackpot (1)
    Episode 21

    While hunting down the killer of the chief of police, who is Nash's friend, the SIU stumble upon a major money laundering scheme, and are forced to work with an uncooperative DEA agent, who is undercover. Another police unit is forced to move onto the barge, making the SIU very chaotic. Angel looses his wings, and Nash helps him relocate them. As Nick's Alzheimer's worsens, Nash worries about him.

  • Missing Key
    Missing Key
    Episode 20

    A nurse who assists a plastic surgeon for the mob is murdered because she stole the before and after photos of altered mobsters. Before her death, she passes a key to the hidden files to Joe, and Joe becomes a target of a mobster. Nick appears with Cassidy in her play, and does well during the rehearsal, but has issues when they go live. Harvey meets a woman, and he instantly falls for her, but she has a big secret. Caitlin sells Harvey her car.

  • Hard Cell
    Hard Cell
    Episode 19

    A gang of female prisoners escape in search of five million dollars in bearer bonds, while Nash helps the woman framed for the theft of the bonds. With Inger out of town, Joe is left to fend for himself, and is introduced to a new restaurant by Nash. However, the delivery service is subpar. Cassidy considers a career with the CIA.

  • Heist
    Episode 18

    Nash goes undercover to try and stop a high-end heist artist. Joe helps a pompous restaurant critic who's received death threats. Nash decides to allow Evan to come back to the SIU, and it takes him some getting used to. Harvey helps out a troubled 12 year old boy, who he catches breaking into a house with a gun. Caitlin takes an administrative job within the department.

  • Line of Sight
    Line of Sight
    Episode 17

    When a witness to a gang murder not only claims to have seen everything, but also knows the killers, things look up. However, the SIU soon discover the so-called witness got her information second hand. The real witness is someone who hangs around Evan's place of work, and he winds up involved in things. Joe and Nick get into a tax scheme, involving Mr. Woody. Nash and Caitlin wind up on an unintentional, and awkward double date. Cassidy's roommate leaves town and neglects to tell her that she has a 24/7 online streaming site.

  • Cop Out
    Episode 16

    Nash and the SIU try to track down a man, whose dead brother used to be a highly loved and respected cop, and is using his brother's uniform and badge to commit crimes. The man is even more dangerous as he has hallucinations of his dead brother. Everyone tries to console Nash after his break-up with Caitlin, by telling him they didn't think they were good together. Nick, looking for more independence, tries to get a driver's license. Cassidy turns to Evan to help her move.

  • Hit and Run
    Hit and Run
    Episode 15

    Frankie Dwyer puts out a contract on Nash's life, while smuggling heroin inside of tofu containers. Caitlin and Nash discuss his lack of commitment. When Inger's mother starts feeling homesick, thanks mostly to Joe's scheming, she decides to set her up with Nick. Evan starts turning his life around, by deciding to become religious and get baptized. The SIU bring in a woman as a potential replacement for Evan.

  • El Diablo
    El Diablo
    Episode 14

    When a married woman, who is cheating on her husband, falls to her death at a hotel, Nash and the SIU investigate. After Evan gets beat up by his girlfriend's pimip, Joe takes him in. Despite Joe's hospitality, Evan's downward spiral continues, leading him to a dangerous decision. Boz tries to get Joe and Nash to promote him.

  • Liar's Poker
    Episode 13

    After a hired hitman for a drug cartel gets killed in an accident, Nash becomes him, in order to track down who is behind it all. Nick's poker buddies plan a bank heist, leaving Nick in a predicament. Joe is excited about Inger returning from Sweden, but looses some excitement when she shows up with her mother. Evan asks Cassidy for the engagement ring back.

  • Skin Trade
    Skin Trade
    Episode 12

    An investigation into a Vietnamese sex slave ring, leads Nash and the SIU to Frankie Dwyer. Caitlin agrees to go undercover as the seller, to help catch him. Nash has a tooth ache and after coming out of surgery still high on the medication, he calls Caitlin "Lisa", while expressing his love. Inger is about to come home, so Joe tries to loose weight. While at the gym he bumps into a woman he once arrested, who seems to have become obsessed with him. In order to be able to afford his rent, Evan gets a job as a parking attendant, where he bumps into Cassidy while she is on a date.

  • Rip Off
    Rip Off
    Episode 11

    A small time getaway driver sets up two robbery gangs to rob each other, while he walks away with the loot and complete immunity. Joe works an off duty case for a man who receives the exact amount of money he paid for a ransom when his son was kidnapped five years prior. Trying to help Evan out, and re-evaluate him, Joe has him work the case too. The 'Cuda's hood is graffitied, and Nash puts Boz Bishop on the case.

  • Kill Switch
    Episode 10

    After three suspects walk free due to a witness recanting her statement, people start showing up dead. Caitlin and Joe decide to go into business together, selling donuts online, but have some issues agreeing on things. Evan gets arrested and turns to Cassidy for help.

  • Crosstalk
    Episode 9

    The SIU try and track down a psychotic man who kills people who are on their cellphones, as he believes they are out to get him. Nash and Joe take an off duty case of a ventriloquist who has been receiving threats against his dummy. Joe keeps having erotic dreams about Caitlin. While suspended from the SIU, Evan works as a bartender.

  • Get Bananas
    Episode 8

    The SIU try and track down a well known drug dealer. When $40, 000 go missing during one of the busts, all eyes are on Evan, which causes a rift between him and the team, especially Harvey. Joe and Nash do an off duty case of protecting a famous chimpanzee. Their case gets linked to an undercover one of Jake Cage, who wants to use the chimp as bait.

  • Split Decision
    Split Decision
    Episode 7

    Nash and the SIU investigate, when a slew of various robberies with different suspects seem to lead to one man with multiple personalities. Things get more interesting when his psychologist seems to be behind it all; someone who was a former flame of Nash. Nick wants to be financially independent, so he looks for a rich widow, however, they soon fall for each other. After Evan comes to work drunk, Harvey confronts him about his substance abuse issue.

  • Curveball
    Episode 6

    The SIU try and catch a man who has embezzled millions of dollars from the city pension fund. Rick Bettina, who is determined to catch the man himself, keeps getting in the way. After missing their flight to Jamaica, Nash and Caitlin fight, and she throws a signed Willie Mays baseball out the window, causing Nash to be irate. Caitlin scavenges the city desperate to find it. Anna takes issue with Harvey using a babysitter to look after Jerry.

  • High Society
    High Society
    Episode 5

    When an international fugitive comes to town for his daughter's wedding, Caitlin reluctantly agrees to go undercover with Jake Cage, but first must train him in the ways of high society. Joe and Nash get hired to break into a building to figure out the flaws in the security system. When a valuable violin actually gets stolen, the prime suspect becomes someone from Joe's new detectives in training class, where Joe had talked about the case. Evan befriends a prostitute. Nash and Caitlin argue about the seriousness of their relationship.

  • Girl Trouble
    Girl Trouble
    Episode 4
    Cassidy finds an apartment, only to be mistaken for the previous renter who has stolen money from drug dealers. Lonely Joe carries on an online romance, but the other "woman" turns out to be Pepe. Evan bottoms out in his broken relationship with Cassidy
  • Smash and Grab
    Episode 3

    The SIU try and stop a group of jewelry thieves who set stores on fire and then dress up as firefighters to get the loot. Nash gets in an accident with a pedestrian, and swears he is innocent. To make matters worse, Caitlin filed away a bill without Nash knowing, causing his car insurance to lapse.

  • Trade Off
    Trade Off
    Episode 2

    Nash and the SIU try and locate a kidnapper, who they believe kidnapped the wrong child. Caitlin's maid drives everyone nuts. Cassidy stresses over school, and a guy who keeps asking her out. Evan's behaviour starts to become erratic as he obsesses over Cassidy.

  • 9/24/99

    Nash and the SIU try and figure out who killed a famous latino actress. Caitlin moves in with Nash, and changes his entire apartment around, causing discomfort with Nick. Evan returns to the SIU after his surgery. Joe doesn't want to have to go to Sweden to visit Inger's sick mother.