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Nash Bridges

Season 3 Episode 3

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 1997 on CBS
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Nash and Joe track down a former mob underboss who's murdering San Francisco criminals. Inger has to go out of town, leaving Joe with the baby. Nick has a new girlfriend, but she has some secrets.

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    Lee Garlington

    Lee Garlington

    Jill Reichert

    Guest Star

    Louis Mandylor

    Louis Mandylor

    Ray Goetz

    Guest Star

    Jennifer O'Neill

    Jennifer O'Neill


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    Patrick Fischler

    Patrick Fischler


    Recurring Role

    Caroline Lagerfelt

    Caroline Lagerfelt

    Inger Dominguez

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      • Nash (about Lucia): She's beautiful.
        Joe: Yeah, they're all beautiful when they're sleepy.
        Nash: No, she's really beautiful. How'd that happen?
        Joe: Well, I got think it's her mother's looks and my sense of humor.
        Nash: Oh, yeah, speaking of mommy. You gonna tell her about baby's day out?
        Joe: Gee, let me think...
        Nash: She's gonna find out.
        Joe: How's she gonna do that? I'm not sayin' anything, you're not saying anything, Lucia's not talking.
        Nash: Do yourself a favor. Tell her the truth. Pick your time, pick your spot but tell her.

      • Joe: Can you step on it? Man, come on.
        Nash: Bubba, I was doing 65 in the school zone.
        Joe: I gotta get there before Inger does.
        Nash: You'll be there in 15 minuts, relax.
        Joe: That's easy for you to say. You didn't almost just lose your baby after you were entrusted by your beautiful wife.
        Nash: You're right. That's because I don't have a beloved wife and secondly, I didn't.
        Joe: That's it, huh? You're not even going to try to make me feel better?
        Nash: I can get you to the church on time, I cannot ease your conscious.

      • Goetz: You shot me. (to Joe) He shot me. I can't believe you shot me.
        Nash: Stop whinin'. And you're welcome, Ray.

      • Nash: Going somewhere?
        Nick: I was until you got involved.
        Nash: Well, uh, maybe you want to hear the whole story.
        Nick: You had no right, son. Even though you meant well, and I'm sure you did. Even though you're probably right about Jenny, I'm sure you were. You had no right to interfere.
        Nash: Well, Nick, I-I thought I was doing--
        Nick: You don't get it, do 'ya?
        Nash: Get what?
        Nick: I had a chance to travel the world with a fun, beautiful woman.
        Nash: Well, I gotta believe if she's gone it had to be about the money.
        Nick: Don't you think that I know that? Hell, I'm 70 years old I want to have some fun while I'm still young enough to enjoy it. Not to mention remember it.
        Nash: I'm sorry, dad.
        Nick: You should've come to me first, son. Some things in life you never get a second chance at.

      • (On the phone)
        Inger: So how's my little darling?
        Joe: Oh, fine. Overworked.
        Inger: The baby.

      • Nash: Okay, I'll tell 'ya what I want to know, Ruthie. I want to know that your feelings for Nick are sinciere.
        Jenny: I've been married before and yes, I've married for money. Comfort used to be very important to me but in this stage of my life I have certainly not looking to have anyone support me. What am I am looking for and would like is a companion. Your father is, he's a dear, sweet man. he tells these wonderful stories, he's a hell of a card player and he does just about everything else great. (Nash laughs) I've fallen in love with him. Do you blame me?
        Nash: Hardly.
        Jenny: Nash, I never said I was a perfect person and I certainly haven't lived a perfect life but I would never do anything to hurt your dad.
        Nash: Jenny, Nick isn't the wealthy eccentric that you think he is. (laughs) Oh, the eccentric part, you got that right. But there isn't an estate that comes along with the racehorse. The racehorse is the estate and every dime that Nick has goes out to stall 241 at Golden Gate fields, eating the oats, that's it.
        Jenny: So that's what you think? You think it's about money, don't you?
        Nash: Let me put it this way. If your intentions with Nick are anything but romantic, you should watch yourself.

      • Joe: Hey, bubba. I got the results back on those prints in case your interested.
        Nash: And?
        Joe: Well, it seems Jenny was arrested for shoplifting in '91.
        Nash: Ooh, so we got ourselves a dangerous shoplifter.
        Joe: There's more.
        Nash: Go ahead.
        Joe: Okay, check out her name. Her real name. (shows Nash the file)
        Nash: Ruthie Grossman.
        Joe: I guess Morgan Fairchild was being used then.
        Nash: Yeah, okay. So we got a really, really, dangerous shoplifter that changed her name.
        Joe: There's more.
        Nash: Will you cut to the chase?
        Joe: Okay, she's been married three times that I know of. Husband's age, 81, income, seven figures. Median lifespan sfter marryig her, two years, five months.
        Nash: So what you're saying is, her husbands lived an average of eight years longer than the average american male. You're reaching, bubba.

      • Joe: So you want to take care of the baby or get the diapers? It's kinda like a Sophie's choice for you, isn't it?
        Nash: Exactly. I'll take Lucia.

      • Joe: You know, maybe she's right. These guy's are major dirtbags, maybe he's doing us a favor.
        Nash: Yeah, until the first citizen takes a bullet.

      • Joe: Look what I got. (holds out the spoon from dinner with Jenny & Nick) Her spoon.
        Nash: You stole my spoon?
        Joe: You'll get it back.
        Nash: Joe, that spoon belonged to my mother.
        Joe: Look, I just want to get her prints.
        Nash: Joe... (tries to grab the spoon)
        Joe: Ah, don't touch it, it's evidence.
        Nash: Joe, let me asking you something. If Nick wasn't selling Mr. Woody would you be having to get her prints? Would we be having this conversation?
        Joe: Nashman, the only reason he's selling Mr. Woody is so he can have money to spend on her. Because that's what that woman, excuse me, Jenny, is in it for. Look, if you're uncomfortable and you want me to back off, you don't want me to pursue it, you want me to back off, okay?
        Nash: Ah, for Nick's sake I hope you're wrong.

      • Joe (about Nick's girlfriend): Look, I know when somebody's up to something and this woman definitely qualifies.
        Nash: Well, first off you can call her 'Jenny' instead of 'that woman.'
        Joe: Okay. You can start calling her mom. How about that?

      • Joe (about Lucia): Can't you take her with you?
        Inger: Darling, my aunt is very sick. Do you want the baby to get sick, too?
        Joe: No, of course not, but what about your sister?
        Inger: Would you want to go stay with Karen?
        Joe: Well, I might if I was just eating formula and sleeping 14 hours a day.
        Inger: You told me that you were going to so lonely without her.
        Joe: Well, I will. But I-I'm working. Are we not working?
        Nash: Oh, yes, we're always working.
        Inger: Joe, my aunt Sheshnia might not make it without me. What is more important, huh?
        Joe: Is this a trick question?
        Inger: You two are going to be just fine.
        Nash: Oh, yeah, yeah. I can cover the case and that'll give you plenty of time for the baby.
        Joe: Or vice versa.

      • Inger (about Lucia): Hey, you want to hold her?
        Nash: Oh, no, no, no. I've done my time on baby hill.

      • Harvey (while Evan is undercover): Ah, this is beautiful. The guy is going to repeat the whole deal on tape for us. It's too easy. It's criminal. I actually feel kind of guilty.
        Nash: You'll get over it.

      • Joe (about Evan, who is undercover): You know, that mariachi look almost works on him.
        Nash: Well, it certainly works on you. (laughs)
        Joe: What are you talkin' about? It's my best suit. I'm getting ready for our big weekend.
        Nash: What big weekend?
        Joe: Inger's gonna be out of town, that makes it a big weekend. No two A.M feedings, no diaper runs, man, it'll be better than a bachelor party.
        Nash: That's no big stretch.
        Joe: Oh, big deal, man. So I got a little bit sick?

      • Joe: What happened is, somebody from your department came down and was supposed to pick up two babies and accidentally walked off with my baby too.
        Pepe: Congratulations. I didn't realize you and Nash had adopted. I think that's very courageous.
        Joe: It's not Nash's baby. It's mine and Inger's. You know Inger, my wife?
        Pepe: You still have sex with women?
        Joe: Occasionally, Pepe.
        Pepe: You and Nash are such a unique couple.

      • (Nash was holding Lucia while Joe went into the store to get diapers)
        Nash: You know she wasn't cryin' until you came back. (hands the crying Lucia to Joe)
        Joe (to Lucia in baby voice): Aww, has he been torturing you, huh?

      • Nash: Alright, look how do you wanna play this when we get to Getz? I go in there and talk to him and you stay out in the car with the baby?
        Joe: Hey man, it's a talk not a take down, Lucia can come in. Maybe she'll charm Getz into telling us everything we wanna know.
        Nash: Well, if she's anything like her mother she'll intimiate the hell outta him and he'll tell us everything he knows. (they laugh)
        Joe: You got that right, brother.

      • (Nash and Joe have been struggling to open the crib and Inger comes in and opens Lucia's crib in like a second)
        Nash: Wow! (to Joe) How did she do that?

    • NOTES (3)

      • Jodi Lyn O'Keefe (Cassidy), does not appear in this episode.

      • Actress Jennifer O'Neill originally made a name for herself as a successful model and Cover Girl cosmetics spokeswoman back in the late 1960s to early 70s. Her old Cover Girl TV commercials occasionally air on the TVLand cable channel as featured "retro-TV commercials."

      • Louis Mandylor is credited as a Special Guest Star.

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