Nash Bridges

Season 3 Episode 16

Skin Deep

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 27, 1998 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • (After Nick and Lynette get arrested for assaulting a city official who was an ass and pushed Lynette first, and they don't want special treatment from Nash, Nash finds out they're using his name to threaten city hall. Now they are in a holding cell in the SIU)
      Nash: You're using my name, my email to threaten legal action?
      Nick: It seemed like a politically prudent thing to use a name he was familiar with.
      Nash: Do you want your granddaughter to go to college? 'Cause that's damn sure not gonna happen if I get fired.
      Nick: You're not gonna get fired.
      Nash: You're right I'm not gonna get fired, because I'm gonna call the mayor myself and tell him that my lunatic family is behind this.
      Nick: You're always telling me I should be more active. Well, I haven't been this fired up in years. What's more fun than fighting city hall?
      Nash: Golf? Uh, bowling? Maybe two games of poker a week. Make one of 'em strip poker.
      Nick: We're suing the city and the city manager for false arrest and inprisonment.
      Nash: You two can walk outta here right now.
      Lynette: Yeah, but we don't want to.
      Nick: We're commited to this fight.
      Nash: No, no. You committed me to this fight. No more using the cell phone. No more calling the press. No more grandstanding.
      Nick: I thought I brought you up with a little more backbone. We're fighting for the little man. Now if you were half as intrested in my case as you were all your other cases, you'd see we're doing the right thing.
      Nash: Come on you guys, get outta here. Let's go, come on.
      Lynette: Hell no, we won't go.
      Nash: All right fine. No more special treatment. (grabbing the cell and computer) The cell phone and computer are outta here, gone. All this fancy-smancy snack food it's over with. Outta here. (to Nick) Extra trips to the john, ha ha! That's done. Now this is a jail. Not summer camp. Now then Johnny get the rest of this crap outta here. (starts walking out but turns around quickly and walks back in the cell and grabs something else to throw out and walks out, then quickly walks back to shut the door)