Nash Bridges

Season 5 Episode 12

Skin Trade

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 07, 2000 on CBS
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Skin Trade

An investigation into a Vietnamese sex slave ring, leads Nash and the SIU to Frankie Dwyer. Caitlin agrees to go undercover as the seller, to help catch him. Nash has a tooth ache and after coming out of surgery still high on the medication, he calls Caitlin "Lisa", while expressing his love. Inger is about to come home, so Joe tries to loose weight. While at the gym he bumps into a woman he once arrested, who seems to have become obsessed with him. In order to be able to afford his rent, Evan gets a job as a parking attendant, where he bumps into Cassidy while she is on a date.


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    Robert Carradine

    Robert Carradine

    Dr. Bruce Hartman

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    Trevor St. John

    Trevor St. John


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    Jenna Jameson

    Jenna Jameson


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    Ronald Russell

    Ronald Russell

    Officer Ronnie

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    Tim Ransom

    Tim Ransom

    Frankie Dwyer

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      • Joe: So how'd your little chat with Caitlin go?
        Nash: She's not the happiest camper in the world.
        Joe: Ah, it'll pass.
        Nash: Yeah, like a kidney stone. (they laugh) Well, one thing you can say about me and my luck with women, I'm consistant.
        Joe: Ah, yeah.

      • Nash: So, what's goin' on that I'm apprentally in the dark about?
        Caitlin: Yesterday, when you were under the anesthesia, you called me Lisa.
        Nash: I did?
        Caitlin: Yeah. Right after you got through telling me how much I meant to you.
        Nash: Are you sure?
        Caitlin: No, Nash, I'm making it up.
        Nash: Lisa, huh?
        Caitlin: I mean, I realize that she was special to you. I guess I just didn't realize how special, that's all.
        Nash: She was my first love, the mother of my kid, and she'll always be special in that way, but that doesn't mean there isn't room in my life for someone else special, like you.
        Caitlin: Yeah, the thing is, I'm not so good at being number 2, you know? I kinda like being number 1.
        Nash (laughs): No, who didn't know that?
        Caitlin: I don't think there's anything wrong with that.
        Nash: I got news for you, sister, you're not number 2, you are number 1. The former number 1 got traded to France. (they kiss)
        Caitlin: I'm fine, I am. It's okay. I'm fine. And I suppose that this urge to kill you will pass in time.
        Nash: Good. Because apparentally, I'm marrying Ronnie. (they laugh)

      • (Nash is still loopy from the anesthesia)
        Nash: Hi.
        Caitlin: Hi. (Nash starts laughing) What? What is so funny?
        Nash (laughs): Ah, nothin'. (starts laughing again) I don't know.
        Caitlin: You have no idea what you said to me, do you?
        Nash: No. (laughs)
        Caitlin: Nash, oh God-- Look, I know that anesthesia can effect people in unpredictible ways. Okay, I know that. I accept that and I'm not mad at you.
        Nash: Good.
        Caitlin: It's just that... When you said-- When you called me Lisa, it just brought out all my insecurties. You know, I know you must have loved her at one point, it's just when I heard you say the words... It made me wanna run. (looks over at the couch and Nash is now passed out)

      • (Nash is still loopy from the anstesia)
        Nash: Have I told you that you're the love of my life? ... No, I mean it, Lisa. Without you, I'd be lost.
        Caitlin: What? Whoa. What did you just say?
        Nash: What did- What did I--- What?
        Caitlin: What did you just say?
        Nash: I just said that you were the love of my life.
        Caitlin: No, no, no, no. Before that. The other part.
        Nash: What other part? There is no other part.
        Caitlin: Fine. (goes to walk out of the dentist's office, and walks into the door. She kicks it, and walks through it. Nash then follows her, and also walks into the door)

      • Nash: Hey there, Frankie. My you're looking well, suprisingly.
        Joe: Yeah. We were worried about 'ya.
        Frankie: What do you want, Bridges? Come here to gloat? It wasn't enough to cripple me?
        Nash: You're right. I meant to kill 'ya. You don't really expect sympathy outta me, do 'ya, Frankie?
        Joe: You did try and kill his daughter.
        Nash: There is that.

      • Nash: He's an oral surgeon of course he's gonna recommend oral surgery.
        Caitlin: You're gonna worry me to death. You are, aren't you?
        Nash: Not if you stop worryin'.
        Caitlin: Look, Nash, it's not gonna cure itself. It's an hour and half, you're in, you're out and it's done. I don't know why you keep resisting me.
        Nash: Alright, fine. I'll do it.
        Caitlin: Really?
        Nash: Yeah.
        Caitlin: That's good. I'll just call and... reconfirm the appointment. Well, he just happened to have an opening at 4:00 today. (Nash glares)
        Nash: Today?
        Caitlin: Well, you might as well get it over with.

      • (Joe is running along side Nash who is in the 'cuda)
        Joe: How far has it been?
        Nash: 3/4 of a mile.
        Joe: How fast am I going?
        Nash: I don't know, it's not registering on the speedometer.
        Joe: Nothing?
        Nash: No, either the car's too old or you are, bubba.
        Joe: Oh, that's really funny. Alright, alight. (he stops running and walks over to the 'cuda) I'm trying to get into shape not into the ER.
        Nash: Why are you punishing yourself like this?
        Joe: Inger's coming back in a week and I wanna be in shape.
        Nash: Inger's gonna be so happy to see ya she's not gonna care if you put on a couple extra pounds.
        Joe: Are you saying I'm fat?
        Nash: How would I know?
        Joe: Well, then why'd you say that. (he walks around the car)
        Nash: It was hypothetical.
        Joe: Hypothetical... (he goes to get in the car)
        Nash: Uh-uh-uh. I don't think so.
        Joe: What?
        Nash: Uh-uh. You're not getting in the 'cuda sweating like that. No, uh-uh.
        Joe: What there's no sweating in the 'cuda now?
        Nash: That's always been a rule. Check your manual. Here. Sit on this towel.

      • Nash: Uh, Harvey, could you crack this PDA and see what Ms. Young has on her phone book there?
        Ellie Young: You have no right to do that unless you've arrested me.
        Nash: Alright, you're under arrest.
        Ellie Young: On what charge?
        Nash: Uh... resisting arrest.

      • (Nash grabs his jaw)
        Caitlin: I saw that.
        Nash: That son of a bitch is givin' me a toothache.
        Caitlin: If you have a toothache you have a problem tooth. You need to go to a dentist.
        Nash: No, I don't
        Caitlin: Yes, you do.
        Nash: No, I don't. I'm not goin'.
        Caitlin: You're goin'. (Next shot is of Nash walking out of the dentist's office)

      • (Nash has a bag of peas on his cheek)
        Caitlin: You're gonna be better in a couple hours.
        Nash: I hope it's not because I didn't come out of the anesthesia.

      • (Nash just came back from the dentist)
        Joe: Hey, you're still doped up aren't you?
        Nash: No, I'm fine. That is so sweet of you to be concerned. You're a beautiful guy.
        Joe: I'm gonna get you a lift home. Ronnie! Can you take Nash home he's a little…
        Ronnie: Sure.
        Nash: Ronnie, I love you man.
        Ronnie: I uh… love you too, boss.

      • Nash: I didn't happen to say anything stupid yesterday when I got back from the dentist, did I?
        Joe: No. Oh wait you proposed to Ronnie?
        Nash: Good. What'd he say?
        Joe: Uh, he wants to sign a pre-nup.
        Nash: Well, forget it then.

      • (After Sammy passes out during an interrogation)
        Nash: He better not be fakin', I don't have a sense of humor for that kinda crap.

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