Nash Bridges

Season 1 Episode 3

Skirt Chasers

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 05, 1996 on CBS
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Skirt Chasers
Nash and Joe find themselves on the trail of a heroin dealer after Joe is forced to re-join the SIU due to a pension dispute.

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      • Cassidy: You know what, Dad? I am never getting married, ever.
        Nash: I can understand that.
        Cassidy: No, I mean it. You don't need to do it to have kids, it's totally old fashioned.
        Nash: Yeah, well, you might change your mind when you find somebody that you really and truly love.
        Cassidy: Well, you still love mom and you're not married to her anymore. And you married Kelly. Was that because you really and truly loved her?
        Nash: What'd you figure this out all by yourself?
        Cassidy: Marriage wrecks people, dad. I don't know why anybody does it.
        Nash: Well, that's not really true. Best answer I can give you is that, maybe your mom and I aren't the best examples.
        Cassidy: Why not?
        Nash: I don't think that you learn everything from your parents. Parents are people. We're just ordinary like everybody else.
        Cassidy: I don't think you're ordinary, daddy.
        Nash: Neither are you.

      • Nash (on the phone): Hey, Roscoe, it's your old buddy, Nash Bridges.
        Roscoe: You better back off, Nash if you wanna stay healthy.
        Nash (to Joe): Oops, he's thretening the life of a police officer.
        Joe: That's not good.
        Nash: That's not good.

      • Nash: You should listen very carefully to what I'm about to tell you. Now, you killed a couple of scum buckets and argueably the town is a lot better off without 'em. So, I feel like I oughta do you a favor and give you at least 24 hours notice, to get the hell outta dodge.
        Roscoe: I'm not going any where, Inspector. But you seem bright and persistant. Come and work for me. I'll triple your salary, you won't pay any taxes, and I'll guarantee you years of employment.
        Nash: No health insurance?
        Roscoe: Consider it all health insurance. Think about it carefully, you want me as a friend.
        Nash (laughs): And there's somethin' you should know about me, I have this reputation for when I'm threatened... (grabs Roscoe by his throat) sometimes I lose my temper, and I don't like you. See what I mean?
        Roscoe: You can't touch me.
        Nash: I think I can.

      • Joe: I've been a cop for 19 years and this is only the second ticket I've ever given.
        Grace: But you're a traffic officer.
        Joe (laughs): That's what the say, huh? (filling out the ticket) What the hell do you think VIN is?
        Grace: Vechile identification number.
        Joe: Good. Very good. You get 5 dollars off for that.

      • Nash (to Antoine): What is this-- bad gangsta lines?

      • (Joe was working traffic because something with his pension got screwed up)
        A.J: Perhaps you'd like to tell us in your own words what happened, Joe?
        Joe: Who the hell cares if he's a son of a president of a San Francisco bank?
        A.J: Humor me. I care.
        Nash: Let me get this straight, you pepper-sprayed the guy for parking in a handicapped spot?
        Joe: Yes. (Nash laughs) He came at me. And I exhausted all proper procedures, A.J.
        Nash (smirking): I'm sorry I missed that one.
        Joe: He comes at me saying he knows Kung Fu and that crap. He went down in flames like the show Twelve o'Clock High.
        Nash: Oooh, you bad. (starts laughing)
        Joe: And that's when he twisted his knee. You know, the funny thing is, he'll probably get a disabled placard now. (Nash is now laughing hard)
        A.J: Are you two through yet? The I.R. went straight to the chief. And you, carnal, have the distinction of being the only cop I know of ever to get kicked out of traffic. (Nash laughs)
        Joe: What about my pension? What about my hog? I kinda liked it that.
        A.J: Your hog? Forget your Harley! (Nash laughs) The chief made me take you back.
        Nash: Oh, no!
        Joe: Got anything out at the airport? Unloading/loading that kinda thing?
        A.J: You wish. No. We got you back all to ourselves.

      • (Nash is at Lisa's door with flowers)
        Nash: Hi there. I brought your favorites.
        Lisa: They're beautiful, but totally ineffective as a ploy. (she walks into the house leaving the door open)
        Nash: Damn. (Nash follows her into the house) Maybe you just wanna go for the straight apology thing?
        Lisa: Nash, Cassidy is not going over there again. Period.

      • Nash: How you been Flo?
        Flo: I was just getting loose.
        Nash: Easy baby, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
        Flo: Give me a hug.
        Nash: I can't hug you and arrest you at the same time.

      • (After Harvey just chased Flo for a few blocks, Nash finds herion on her)
        Harvey (breathing heavy): Oh, forget the smack. You better check her for performance enhancing drugs.
        Nash (laughs): You gonna be alright there, bubba?

      • (Nash tells Harvey to get out of the car and get Flo)
        Harvey: Watch my food.
        Nash: What's it gonna do?

      • Evan: Flo? Who's Flo?
        Nash: She's a hooker and a smack dealer, works the Razor. She knows more about what's going on in the City than Herb Caen and the Mayor combined.

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