Nash Bridges

Season 6 Episode 12

Slam Dunk

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 26, 2001 on CBS
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Slam Dunk

A pair of lawyers are ambushed leaving one riddled with bullets and the survivor barely wounded. The survivor easily points out the killer, a teen with a record, but Nash has his reservations about the case. Joe discovers that the previous owner of the house had a tenant, who has a legal right to live in the house. Rachel meets a man online, but can't make the date she set up, sending Cassidy instead. Both Cassidy and Rachel are under the presumption that the man is into them.


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    J. P. Manoux

    J. P. Manoux

    Gene Bacon

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    Patrick Fabian

    Patrick Fabian


    Guest Star

    Rick Gonzalez

    Rick Gonzalez

    Hector Rodriguez

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    Geoff Pierson

    Geoff Pierson

    Deputy Chief Pettit

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    Suzanne Krull

    Suzanne Krull

    Betty Ann McCurry

    Recurring Role

    Ronald Russell

    Ronald Russell

    Officer Ronnie

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      • Hector: You get that lawyer guy?
        Nash: No, but I will.
        Hector: When?
        Nash: Some day, some way.

      • Nash: Uh, you see this guy right here? He broke into his neighbor's apartment back in '89. Robbed the place, set it on fire to cover his tracks, five people parished. I couldn't get him, even though I knew he did it. (picks up another photo) See this?
        Robert Saxon: Yeah.
        Nash: Same guy. That's his mug shot from '95. Caught his mother on an unrelated charge. She cut a deal lead us to evidence from the '89 gig. This guy's doin' 25 to life. (opens another file) Take a look at this. This guy right here, he killed a postal worker in '96. Walked... Until '99, when I nailed his ass. He's doing life without the possiblity of parole.
        Robert Saxon: Well, thanks for the show.
        Nash: Uh, just one more thing. (Joe takes Saxon's picture) That's uh, 'Saxon' with an 'O', right? (Saxon leaves) Thanks for droppin' by.

      • Ethan: I'm sorry, do I know you?
        Antwon: No, no. I know a little bit too much about you, though. I work with Cassidy Bridges. ... And Rachel McCabe.
        Ethan: Oh.
        Antwon: Yeah, oh. Alright, I got some good news, and I got some bad news. What do you want first?
        Ethan: Why don't we try the good?
        Antwon: Rachel and Cassidy don't know what you're doin'. Bad news? I do. Now, the last thing that I wanted to do was get involved in this, man, but you forced me into it.
        Ethan: I can't help it. I like 'em both.
        Anwton: No. You can help it. You can't play both sides of this, man. Be a man, pick one! Got it? 'Cause I don't wanna be stuck in the middle here. (Ethan sees Cassidy and Rachel approaching, Antwon turns and sees them too)
        Rachel: Ethan?
        Ethan: Uh... Hi. Rachel.
        Rachel: Hi, yeah. Wow. I'm impressed that, uh you could keep our names straight.
        Cassidy: You know, you almost pulled one over on the both us, pretty good.
        Ethan: Look, I'm sorry. I don't deserve either of you, your friend has made that very clear. (Antwon cringes) So, why don't I just tuck my tail between my legs and run off? Take it easy. (Ethan leaves, Antwon tries to get up but Cassidy and Rachel sit him back down)
        Rachel: What are you doin' here?
        Antwon: Uh, you know, I was-- I was, uh... tryin' to straighten things out.
        Rachel: Wait you knew this was going on?
        Cassidy: And you didn't tell us.
        Antwon: W-What was I supposed to say? You were speaking to me in confidence, right?
        Rachel: Right, but you said you didn't wanna get involved.
        Antwon: See, th-this is what I'm talkin' about! A man tries to do the right thing, and what happens? I'm the bad guy! It's not cool! That is cold!
        Rachel: Antwon.
        Antwon: What?!
        Cassidy: You just don't get it. (they leave smiling, and Antwon sits there confused)

      • Cassidy (about Ethan): After I saw him the other night, he asked me out.
        Rachel: Really?
        Cassidy: Yeah, and he's been callin' me on the phone, and emailin' me... Actually he's been really sincier and...
        Rachel: Sensitive?
        Cassidy: Yeah.
        Rachel: Yeah, guess who I'm supposed to meet in a half hour?
        Cassidy: Oh.

      • Nash: You shot those guys because Saxon paid you to shoot him and his partner, just like he's payin' you to take this fall. (Artie looks shocked) Yeah, that's right. We're not as stupid as you bad guys. Certainly smart enough to catch you.
        Rachel: You know, I wonder what it would cost Saxon to get your ticket punched once you get to San Quientin, Arite? (Artie looks suprised) What's the matter you didn't think of that?
        Nash: He didn't think of that?!
        Artie: You got your evidence. Prosicute me, and that's all I'm sayin'.
        Nash: Ronnie, you heard 'em. Book him. (Rachel and Nash walk away from the table)
        Rachel: Ah, if he doesn't deal. We've got nothin' on Saxon.

      • Joe: Forget it, Nashman. This kid is deaf, dumb, and dumber in two languages. We know the guy who did it, we just gotta find him!
        Hector: Who? The lawyer who set me up? Who did this to me?
        Nash (sighs): Here's the way it works, first we get the shooter, then we get the attorney.
        Hector: I didn't ask for your help.
        Nash: I'm not doin' it for you. I'm not doin' it for you!
        Hector: Then why are you doin' it?
        Nash: 'Cause that's what I do.

      • Cassidy: This thing with Ethan, I'm feeling way too guilty. I mean, it's just not my place to move in on him, right? It's wrong.
        Antwon: Yeah, yeah. I think you're doin' the right thing.
        Cassidy: I thought you didn't have an opinion?
        Antwon: I don't. I'm just backin' up your opinion.
        Cassidy: Well, that's good. I'm gonna call him and tell him that I can't see him.
        Antwon: Good. Meaning, I'm glad that you made a decision.
        Cassidy: Good, thanks for listening.
        Antwon: That's all I'm doin'.

      • (On the phone)
        Deputy Chief Pettit: Yeah, I thought you might like to know. Hector copped to a plea, D.A's filing this afternoon.
        Nash: Well, that's great, Max, except he didn't do it. I can tell you who did if you're interested.
        Deputy Chief Pettit: Yeah, I heard you were still runnin' around chasin' this gig, dispite my orders to the contary.
        Nash: Yeah, it's this little nagging this I got called a sense justice.
        Deputy Chief Pettit: Did you hear what I just said? He just copped a plea. I got him to do something that you couldn't. He plead. It's over Bridges, it's done. (hangs up)
        Nash: Max-- Son of a bitch.

      • Rachel (after Rachel gets off the phone with Ethan): I'm not desperate if that's what you're thinking.
        Antwon: I'm thinkin' about football.
        Rachel: I mean, based on his emails, he seems like a very sentsitive guy.
        Antwon: I'm sure he seems very sensitive.
        Rachel: What do you mean 'seems'?
        Antwon: I'm not getting in this, Rachel.
        Rachel: Well, then why did you say seems? What? You know somethin' I don't know?
        Antwon: No, I don't know anything. It's just a figure of speech, okay? He's very sensitive, okay?
        Rachel: Okay.

      • Deputy Chief Pettit: So why haven't you charged Hector Rodriguez?
        Nash: Uh, because he didn't do it? Oh,and uh, I didn't wanna make you look bad by putting the wrong guy in jail, Max.
        Deputy Chief Pettit: So forget that you have motive, a murder weapon, an eyewitness who's also a victim... No, wait. Don't tell me. He hasn't confessed yet.
        Nash: You know, Max, I don't give a rat's ass about anyone's political clout. I look at what happened.
        Deputy Chief Pettit: Well, you're not gonna be lookin' for it anymore. I'm pulling this case from the SIU. Hector Rodriguez is being transferred to county jail. Homicide's gonna book 'em and arraign him for murder.
        Nash: You're wrong on this one, Max. I've got a witness that--
        Deputy Chief Pettit: No, no. I don't care about what you think you got, Bridges. It's out of your hands now.
        Nash: Remember this moment, for when it all blows up in your face... 'Cause it's going to.
        Deputy Chief Pettit: Oh, I'm already savoring the moment.

      • Cassidy: Hey, Antwon, can I ask you somethin' from a guy's perpective?
        Antwon: Uh... maybe. W-What?
        Cassidy: You the guy from the internet? The guy that Rachel was supposed to have a date with?
        Antwon: Yeah.
        Cassidy: Well... Confidentally, I think he's interested in me.
        Antwon: I-I don't wanna know about this, okay?
        Cassidy: He wants to see me again.
        Antwon: Mmhmm. I'm outta this.
        Cassidy: Oh, come on, Antwon.
        Antwon: No, no, 'cause in a situation like this when a woman asks a man for his advice, she doesn't want his advice. What she wants for him to agree with her.
        Cassidy: No, I wanna know what he's thinking. Come on, what's he thinking?
        Antwon: Hey, what are you doin'? I told you I don't wanna get involved in this.
        Cassidy: Well, fine. You're not involved.
        Antwon: Good.
        Cassidy: Good! (Antwon groans, and Cassidy scoffs at him)

      • Joe: This guy is killing me, man. He's immuned to discomfort, he's like one of those Iron Men or somethin'. Can we put up the top man? I can't feel my toes.
        Nash: Absolutley. As soon as you tell me how that relates to you saving with your lawn mower this morning?
        Joe: Ah, I broke my hot water valve. I had to take a 43 degree shower.
        Nash (laughs): Is there more?
        Joe: Well, let's see. I filled my house full of bacon smoke, I-I can't hear from my stero, and I think I pulled groin muscle.
        Nash: Have you tried talkin' to this guy?
        Joe: Eladio says I'll blow my legal position if I do.
        Nash; Well, of course he's gonna say that. He's a lawyer.
        Joe: Do you have any helpful advice?
        Nash: You could, uh, Inger's sister.
        Joe: Oh, it just got colder.

      • Nash: It's kinda funky, two guys sittin' in the same car. One of 'em gets shredded and the other gets a flesh wound.
        Joe: So, you're sayin' that Saxon staged his own ambush?
        Nash: No, I'm just kickin' it around.

      • Deputy Chief Pettit: The mayor wants me to congratulate you on taking down the shooter in the Conniff-Saxon case.
        Nash: And he sent you all the way down here to pat me on the back? That's so sweet. Well, makes sure you tell him when you get back there that I haven't booked anyone yet.
        Deputy Chief Pettit: You know, Conniff-Saxon is a very high profile law firm, good to the city.
        Nash: Uh huh.
        Deputy Chief Pettit: Robert Saxon is highly regarded where it counts.
        Nash: Well, I'm color-blind, Max. Green doesn't mean anything to me.
        Deputy Chief Pettit: We'd appreciate it if you pursue this with due diligence, Nash. Wrap it up quick.
        Nash: All right. Let's see (he takes out a pen and pretends writes on his hand) "Wrap up quickly." Anything else?
        Deputy Chief Pettit: When there is, you'll hear from me.

      • Nash: Hey, Max, say I heard Hector recanted his plea. Whew, that was a close one, huh? Glad somebody's thinkin' down there.
        Deputy Chief Pettit: Where's the case book for Artie Sanchaz?
        Nash: Rachel, get the case book for Mr. Sanchaz for the Deputy Chief here.
        Deputy Chief Pettit: You know, I've got people above me, pounding for results. I mean, with what happened here, it's pretty understandable.
        Nash: Don't worry, Max. I'm not savoring this moment.

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