Nash Bridges

Season 6 Episode 14

Something Borrowed

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 09, 2001 on CBS
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Something Borrowed

Tamara Van Zant is back in town, and loaded, after her very rich husband passes away. In order to protect herself from whomever is after her, she fakes a marriage to Nash. Nick agrees to pretend to be the boyfriend of his lesbian friend, so she can make her son think she is straight. Unbeknownst to him, her son is a high profile gangster, who is involved with Tamara.


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    Adrienne Barbeau

    Adrienne Barbeau


    Guest Star

    Costas Mandylor

    Costas Mandylor

    Vinnie Corell

    Guest Star

    Gary Graham

    Gary Graham

    Ulysses Paxton Jr.

    Guest Star

    Ronald Russell

    Ronald Russell

    Officer Ronnie

    Recurring Role

    Donna W. Scott

    Donna W. Scott

    Tamara Van Zant

    Recurring Role

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      • Tamara: What's this?
        Nash: It's an annulment. (holds out a pen to her) You got what you wanted. You got the ship, Paxton off your back and my help.
        Tamara (takes the pen): I didn't get you. (signs the annulment)
        Nash: No.

      • Tamara: Nash, it's a set-up.
        Nash: No kiddin'. (Harvey radios that they got Paxton) Uh, that bit about you tellin' me that I hate good-byes, you were tryin' to warn me right?
        Tamara: Oh, shut up. (they kiss)

      • (On the phone)
        Tamara: I know how much you hate good-byes. But I think that me and you should have one.
        Nash: Go on.
        Tamara: I think that this time I never will see you again.
        Nash: Really? What's a little girl like you gonna do all by her lonesome on that big 'ol boat?
        Tamara: You figured it out. You're smarter than I thought.
        Nash: Yeah. I'm smarter than you.
        Tamara: I need to see you.
        Nash: Yeah, me too. Why don't you saunter on down to the SIU, babe?
        Tamara: No.
        Nash: Excuse me, weren't you just the person that was begging to see me?
        Tamara: How 'bout Coit Tower? We can take a walk, get a cup of coffee from that place we used to go to.
        Nash: Fine. One hour.
        Tamara: I'll be waiting. (hangs up)
        Ulysses Paxton Jr: Congratulations, you just bought your life back.
        Tamara: You better think twice Junior, before you try anything with him.
        Ulysses Paxton Jr: Don't worry, sweetheart, Mr. Nash Bridges is gonna be so wrapped up in you he's not gonna see me comin'.

      • Nash (holds up a news paper ad with a cruise ship on it): What do you think that would run 'ya if you were gonna buy it?
        Joe: She spent 400 million dollars on a cruise ship. You know, technically, you're half owner.
        Harvey: What a beautiful plan. Highly mobile, higly transferable, once you get where you're goin'.
        Antwon: And far off the radar if you're lookin' for any large international straight transfers of cash.
        Nash: Find this boat, and if Tamara Van Zant happens bring her to me.
        Harvey: Ay, Ay, Captain. (he and Antwon leave)
        Ronnie (holding a phone): Captain, Tamara Van Zant.
        Nash: Well, fancy that!

      • (On the phone)
        Nash: What are you thinkin'?
        Harvey: I'm thinkin' that maybe Vinnie Corell doesn't like it when somethin' he wants done right gets done wrong.
        Nash: Uh, well, I'm sorry that I had to disappoint him. Uh... Just for the hell of it why don't you check to see if this boy's spent any time in Texas?
        Harvey: You're thinkin' that Paxton hired this jerk, not Corell?
        Nash: What the hell do I know, Harv? I'm just the unwitting groom in all of this. (Harvey laughs)

      • Nash: Suppose you... enlighten us as to what the hell you're doing with Vinnie Corell?
        Nick: In the first place, his name's Vincent, in the second place, it's none of your business, in the third place... are you following me?
        Nash (to Rachel): The biggest gangster on the east coast is here in my town and it's none of my business? (laughs)
        Nick: Gangster?
        Nash: Yeah, we were doing some surviellence on Vincent Corell, and lo and behold, who do find spending quality time with him? You!
        Nick: Vinnie Corell's a gangster?
        Nash: Yeah, with a 'G'.
        Nick: Jesus H friggin' Priest. I'll kill her.
        Nash: Nick what in the hell is goin' on?
        Nick: I got this friend, Annie. She's a lesbian. She asked me if I would pretend to be a boyfriend so her son would think that she's straight. I called him a pain in the ass.
        Nash: It's alright. It's okay, I'll take care of it.
        Nick: No! Then they'll just send somebody to put a bullet into the back of my head. No, don't do anything. (leaves)
        Rachel: Never a dull moment.
        Nash: You don't have to say that twice.

      • Tamara: You don't understand.
        Nash: Oh, I understand. I understand that I'm not gonna help you win this.
        Tamara: Alright, alright. You're right, everything you say is true. And as soon as I can arrange the money, we both can get out of here, Nash. We can be together. Don't say you don't want it. We both want it.
        Nash: Did you kill the old man? Don't lie to me.
        Tamara: No.
        Nash: Did you have Junior do it for 'ya?
        Tamara: Nash... Nash... Okay, I was fantasizing about what it would be like if... But I didn't tell anybody to do anything. I swear.
        Nash: So you're responsible of everything but guilty of nothing. Is that the way you see it? (starts walking away)
        Tamara: Nash, please don't abandon me.
        Nash: Good-bye, Tamara.
        Tamara: I thought that you hated good-byes.
        Nash: Not this one.

      • Nash: Whoever did that was expecting me to be the next one in it.
        Tamara: How ironic. I buy you a car you don't even want and it ends up saving your life.
        Nash (laughs): Well, that's one way to look at it.

      • Nash (coming home to find Tamara there): Funny, I don't uh, I don't remember inviting you for dinner.
        Tamara: You didn't. I'm inviting you.
        Nash: Yes, but that still wouldn't explain the luggage, would it?
        Tamara: I'm not sure I believe in livin' with someone before you're married, but I'm definatly in favor of it afterwards.
        Nash (chuckles): You don't give up do 'ya?
        Tamara: Mm-mmm. I don't. ... I'm not sleepin' alone tonight.
        Nash: No, you're not. (they start making out)

      • Joe (looking at the trash of Tamara's lawyer): I don't supposed you got a warrent or subpena or anythin' did 'ya?
        Antwon: Nah, too much time too much protocol. You know lawyers.

      • Tamara (walks up to Antwon's car who's following her): Hi. I'm gonna be a couple of hours. Then I have a 3:30 at my attoney's Levinson, Gold and Clay. And I should be outta there say about... five. Okay? Don't worry. I won't let 'ya lose me.

      • Rachel: This is getting interesting.
        Joe: Things with Tamara are never dull.

      • Tamara (sitting on a 'cuda that looks exactly like his): What do you think, Nash? Hmm? (Nash walks around the car checking it out) You're a hard person to shop for, so I bought you something I knew you'd like. It's an original. I had it painted to match. Let's face it.. one's fine, but two's devine.
        Nash: Well, actually it's a kit car. See this scoop here? If it were an original it would be attached to the engine, not glued to the hood. I hope you didn't spend a lot of money on this. 'Cause it's worth even less on the open market than it is to me.
        Tamara: You don't want the car?
        Nash: Nope.
        Tamara: I thought you loved that car?
        Nash: I love my car. That's a kit car.
        Tamara: Nash, that's my wedding present to you.
        Nash: Now, how's that possible since we're not married?!
        Tamara: Well, I happen to have a little piece of paper that says otherwise.
        Nash (to Joe): Will you try and reason with her? 'Cause she won't listen to me. Try Spanish.

      • Joe (looking at pictures): Hm. Vinnie and Tamara?
        Antwon: The only question is who's on top?
        Joe: Huh. Good question.
        Antwon: So maybe she goes to Vinnie, to pick up some backing to pull of the scam on Paxton Sr.
        Joe: That's a theory.
        Antwon: What do you think?
        Joe: For 400 million everybody's got an angle.
        Antwon: So how does Nash figure into the whole play?
        Joe: What better form of life insurance than to married to San Francisco's top cop?

      • Joe: You're a walking bulletproof vest for her, man.
        Nash: Mmhmm.
        Joe: Anything happens to Tamara and you end up with all the money. Pretty devious. As a matter of fact it's genius.
        Nash: Well, bubba, she's still at the top of her game, isn't she?
        Joe: Yeah. So what do you wanna do?
        Nash: Well, now that we know who all the players are, I say deal me out and see where the cards fall. (they look outside and see Tamara pull up in a 'cuda that looks exactly like Nash's)
        Joe: I guess some of the cards just fell.

      • Tamara: Aren't 'ya gonna carry me over the threshold?
        Nash: Honey, I'm already way over the threshold, so why don't you prance on over here and tell me everything that I need to know.
        Tamara: I can tell you this. Everything would be solved, if you just came away with me. Don't think about it too much, (leans close to him) ... just say yes.
        Nash: Mmm... No. (walks away from her)
        Tamara: Why are you so contray?
        Nash: Because you're playing me. And I don't like to be played.
        Tamara (laughs): I'm playin' you? That'll be the day. Drink?
        Nash: No, thank you. So tell me somethin', just how rich are 'ya, sister?
        Tamara: Rich enough to make us both very happy.
        Nash: Give me a number. What would that be?
        Tamara: 400 million.
        Nash: 400-- you took Ulysses Paxton down for 400 million dollars?
        Tamara: He gave it to me. Fair and square.
        Nash: No such thing with you, baby.
        Tamara: Why don't you just admit that I did the right thing by marrying you?
        Nash: Because forging a marriage license is not the same as being married where I come from.

      • Nash: Let me ask 'ya somethin' else. How well do you know Ulysses Paxton Jr.?
        Tamara: We went out a few times.
        Nash: I'm talkin' about the son, Jr.
        Tamara: So am I. (laughs) That was before I was married.
        Nash: To me or to his father?
        Tamara: To his father.
        Nash: Dated the son, married the father? Biblical.
        Tamara: It's not against the law, Nash, even in Texas.

      • Rachel: I found a juicy bit of information. Tamara's recently desceased husband, left her a fortune at the expense of his only son. He was cut out of the will the day she was cut in.
        Joe: Ah, the Tamara we know and love.
        Rachel: So, I called the son to try to get his P.O.V on all this and guess what? He's here, in San Francisco.
        Nash: Well, that'll make him easier to talk to, won't it? Harvey put the son with the shooter, you get a gold star. (to Rachel) You stop gloating.

      • Nash: Well, lookie what we have here. A marriage certificate. But the funny thing is, I don't remember saying I do. (looks at the marriage certificate) Or signing this for that matter.
        Tamara: Details.
        Nash: Tamara, what are 'ya up to?
        Tamara: Why do I always have to be up to something?
        Nash: 'Cause 'ya always are.
        Tamara: Not this time.

      • Tamara: I married a man that was very apperciative of me. Ulysses M. Paxton. Ever heard of him?
        Nash: The oil-ionaire, right? Died about six months ago um, ... car crash.
        Tamara: Unfortantely.
        Nash: And you inherited his money.
        Tamara: You are good at your job. (they laugh) Anyway, half the money's yours now, hubby.
        Nash: Now, why would you do that?
        Tamara: Because I love you. And everytime I come to San Francisco, I'm the bad girl, you're the good cop and somethin' always comes between us.
        Nash (laughs): You mean, like the law?
        Tamara: So I was hopin' that we could just skip over all the rigamorole and be married. Don't tell me you've never fanatized about it.
        Nash: I might've given it some thought once or twice but I would never do it.
        Tamara: It's not such a bad thing.
        Nash: It's not a done deal, sister.
        Tamara: Oh, it's a done deal. You're holdin' the papers. We're married. Hey, if you don't love our city place, we've got this beautiful ranch out near Odessa. You are going to love Texas, Nash, I just know it.
        Joe (interrupts): Nash?
        Nash (to Tamara): Uh, don't jump. It might solve all my problems in my life, but then what would I do with the rest of 'em?

      • Joe: So this chick, could she actually be your ex-wife?
        Nash: She put 194,000 dollars on my credit cards and then paid them off.
        Joe (laughs): No ex-wife would ever do that.
        Nash: Exactly.

      • Rachel: Okay, obviously there's some history here with Nash and Tamara Van Zant.
        Joe: Well, you could say that.
        Rachel: Professional and personal?
        Joe: Personal and professional, yeah.
        Rachel: Yeah. I've seen the way he looks at her, and the way she looks at him.
        Joe: Rachel, there's something you need to understand about Tamara Van Zant. No matter how many times Nash pushes her out of his life, she always comes back in. Always. Now is it because he wants her to or because he can't stop her? Now that's the question we should be asking ourselves, if it were any of our business.
        Rachel: So how lightly do we tread?
        Joe: We just do our job until somebody tells us different.
        Rachel: You got it.

      • (Tamara's in the shower)
        Nash: Get out.
        Tamara: How about you get in?
        Nash: I would but I might drown you.

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