Nash Bridges

Season 3 Episode 21

Special Delivery

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 01, 1998 on CBS
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Special Delivery

Lynette finds herself the target of a Chinese mob, trying to locate a missing money plate that they suspect were sent to her from an old flame. Joe's father is in town, and decides to do a little investigating himself, when he overhears a neighbors conversation.

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    Ismael 'East' Carlo

    Ismael 'East' Carlo

    Frank Dominguez

    Guest Star

    Leo Lee

    Leo Lee

    Phillip Twan

    Guest Star

    William deVry

    William deVry

    Brian Hammond

    Guest Star

    Suki Kaiser

    Suki Kaiser


    Recurring Role

    Stephen Lee

    Stephen Lee

    Tony 'Tony B' Buccelli

    Recurring Role

    Caroline Lagerfelt

    Caroline Lagerfelt

    Inger Dominguez

    Recurring Role

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      • Phillip: What's your proposal?
        Nash: You give me the plate. (to Bryan) You give me the girl and I arrest both of you.
        Bryan: How does that benefit us?
        Nash: You get to live.

      • Phillip: What's your proposal?
        Nash: You give me the plate. (to Bryan) You give me the girl and I arrest both of you.

      • Joe: We almost got caught in there, y'know? I mean, Mexicans have been killed for a lot less, you know? I mean, history is full of stories where Mexicans got killed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Remember the Alamo don't you?
        Nash: Bubba, it was the Anglo's that were killed at the Alamo.
        Joe: Yeah, well, only after they killed a lot of Mexicans.
        Nash: Did you ever think that maybe your dad is jealous?
        Joe: Jealous? Jealous of what?
        Nash: Oh, gee. I don't know, let me think. You've been married to the same woman for over 20 years, you've got two beautiful children, a beautiful home, an incredible life. You've come a hell of a long way from Rio Dosa, bubba.
        Joe: Me leaving Rio Dosa was the worst thing that ever happened according to him.
        Nash: That's what he says but that's not what he means. And I'll tell you somethin' else. I think he may be on to something with this guy Jerry.
        Joe: Oh, yeah? Based on what?
        Nash: Well, take your father out of the equation for a second and just look at the facts. Wouldn't you say that you'd follow up on it?

      • Joe: Do me a favor, Nasman. When the next wave of Hong Kong bad asses come for her and shoot up your place, don't send her to my place, okay?
        Nash: Wouldn't think of it.

      • Bryan: You're not gonna find anything in there.
        Nash: Well, then you shouldn't be so tense. Just sit there and shut up.

      • Nash: This is comfort food, baby. Get you in the mood.
        Tony B: The mood? What kind of mood?
        Nash: To help us.
        Tony B: Do what? Why would I want to help you do anything?
        Nash: Joe, maybe you better play him the tape. (Joe plays the recording of Tony B setting up a deal)
        Tony B: Alright, alright. I see what you're angle is here, okay? Since this is about currency plates it makes it a federal gig, right? The next thing you know I'm spending 25 to 30 on some federal beef, right?
        Nash: Yeah, that's a very good idea.

      • Nash: Bubba, did you actually think that maybe he actually did hear somethin'?
        Joe: You just don't get it, do 'ya?
        Nash: Get what?
        Joe: He's pissed off 'cause I've excluded him from the package case now he's manufacturing his own case.
        Nash: Well, baby monitor's due operate on the same 900MhZ bandwidth as cordless phones. I mean, it's possible.
        Joe: Well, thank you very much but I've already attended the frank Dominguez night school of technology.
        Nash (laughs): Ooh, bubba. I'm thinkin' that maybe you got the problem here and not him.
        Joe: Hey, have I ever taken your father's side of yours, once?
        Nash: I'm not takin' his side. I'm offering you a simple solution. Check it out. A murder could have very well have happened. I mean, stranger things have happened.
        Joe: I got a really good idea. Why don't you just mind your own business and I'll mind my father's?
        Nash: Ooh, it's gonna be a long two weeks, huh, baby?

      • Evan: Jeez. You scared the hell out of me.
        Cassidy: Now, how am I supposed to feel safe if even I can sneak up on you?

      • Frank: I'm a night owl. You know us Dominguez men. You still having your sleep problems?
        Joe: Dad, wanting eight hours of sleep is normal.
        Frank: You're depressed, aren't you?
        Joe: I wouldn't call it a depression, no.

      • Joe: Okay, okay. What is it?
        Frank: There's been a murder.
        Joe: Murder? I'll get my gun.
        Frank: You don't need it.
        Joe: Okay, I don't get it.
        Frank: I heard voices talking about it on the baby monitor. See?
        Joe: Lucia told you about the murder?
        Frank: Don't be obtuse, son. It was two men's voices plotting on how to get rid of the body.
        Joe: So there's two guys with baby monitors plotting a murder. Is that what you're sayin'?
        Frank: No. Many cordless phones operate on the same frequency bandwidth. God, man, keep up with the technology.

      • Evan: It's ironic. I'm supposed to find you and here you are.
        Cassidy: Hi. Thanks for coming.
        Evan: Hey, you call, I jump.
        Cassidy: I like that.

      • Nash: Come on, let's talk.
        Lynette: I thought we already had a talk.
        Nash: No, no. That was a chat this is gonna be a talk.
        Lynette: What's the difference?
        Nash: If you had bad guys following you they must think you know something or have something. So this time I want you to tell me everything. And start with Bryan.
        Lynette (sighs): Bryan and I worked together last year on this boat in the South China sea. And Scott invited us to a party one night on this other guy's yacht.
        Nash: The other guy have a name?
        Lynette: I don't know. He was some rich Chinese guy, mobster.
        Nash: Probably a triad. Go on.
        Lynette: Well, this guy got really drunk like um, mean drunk and he made a pass at me. And I told him to get lost and... he tried to rape me. And Bryan got him off me but Scott... Scott beat the guy so bad he got him unconscious. I mean, Scott was totally insane. I mean, I was more scared of Scott than I was of the other guy. And then Scott threw him overboard.
        Nash: So Scott killed the mobster?
        Lynette: Yeah. He told us that if we ever mentioned it that the same kind of thing would probably happen to us. So, we went to Hong Kong and Bryan put me on a plane to get me outta there and he stayed behind 'cause I guess he figured that if both of us took off that Scott would probably get suspicious.
        Nash: You should've told me this before.
        Lynette: I know. I just didn't ever want to have to think about it again.

      • Nash: You sure you got enough gum there, bubba? Want me to pull over and get you a whole 'nother stack?
        Joe: It calms me down, okay?
        Nash: Oh, yeah. I can see that. Why you're the virtual posterboy for serenity. (laughs) Let me ask you something. How big does a wad of gum have to get before it qualifies as a cud? (laughs)
        Joe: Don't push me, I'm right on the edge, okay?
        Nash (laughs): Don't laugh, don't laugh 'cause you're liable to choke to death on that.
        Joe: That's almost funny.

      • (Joe's dad gives them elk meat as a gift)
        Inger: What is the matter with you?
        Joe: You know, as I remember, the last time I shot an elk and brought the meat home you kicked me out of the house. And when he does it it's generous.
        Inger: It is generous.

      • Nash: Tell me about this romance with Bryan.
        Lynette: Like I said. We had a romance. Big deal, y'know? We were on a sail boat together for six months. We shared one of those little Vs in the front of the boat. What do you expect?
        Nash: I'm not passin' judgement on your love life here.
        Lynette: Thank you. (laughs) I don't know. Bryan's like a 28 year old over grown kid, y'know? I mean, he's a fun guy we had a great time.
        Nash: If you had such a great time, why'd you come back?
        Lynette: Well, my contract on the boat was up. I guess after ten years of living in exotic places my wanderlust was kind of running on empty.
        Nash: Oh, yeah? Well, how did Bryan feel about that?
        Lynette (laughs): I think you could say that he was mildly perturbed.
        Nash: And you?
        Lynette: I don't know. It had more to do with the time and place than it did with the guy, I think.
        Nash: Uh huh. Is that why he's coming back?
        Lynette: I don't know.
        Nash: Well, speculate. Damn it.
        Lynette: Maybe.
        Nash: Maybe yes.
        Lynette: Maybe. Yes, maybe.

      • Nash: Harv, your homework assignment is a 500 word essay. Who I was before I wound up dead on the post office floor.
        Harvey: The Scott Putnam story? Yeah. Typed and double spaced.

      • (Looking at a package Bryan sent himself)
        Nash: Oh, look, deja vu, postage due.

      • (Frank is in the next door neighbor's apartment, and Joe went over to get him, and Inger sees the neighbor pull up and tries to distract him)
        Inger: Excuse me. Have you seen my balls?
        Jerry: Pardon me?
        Inger: I'm your neighbor, I live across the street. Inger. My baby Lucia has balls too. I think they roll under your car.

      • (About her ex-boyfriend Bryan)
        Nash: The guy gets off a 17 hour flight, goes straight to your place. Doesn't shower, doesn't go home, he wanted something.
        Lynette: I think you're lookin' at what he wanted.

      • (While they're at Cassidy and Lynette's, Harvey is looking for Evan, and he comes out of Cassidy's room)
        Harvey: You missed a spot.
        Evan: What?
        Harvey: Lipstick. You missed a spot. And that hickey on your neck, I'd ice it down, wear a turtleneck tomorrow. Or maybe a clown collar.
        Evan: Look, let me explain.
        Harvey (pulling his gun out of Evan's holster and handing it to him): And uh, you might wanna use this too.
        Evan: What for?
        Harvey: In case you get impatient, with the path of your current self-destruction. Sweet dreams. (walks away, and Cassidy comes down and gets Evan and they go back to her room)

      • (At Cassidy and Lynette's place)
        Nash: I want security on this place 24-7, you and Harv run it. So get your stuff and move in here.
        Evan: You want me to stay here?
        Nash: What is there an echo out here?

      • (Lynette was being followed, but the guys are gone now)
        Lynette: They were here, I swear they were.
        Nash: Oh, I don't doubt you. No question about it, trouble loves you.

      • (About Joe's dad, who's a cop in New Mexico)
        Joe: You know Frank called me 7 times with tips on the case.
        Nash: You gotta give him something to do. To keep him busy.
        Joe: You know any where in the bay area where he can brand cattle? (Nash laughs)

      • (Joe's dad is driving him crazy)
        Nash: Bubba, he is your dad. That's what dad's do.
        Joe: Look, I am a middle aged man. I don't need anyone to tell me what to do....except for Inger.

      • (After getting a package in the mail)
        Inger: What in the world is that?
        Joe: It's a hernia.

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