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Nash Bridges

Season 2 Episode 6

The Brothers McMillan

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 1996 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The Brothers McMillan
Nash and Joe trail two brothers who are heirs to a Mafia family, and to make things worse, one of whom Kelly used to be involved with.

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    Joe Chrest

    Joe Chrest


    Guest Star

    Patrick Fischler

    Patrick Fischler


    Guest Star

    Markus Flanagan

    Markus Flanagan

    Connor McMillan

    Guest Star

    Serena Scott Thomas

    Serena Scott Thomas

    Kelly Weld

    Recurring Role

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      • Kelly: Why didn't you tell me?
        Connor: I lost you. I didn't want to lose her, too. I wanted to have a chance at a good family. A family that I never had. That era of McMillans is finished. The three of us can start fresh. If you're willing to try.

      • Kelly: I love you, Nash. I don't think I've ever loved anyone like I love you. This is our last chance.
        Nash: God, I love you. (kisses her) But we can't.
        Kelly: What?
        Nash: Baby, I did a little research. Connor followed you to England seven years ago and he found the adoptive parents of your baby and he proved that he was the father and got her back.
        Kelly: No, that's impossible.
        Nash: There's somebody that you need to meet. (calls Connor in who walks in with a girl named Megan)

      • Kelly: When I left Connor seven years ago, I found out something that would've forced us together in a way that I knew wouldn't work considering who his family is. I was pregnant. I knew that if I had the baby the McMillan family would never let her out of its grasp. I couldn't let my child grow up in a world like that. So I broke up with Connor, I refused even to speak to him. I went back to England, and I stayed there during the pregnancy. (sighs) And I had the baby and I gave it up for adoption.
        Nash: And Connor doesn't know? (Kelly starts crying) And he never gave up on you. That's what that was all about yesterday? Baby, that must've been so hard for you. (they hug)

      • Joe (about golf): How hard can it be? White guys in plaid pants do it all the time. (Nash laughs)

      • Joe: Who was that?
        Nash: That was Corick McMillian. He wants to have a chat.
        Joe: Oh, me, too?
        Nash: Well, he didn't mention you by name but I'm sure I can bring a guest.

      • Connor: I think I will call a lawyer.
        Nash: You can do that. But you better understand something. There are very few things that I would risk my life or my career over. And Kelly is one of 'em. So my advice to you, is stay the hell away from her.

      • Joe: Hey, uh, I got to drop by the bar. You want me to drop you any place?
        Nash: That would be the bar that runs itself, right? (laughs, Joe makes a face)

      • Nash (after he gets off the phone with Kelly): She had to cancel.
        Joe: Mmm, I see.
        Nash: No, you don't see.
        Joe: Oh, yeah, well, maybe murder and mayhem aren't the only reasons that Connor came back. Look, this guy's dangerous, man. Chicks dig that.
        Nash: That's ridiculous.
        Joe: Why do you think Kelly likes you? Y'know, you're very dangerous. Especially when you're a passenger.
        Nash: I'll tell you what happened. She probably dated this guy some time in the past, she didn't want to tell me 'cause she thought it might upset me, which is ridiculous. And she just didn't mention it and that's it.
        Joe: I see. Okay.

      • A.J: Heads up, guys. Connor's leaving.
        Nash: Joe and I will take him. Give me your keys, I'll drive.
        Joe: No way, it's my car, man. It's my turn to drive for a change.
        Nash: Oh, man, come on. You know how you drive.
        Joe: Yeah, low and slow.

      • Joe: So how was your date with Kelly?
        Nash: Scary.
        Joe: Why?
        Nash: I don't know. We're getting along great. We didn't see each other for a while and then the last month, it's been incredible.
        Joe: Well, that part was always incredible. I mean, if you can believe the tapes.
        Nash (laughs): Don't you go there, man. Nah, it's like, we spent the whole weekend together, we didn't argue, we didn't fight, we joked with each other. It was great, man.
        Joe: So...
        Nash: So, what?
        Joe: So you thinking about getting back together full time?
        Nash: Considering it.
        Joe: Oh, really?
        Nash: Really. I love that woman, man.

      • Evan: Nash, your ex-wife's here.
        Joe: Which one? The good one or the bad one? Oooo, the bad one. (referring to Kelly) What are you going to say to her?
        Nash: Beats the hell out of me. I'll let her do all the talking. (speaking to Kelly) Hello, sweetheart. What a nice surprise.

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