Nash Bridges

Season 1 Episode 5

The Javelin Catcher

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 19, 1996 on CBS
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The Javelin Catcher

When a rocket launcher known as The Javelin is stolen from an Army base, Nash works with the Army Captain responsible for it. The man who paid to have it stolen is desperate to get it back. Evan and Harvey investigate attacks on male transvestite prostitutes, and Evan is chosen to go undercover as one.


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    • Sandra: So what do you do in your time off?
      Nash (smiles): I don't take any time off. I'm actually famous for having the all time most accumulated vacation days in the apartment.
      Sandra: I know this great little bed and breakfast up in Mendacino, it's fabulous. Just a couple of hours up the cost, turn of the century decor, whale watching from your window, if it's what you wanna do. I bet I could make you break your streak.
      Nash (smiling): Tempting.

    • Evan: Nash, can I ask you somethin'?
      Nash: Yeah, as long as it's not for a date. (laughs)
      Evan: I mean, what do you when you really like a woman and things are really clickin' between you two but you feel her like holding back.
      Nash: Bubba, let's be clear on my record with women here, I might not be the guy you wanna ask. (laughs)
      Evan: This is serious, Nash. Women are nuts about you, I mean you're like a magnet.
      Nash: That doesn't mean I understand them. The best advice I could give 'ya, is get her to talk to you. Tell her what's goin' on.

    • (Nash handcuffs the Jimmy without him knowing)
      Jimmy: Hey, where'd you learn how to do that?
      Nash (smiles): Catholic school.

    • Nash (seeing the huge hole in the wall from the javelin): Bryn, call ballistics. Tell them to bring the really big tweezers.

    • Neil: Are you the man?
      Nash: Uh, that depends.
      Neil: Hi, I'm Neil.
      Nash: Hi, Neil.
      Neil This is my crib, you know. I've been clean my whole life...
      Nash: Uh huh.
      Neil: ... I'm a civilian I pay my taxes...
      Nash: Uh huh.
      Neil: tell me: who's gonna pay for this?
      Nash: Don't look at me, bubba. I got two ex-wives, child support, insurance payments, the book of the month club, how about all that?

    • Simone (to Evan who is undercover as a transvestite hooker, Simone is helping him pick out clothes and he wants to wear something she doesn't like): Lemme tell you somethin', I'm doing this for the girls, I'm not gettin' paid for this. I'm doing this for the girls, not for you. So if you wanna prace up and down Poke Street with a little halter top and some hot pants, you go right ahead, lookin' like white trash on a holiday!

    • Nash (sees her packing up her office): What happened? Did you get kicked out? You brought the gun back, what else do they want?
      Sandra: Everything's fine, it's perfect actually. I've been reassigned to Diego Garcia.
      Nash: Diego Garcis. Where is that?
      Sandra: It's a little island in the middle of the Indian ocean. I'll be in charge of a need-to-know project. I can tell you it's a promotion.
      Nash: Just outta curiousity how long have you known about this?
      Sandra: About a month.
      Nash: Well, gee, I guess we better cancel those reservations at that little bed and breakfast up there in Mendacino, huh?
      Sandra: Nash, that's when I thought my career was over and we weren't gonna get the weapon back.
      Nash: You know, I don't know why I bother with women. Whenever I get the urge, I should rent a steamroller and have it roll over me two or three times.
      Sandra: Don't be angry. I don't have time in my life for a man right now, but if I did, he'd be exactly like you.
      Nash: Have a nice trip. (starts to leave)
      Sandra: Nash!
      Nash: Yeah?
      Sandra: One last thing... (pulls Nash into a huge kiss, dragging him on top of her)

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