Nash Bridges

Season 6 Episode 9

The Messenger

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 08, 2000 on CBS
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The Messenger

A man kills an elevator full of people, leaving just one woman alive; a reporter who only cares about the headlines. While giving a test drive to a potential buyer, Joe's car gets stolen. He lies to Inger about what happened and when she finds it parked outside of a hotel, she assumes he is cheating. Harvey accidentally gets sent nude pictures of a woman, and he is determined to find her and ask her out.


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    Erik Passoja

    Erik Passoja


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    James MacDonald

    James MacDonald


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    Bellamy Young

    Bellamy Young

    Diana Carr

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    Caroline Lagerfelt

    Caroline Lagerfelt

    Inger Dominguez

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    Ronald Russell

    Ronald Russell

    Officer Ronnie

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      • Joe (sighs): This whole thing is my fault. You wanna know why I lied to Inger about the car being stolen?
        Nash: Uh, 'cause you're married? (laughs) Sorry.
        Joe: It's because some sweet young thing was flirting with me and I was into it, I knew nothing was gonna happen. I just thought 'Hey cool, this chick digs me.' Well, she made a chump outta me and stole the car, and I was too embarrassed and guilty to tell Inger what really happened. How messed up is that?
        Nash: That's a tough lesson, bubba.
        Joe: That's the trouble, if I had it to all over again, I'd do the same thing. Does that make me a bad husband?
        Nash: No, it makes you human. It's been long enough. Inger's stewed long enough, go home. Make peace.
        Joe: I tried, man. She won't even pick up the phone.
        Nash: I don't think she wants a phone call.
        Joe: What am I supposed to do, go over there and beg?
        Nash: That's why God gave 'ya knees.

      • Harvey (looking over the demands of the stalker): Okay, first he wants to round up all the gays and lesbians of San Francisco and jail them on Alcatraz.
        Nash (laughs): Well, I think he's out number.
        Antwon (reading from the list): 'And those who don't fit on Alcatraz should be sent to concentraion camps in the Mojave desert'. Only then his words, 'will San Francisco be livable again.'
        Nash: Well, now, this guy's seriously startin' to piss me off.
        Diana: He could've killed me. Why haven't you found him yet?
        Nash: Well, if you're concerned about your safety, you could take a vacation. Curtiousy of the SFPD.
        Diana: This is the biggest story of my life. I can't hide my head in the sand.
        Nash: You can't have it both ways, sister. If you want your 15 minutes, you're gonna have to suffer the consequences.
        Diana: You're a very frustrating man.
        Nash (laughs): I bet you think that this is the first time I've ever heard that. Well, I won't take it personally unless you get yourself killed.
        Diana: Find that creep! That is your job. You do your job, and I'll do mine. Find him! (leaves)
        Harvey: Is she like that because she's on T.V or is she on T.V. 'cause she's like that?
        Nash: It's kinda like moss growing on the north side of trees, Harvey. It just happens.

      • Joe: I mean, she stole your car when I took her out for the test drive, you know, I thought she was gonna take it out for a little joy ride and I'd get it back before you found out. I didn't know that she was gonna rob a bank with it.
        Inger: Rob a bank?!
        Joe: I'm telling you the truth. What do you think I went to a motel with her?
        Inger: Yeah, I know you went to the motel with her!
        Joe: Honey, I've never cheated on you in my life, I'm not about to start now. Hey, if you don't believe me, talk to Nash. (Joe dials his phone)
        Inger: Oh, why so he can back up your story? (Joe gives her the phone, and Nash answers) Hey, Nash, it's Inger.
        Nash: Oh, hi, Inger. What's up?
        Inger: I was just wondering if you knew what happened to my car yesterday?
        Nash: Uh... What did Joe say?
        Inger: If I told you what Joe said, would you deny it? (Joe tries to interrupt so that Nash won't lie, next shot is Joe showing up at Nash's place with a duffle bag)
        Nash: You told me to deny everything!
        Joe: Not after I confessed. Ah, she'll get over it. Probably.
        Nash: Have you eaten?
        Joe: Uh, not yet. (Joe takes the placemat with a plate on it and slides it over towards him before Nash gets a new one for him, Nash gives him a look, Joe shrugs)

      • Nash (answering the phone): Yeah, Nash.
        Man: Quit harassing Diana.
        Nash: Let me guess. This has got to be uh, Leonard Peel. Or is that P. Leonard? Or maybe it's even Lawernce of Arabia.
        Man (laughs): You're not as smart as you think you are.
        Nash: Well, that still makes me smarter than you, bubba.
        Man: I was inside your apartment. If I wanted you dead, you'd be dead right now.
        Nash: Listen, bubba, I already know that you've got an active fantasy life.
        Man: Don't underestimate me.
        Nash: Oh, don't worry. I'm takin' nailin' you very seriously, jackass.
        Man: Don't call me that.
        Nash: Well, come on over here and I'll apologize.
        Man: This is your final warning. You leave Diana alone.
        Nash: Hang up, bubba. You're borin' me.

      • Harvey: McCabe listen, I-I want to clear that thing up with those pictures.
        Rachel: Harvey, you really don't need to explain. What you do on your own time, you do on your own time.
        Harvey: Well, I know, Rachel, but I didn't take the pictures.
        Rachel: Well, I didn't care if you did.
        Harvey: You wouldn't care if I spent my spare time taking pictures of naked women?
        Rachel: Everyone has a dark side, Harv. Jung even had a name for it, the shadow self.
        Harvey: Rachel, this isn't even Jungian, it's just an error.
        Rachel: You know what? As far as I'm concerned, when it comes to men, it's that shadow self that makes them so intriguing. Of course, that's also my fatal flaw in relationships, but... that's another story. ... I'm fine with it.

      • Diana (after Nash pulled the cable out): You can't do that!
        Nash: Sure I can. (holds up the cable) See?
        Diana: The public has the right to know the facts and I have an obligation to tell them.
        Nash: Well, where does catching the killer come into all of this?
        Diana: Captian Bridges, that's your job.
        Nash: Good, you do understand then. Take your circus and get off my dock.
        Diana: Did you ever hear of the 1st amendment?
        Nash: Did you ever hear of presumption of innocence?
        Diana: Did you ever hear of freedom of the press?
        Nash: You didn't hear a damn thing I said before, did 'ya? George Kent is creep, not a killer.
        Diana: So what you're saying is that you have another suspect.
        Nash: If I did, I wouldn't tell you.

      • Joe: Alright, well we're gonna have to stake out the P.O box. 8 hour shifts. Uh, ladies first.
        Cassidy: Always the gentleman.
        Harvey: We apperciate it, girls. Bye. (kisses his hand and waves bye to them)

      • Ronnie: Hey, Joe, I got some info on your car.
        Joe: Oh, good, what?
        Ronnie: It was just used in a bank robbery. Two perps. Man and a women, they netted 25 grand.
        Joe: Well, was the car damaged?
        Ronnie: That I don't know.
        Joe: Why not?
        Ronnie: Because they got away. (Joe cringes) Yeah. I'll keep 'ya posted. (walks away)
        Nash: I hear Majorca's nice this time of year.

      • Diana: Can I record it? I'd like to use it.
        Nash: Now, sister, I know you're not gonna like the sound of this, but believe it or not, this isn't about you. I need you to interrogate him because he won't talk to me.
        Diana: So why can't I use it?
        Nash: Because this is still an ongoing police investigation and because I said so.

      • Nash: You're kidding me! She stole your car?
        Joe: It's a minor set back, that's all.
        Nash (laughs): Is that how you're gonna describe it to Inger?
        Joe: I'm not gonna tell Inger, and neither are you. I'm gonna get that car back before I have to.
        Nash: How are you gonna do that?
        Joe (sighs): Why are you bothering me about this?
        Nash: I thought that it was a reasonable question.
        Joe: Let me handle it. In the meantime, deny everything.
        Nash: One of these days, I'm gonna get a handle on your marriage.
        Joe: I've been married 24 years, believe me this is the right stratgey.
        Nash: Okay. (laughs) Forget about your profit margin, the story is worth 1500 bucks. (Joe frowns at him)

      • Cassidy (reading a letter): 'Dear Diana, how come you don't answer my letters? Maybe you think you're better than me. You wouldn't look so cute with your face mashed in. P.S. Please marry me. Love, George.'
        Rachel: That would be George Kent. That's his fourteenth marriage proposal in a three month period.
        Nash: Romantic bastard, isn't he? Yeah, very poetic.

      • Nash: I trust that your marriage is still intact.
        Joe: Oh, better than ever. Inger gets a nice new car and she has to make up with me.
        Nash: Never mind, that you got it stolen in the first place.
        Joe: Ah, details, details. After this time dinner's on me.
        Nash: What, it's not a leap year is it?
        Joe: Funny.

      • Joe (about Inger's car): This car's as good as sold, it's a walk in the park.
        Nash: Why is that every time you say that the hair on the back of my neck stands straight up?

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