Nash Bridges

Season 6 Episode 16

The Partner

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 09, 2001 on CBS



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    • Hagen: Proud to be your cousin.
      Nash: No need to dwell on that.
      Hagen: Ah, modesty. But there's nae escapin' it, laddie. Our roots run deep, as the Haggis Dirk has proven.
      Nash: Oh, uh, the dirk. Uh... Nick?
      Nick: We'd like to give it to you. Nash called the Edinburgh historical society, and as soon as the dirk is authenticatd, we as a family would like to donate it to the musemn there.
      Hagen: Oh. I love 'ya, lads. You're my blood, my heart, my soul. (he hugs Nash)
      Nash: Yeah, okay. You're gonna have to stop that, or I'm gonna have to hurt 'ya.

    • Nick (after Hagen leaves): There must be a glitch in the Bridges family tree.
      Nash: Aye, laddie.

    • (on the phone)
      Nash: Howdy, partner.
      Edward: Well, well, well, the pupil finally outwits the master.
      Nash: Yeah, I got your phone bill right here in front of me. You know, they have much better service plans these days.
      Edward: You came into my house. What do you want?
      Nash: You're done, bubba. I'm packin' you in.
      Edward: I thought you were on my side, Nash.
      Nash: I'm not on your side. Look behind 'ya, look in the mirror. 'Ya see me? You don't, and you won't, until I'm right on top of you, bubba. See you real soon.

    • Nash: Have Ronnie keep an eye on those two.
      Joe: What you don't trust your own cousin?
      Nash: Ha!

    • Nash: Clay's workin' for the 12 street gang?
      Joe: He'll work for anybody who can afford his insane rates.
      Nash: That outta piss off my new partner, have fun.

    • Hagen: So, Planck slips under the wire, lad. Almost impossible to sniff out without a cohesive investigative methodlogy.
      Nash: Of course.
      Hagen: Ay, but 'dun feel bad. Very few have the deductive capabilities that I have.
      Nash: Right... right. Yeah. So, now, this guy Planck--
      Hagen: Ah, listen and learn, laddie. Listen and learn. My reseach shows that Planch only resides in cities with a mean rainfall of 14.3 inches or more.
      Nash: You're tellin' me that you're trackin' this guy by the amount of rainfall in the city that he's in?
      Hagen: Aye!
      Nash: Nick, uh, where's that scotch?
      Hagen: Finally--
      Nash: There's more?
      Hagen: If you add in his penchant for livin' on streets that being with the letter 'L', it all adds up, it's a long street. And what's on a long street here in this fair city?
      Nash: What?
      Hagen: The Planch gallery.
      Nash: Did you ever think about just usin' the phone book?
      Hagen: Nay, man. To call him would just put him on his guard.
      Nick: Son, you've got to try some of these great Scottish delicacies.
      Nash (clears throat): Maybe later. ... I will take the scotch though.

    • Nash (comes home to find Hagen playing the bagpipes): Nick. What the hell is goin' on? Every damn dog in the neighborhood is barking. Barking!
      Nick: See this knife? It's a Haggis Dirk. The final piece of evidence linking the Bridges clan with Robert the Bruce.
      Nash: So that would seperate you and I by what? 8 or 9 generations?
      Hagen: Ay. That's a good 'un.
      Nick: That's very funny, son. Come on, we're celebrating. Let's have something to eat. Hagen has brought som rumplethumps, some clapshot, some great Scotish whiskey.
      Nash (sarcasticly): Wonderful! I haven't had rumplethump is ages.

    • Joe: According to Chief Baird of the Glasgow constabulary, Hagen is the most decorated officer on the force.
      Nash: That's not possible, is it?
      Joe: Apperentally he's here on some sort of secret mission.
      Nash: If this turns out to be some sort of elaberate prank, payback is gonna be a bitch.
      Joe: Well, if it is, I'm not in on it. They were serious, Hagen has the best closure rate of any of their officers.
      Nash: Joe... the man set himself on fire, twice, in th course of 5 minutes.
      Joe: Bad luck. Could've happened to anybody.
      Nash: I've never set myself on fire. Have you set yourself on fire?
      Joe: You want me to find out what the secret mission is?
      Nash: No, I'll handle it. (they hear a siren)
      Joe: I hope that's not your apartment.

    • (on the phone)
      Edward: Ray would be the guy that you've mistaken for me in Chili Gun's exicuition.
      Nash: Exicuition? I don't remember the jury giving Chili Gun the death penalty. So, uh, tell me again, your name was uh... God?
      Edward: Someone's got to care for the victim -- (starts coughing and uses his inhaler, and stops) Thanks to me, Susan and Ray finally got justice, you know it's true.
      Nash: Well, why don't you tell me who you really are, and come on down here and I'll make sure you get all the credit.
      Edward: You said it yourself. I'm God.
      Nash: Yeah, God with a prescription for Alupent.
      Edward: Really?
      Joe (who was tracing the call, got the location and whispers to Nash): He's calling from the Chicken Dunk.
      Nash (whispers back, holds the phone away): Cassidy and Rachel, Harvey and Antwon. Go.
      Edawrd: You still there partner?
      Nash: Well, see there's somethin' you didn't know about me, I'm God too.

    • Joe: I mean, if Inger got raped I'd wanna kill the guy. I mean, wouldn't you if it were Cassidy?
      Nash: Yeah. ... But not killing them is supposed to be what seperates us from them.

    • Nash (about Hagen): You better call Glasgow and see what you can find out about him.
      Joe: I'm all over it.
      Nash: Oh, and don't forget his tour.
      Joe: What... Me? (Nash walks away, leaving Joe there)

    • Hagen (referring to the SIU): Are they all set on the water like this one?
      Nash: No, this one's kind of unique, actually.
      Joe: Actually, there's no smoking in here.
      Hagen (puts out his pipe): Hmmm? Oh! Sorry, I keep forgettin', you lung happy Yanks oppose tobacco.

    • Rachel: Where were you last night, Rafael?
      Rafael: Witch'you baby, don't you remember?
      Rachel: No, I guess you weren't that memorable.

    • Nash: No way this shooting was in self-defense.
      Joe: The guy was a serial rapist, man. He was trying to rape her for a third time. And we gotta treat him like a victim now.
      Nash (sighs): Twisted, huh?

    • Joe (seeing Chili dead): Chili Gun. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
      Harvey: Yeah, but we didn't put him down.
      Nash: Who did?
      Harvey: Somebody who was wearin' a black hood, carryin' a big gun, we just chased 'em thinkin' it was Chili.
      Joe: Oh, some sort of guardian angel?
      Nash: Well, that depends.

    • Joe: So anyways, back to this kilt here.
      Nash: It was a gift. From a distant cousin in Scotland. Hagen Bridges.
      Joe: I didn't know you were Scottish.
      Nash: Ah, a half of a half, on Nick's side.
      Joe: Really? Who's this Hagen guy?
      Nash: Well, he's a cop. Apperentally one of Glasgow's top cops.
      Joe: Wow, cool. A Scottish Nash Bridges. It must be in the genes. (in a Scottish accent, referring to the kilt) So, have you tried it on, laddie?
      Nash: Get out of here. It'd look good on you though.

    • (on the phone)
      Edward: It's your new partner.
      Nash: Well, thanks for the offer but I've already got a partner.
      Edward: He couldn't take care of Chili Gun like I did.
      Nash: Uh... hang on I'm goin' through a tunnel. (puts his phone down, to Joe) See if you can trace this call. (picks his phone up) Okay, what was that again?
      Edward (laughs): You heard me. I like your style though. Always thinkin'. Always one step ahead, just like me. And in the end, we both want the same thing.
      Nash: And what's that?
      Edward: Justice. You have to play by the rules, I don't.

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