Nash Bridges

Season 6 Episode 16

The Partner

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 09, 2001 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Joe: So anyways, back to this kilt here.
      Nash: It was a gift. From a distant cousin in Scotland. Hagen Bridges.
      Joe: I didn't know you were Scottish.
      Nash: Ah, a half of a half, on Nick's side.
      Joe: Really? Who's this Hagen guy?
      Nash: Well, he's a cop. Apperentally one of Glasgow's top cops.
      Joe: Wow, cool. A Scottish Nash Bridges. It must be in the genes. (in a Scottish accent, referring to the kilt) So, have you tried it on, laddie?
      Nash: Get out of here. It'd look good on you though.