Nash Bridges

Season 4 Episode 6

The Tourist

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 30, 1998 on CBS
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The Tourist

Nash and Joe are on the trail of a renowned assassin who has come to San Francisco to kill FBI special agent David Katz. Lisa returns from Paris with a big announcement, but seeing Nash again, might change things.

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    • TRIVIA (2)

      • While it may be possible, it seems strange that Nash wouldn't have figured out he and Lisa were still married when he and Kelly married. Either way, with him still being married to Lisa, this means Kelly and he were never officially married as you cannot legally be married to two people at the same time.

      • The SIU move to a new location for the third and final time of the series. They are on a different type of boat now.

    • QUOTES (27)

      • (At the airport after they kiss good-bye)
        Lisa: Oh, come with me. Come with me, Nash.
        Nash: Stay. Stay. (smiles) You better go.
        Lisa: Will you come visit?
        Nash: I need to brush up on my French first.
        Lisa: I thought you hated good-byes.
        Nash: This is why. (they kiss again)

      • Nash: Hi.
        Lisa: Hi.
        Nash: I got somethin' to say.
        Lisa: Yeah. Me, too.
        Nash: Do you mind if I go first?
        Lisa: No.
        Nash (hands her a folder): Divorce papers, signed. I'm thinkin' Paris and Henri.
        Lisa: Henri left. For good.
        Nash: As in for good? Sorry.
        Lisa: Oh, no. Don't be. It was the right thing. It wasn't until I saw you that I realized that I don't feel about Henri-- I mean, if I don't feel that way for Henri the way I feel for you then it's not right to marry him.
        Nash: How'd he take it?
        Lisa: Oh, Henri thinks Americans live too much in the past and we miss out on the here and now.
        Nash (laughs lightly): Well, I don't think that you have the here and now without the past.
        Lisa: I have a flight back to Paris this afternoon. Even without Henri my present life is still there. Even if my past is here.

      • Nash (about Katz): Man, this guy is dumber than a shovel.

      • (After Nash and Lisa had sex on the hood of his car)
        Joe: Hey, Nashman it looks like you got a dent in your hood, man.
        Nash: What are you talking about?
        Joe: Right there. You see that dip? That sorta moon shaped dip right there?
        Nash: There is no dent.
        Joe: You're telling me you can't see that dip? That dip right there man.
        Nash: There is no dent. You're imagining things.
        Joe: Looks like somebody sat on it or laid on it.
        Nash: Hello! There is no dent, get off of it!
        Joe: Okay, okay. Mr Touchy, I know how you are with your car though, man. (Joe finds an earring under the seat) Hey, look, baby you lose something?
        Nash: That's where that went! (he grabs the earring)
        Joe (laughs): So I guess you violated your own no humma-humma in the 'cuda rule, huh?
        Nash (laughs): There was no humma-humma in the 'cuda it was on the 'cuda.
        Joe: Oh, on the 'cuda. (laughs) So what does that mean, man? You gonna let her marry this guy or what?
        Nash: Maybe. Maybe not.

      • Lisa: Sorry about last night.
        Cassidy: No, you're absolutely right. It's none of my business.
        Lisa: Thank you.
        Cassidy: I mean, you know, if you're gonna ruin your life, why should I care?
        Lisa: Cassidy, I-- Your father and I-- I-I just wasn't prepared for the-- He just--
        Cassidy: He just what?
        Lisa: Gets to me, still.
        Cassidy: I'm sure Henri will be very understanding.
        Lisa: He probably will be.
        Cassidy: Mom. Do you have any idea what you're doing?
        Lisa: No, I don't. You think I planned this? Okay, maybe on some level I wanted something to happen, I don't know. All I know is, I look at your father and I wonder why we ever split up.
        Cassidy: Because no matter how much you loved him you couldn't live together. You still can't live with him. Mom, what's going on with Daddy right now isn't real. Henri is real. Your life in Paris is real. Your thing with Daddy is just a memory.
        Lisa: Maybe. Maybe not.

      • Nash: Alright, Katz, until we snag him we're gonna put you on ice.
        Katz: Like hell you are.
        Nash: Evan, how about that bed and breakfast? The Majestic?
        Evan: Oh, Katz. You're gonna love it. Real quiet, out of the way, perfect.
        Katz: Oh, yeah? And what am I gonna be doing there?
        Nash: Why don't you meditate, reevaluate your life.
        Katz: I don't think so.
        Nash: Uh, Harv. Just exactly how did Rycheck kill Bronski?
        Harvey: Uh, number 2 pencil, Nash. Sort of introduced through his heart.
        Katz: Can I get a bayview room?

      • (After they talk to Cassidy and Cassidy find out they had sex)
        Lisa: Well, that went well.
        Nash: Yeah, it couldn't have gone better.
        Lisa (starts laughing): Oh, busted by my own daughter. I'm so embarrassed.
        Nash (laughs): Ah, she'll get over it.
        Lisa: What happened, Nash? What did we do?
        Nash: Um, I'm not sure. We either started something or ended something. Not sure.

      • (They are sitting on the hood of the 'Cuda, drinking wine, listening to music and looking at the Golden Gate all lite up)
        Lisa: Ah, it's nice just to hang out. How long since we've done this?
        Nash: Long.
        Lisa: There's this little place in Paris about two blocks from my apartment, this little store. They have the most exquisite fruit there and bread.
        Nash: Ah, french bread, no doubt.
        Lisa: Mm. Big loaves, hard crust, soft and gooey on the inside. I love it there, Nash. I really do. There's something about the light, it's just different.
        Nash: You're happy.
        Lisa: Yes, I am. He's a sweet man, Nash.
        Nash: Yeah, with great taste in women.
        Lisa: Oh, he was so nervous at lunch, god. I think I made you sound too good.
        Nash (laughs): And then he met me. Is that what you're sayin'?
        Lisa: Oh, no. No. I mean, it's not like I've ever had to introduce my fiancee to my husband before. (laughs)
        Nash (laughs): You're right. That's a good one.
        Lisa (hearing 'I Only Have Eyes for You' come on the radio): Oh, I love this song.
        Nash: Would you like to dance? (Lisa accepts Nash's hand and they begin to dance)
        Lisa: 20 years, huh?
        Nash: And the said it would never last. (Lisa laughs, and Nash kisses her)
        Lisa: Well, they're wrong.
        Nash: Very wrong. (they start kissing again)

      • Nash: Uh, has Cassidy said anything to you about being pregnant?
        Lisa: Pregnant? Since when?
        Nash: Well, that's what I was hopin' you could tell me.
        Lisa (shocked): I'm in Paris, remember?
        Nash: Well, I might as well have been.
        Lisa: Meaning what? You were here. You're her father.
        Nash: You think she's going to confide in me about being pregnant?
        Lisa: Yes!
        Nash: Well, she didn't. So now what do you wanna do?
        Lisa: Well, first I think we should talk to her.
        Nash: Good. That's good. And then what?
        Lisa: Decide how we're going to kill her.

      • (Nash picks up a book on Evan's desk)
        Joe: Baby names?
        Nash: Do you know anything about this?
        Joe: Evan's pregnant? I didn't think that was possible.
        Nash: Not Evan. And this is not the time for levity.
        Joe: Want me to suss it out?
        Nash: No. No sussing. I'll handle it.
        Joe (laughs): So you're gonna be a grandfather, huh? (Nash glares at him and Joe walks away)

      • Nash: So this has got to be some sort of a first. We're both on time.
        Henri: Lisa, late? Never.
        Lisa: Oh, Henri. Oh, you should talk. Shouldn't you be out on some bank robbery somewhere?
        Nash: Uh, no, I cancelled all my bank robberies for the afternoon.

      • Nash: So what do you think of your Mom getting married?
        Cassidy: I think it's great. I mean, whatever makes her happy.
        Nash: Yeah.
        Cassidy: What do you think?
        Nash: I think, I'd like it better if I didn't have to think about it.

      • Joe: So you're thinking of staying married?
        Nash: No. As a matter of fact, I'm meeting Lisa to meet her husband to be for lunch in an hour.
        Joe: Mm. So she wants your approval?
        Nash: She doesn't need my approval.
        Joe: See what happens if you don't give it to her.
        Nash: Oh, you have a theory, I suppose.
        Joe: As a matter of fact, I do. Check this out, Lisa decides to get remarried, okay? Only she finds out that she's still married to you. So she's thinking to herself, 'Mm, I have this little window of opportunity here. Should I refile the divorce papers and marry this guy, Henri? Or do I play the hand that fate has dealt me?' (Nash laughs, Evan interrupts them with details on the case then walks off)
        Nash: And you can stop with your theory.
        Joe: Oh, I have more.
        Nash: Oh, no, no, no. You're done.

      • Nash: Joe, you have to pick up Katz before he gets himself hurt.
        Joe: Do I have to?
        Nash: Yeah just think of all the positive karma that you'll get.

      • Ronnie: Captain, your wife. Line 5.
        Harvey: Pardon me, wife?
        Nash: Uh, it's Lisa. Long story.

      • Nash: Hey, did you find the coffee?
        Evan: I sure did. It's up here, starboard side.
        Nash: Alright. Starboard. I don't remember those terms starboard and port in the police academy manual.
        Harvey: Me either.
        Nash: Oh, well. Law enforcement is law enforcement whether it floats or not.

      • (They pull up to the new S.I.U)
        Joe: Ah, you're kidding me.
        Nash: No, I'm not.
        Joe: Uh, can it fly? (laughs) What was it?
        Nash: Originally, it was a floating cannery. Then some hippy-dippy entrepreneur back in the 80s turned it into a rave club then he had a little tax problem coupled with a drug problem and the city confiscated it.
        Harvey: A'hoy there, Captain.
        Nash: A'hoy back. Since the park service threw us off the ferry, the department decided to make this our new home. Welcome, welcome.
        Joe: Oh, glad I asked.

      • Trisha: Bridges. Nash and Lisa Bridges? Hi. It's me, Trisha. Remember? Margaret, it's them. The perfect couple. Margaret over there says marriages just don't last but I say 'oh, yes, they do. They do indeed.' And then I tell her all about you. You're a policeman, right?
        Nash: Yeah, that's right.
        Trisha: I issued you your marriage license, remember? Oh, here. Have a cookie. Home baked, low-fat. Yes, indeed. I tell her that you're the couple to prove her wrong. The marriage that'll last forever, that's what I say. Isn't it, Margaret? Now, what can I do for you today? Renew your marriage vows? Well, that's form XT-9. How darling. Isn't that darling, Margaret?
        Nash: Uh, Trisha, Lisa and I are uh, divorced.
        Lisa: Well, not actually divorced. We're still married.
        Nash: B-But not to each other.
        Lisa: And I'm now getting married.
        Nash: But not to me.
        Lisa: To someone else.
        Nash: Yeah, Henri. He's French.
        Lisa: In fact, Nash has been remarried and divorced since our divorce.
        Nash: Or lack there of.
        Lisa: Yeah, for some reason our divorce was never finalized. That's why we're here.
        Nash: Yeah. So she can get married again.
        Trisha: What are you saying? Just what are you saying? Margaret. Margaret, what are they saying?
        Margaret: They're saying that I'm right and you're wrong.

      • (At the courthouse trying to get officially divorced)
        Lisa (about a couple who just got married): Aren't they adorable?
        Nash: Yeah, cute. (laughs) I sure hope that cute and cuddly business doesn't end up in the divorce papers under 'irreconcilable differences'.
        Lisa: Oh, I love your romantic streak.
        Nash: I'm as romantic as ever.
        Lisa: Yeah.
        Nash: Which as I recall, was in your divorce papers under 'irreconcilable differences'. (they laugh)

      • Nash: So?
        Lisa: So?
        Nash: So, what else?
        Lisa: We can talk about it later.
        Nash (sighs): It's a long ride, you know? (Lisa gives Nash a look) Something's never change. It's just like when we were married. (laughs)
        Lisa: That's the problem. We are still married.

      • Lisa: I wanted to surprise you.
        Nash: Well, you damn sure succeeded. What's the real reason?
        Lisa: Um, we can talk about it later. Oh, Joe, how's the baby?
        Joe: Oh, the baby--
        Nash: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa. Excuse me. You come all the way back from Paris without so much as a phone call and we can talk about it-- What's goin' on?
        Lisa: I don't want to talk about it now.
        Nash: Because of Joe? Lisa, Joe's family.
        Joe: Hey, Nashman, if Lisa doesn't want to discuss whatever it is she doesn't want to discuss in front of me, that's cool.
        Nash: Well, I'm glad that it's cool with you. Now, Lisa?
        Lisa: It's private. (fixes her hat with her left hand)
        Joe (grabs Lisa's hand showing Nash a wedding ring): Uh, Nashman, you know for a detective...
        Nash: You're getting married?!
        Joe: Oh, congratulations.
        Lisa: Oh, why thank you, Joe.
        Joe: Are we happy about that?
        Lisa: We're ecstatic.
        Nash: Wow! Hey, if she's ecstatic so am I.

      • Nash: Alright, Katz let me lay this out for 'ya. You might not have a clue who Rycheck is but he damn sure knows who you are. Let me help 'ya. What do you got goin'?
        Katz: My case work is eyes only.
        Nash: Nimrod, look over there, you see that guy? He took a bullet. If this guy Rycheck wants you, he's gonna get you and he's gonna try again.
        Katz: Point taken. Alright, you copy me on all your reports. I want everything you guys have. This is a federal case now. Oh, one more thing. How do you spell Rycheck?
        Joe: With a Y. No, E. No, I. Take the 'er' off 'checker'. Capital R. Rycheck. (Katz walks off and Nash laughs)

      • Nash: I need one more minute.
        Lisa: Take your time. It's actually enjoyable watching you work. It's been a long time.
        Nash (laughs): Paris must be more boring than I remember.
        Katz (walks up): Bridges, what do we know? (sees Lisa) What? No introduction?
        Lisa: I'm Lisa Bridges.
        Katz: Hi, I'm David Katz I'm with the F.B.I. You must be Nash's little sister.
        Lisa: Ah, nice try.
        Nash: Lisa and I used to be married.
        Katz (to Lisa): My sympathies.

      • (After Nash runs into Lisa in the airport):
        Lisa: Cassidy told you I was coming, didn't she? I wanted to surprise you, Nash. Oh, what's the matter? Oh, god. You're working, aren't you?
        Nash: Not anymore. Welcome home, sweetie.

      • Cassidy: Where you guys been? Miranda said you were here hours ago.
        Nash: It wasn't that long, was it?
        Lisa: No.
        Nash: No. Ridiculus. (to Miranda) Hi, Sunshine. (Miranda doesn't say anything) Oh, she's fun.
        Cassidy: Mom you missed a button.
        Lisa: Oh, thanks. (Nash and Lisa sit there all smiley and happy)
        Cassidy: What's going on with you guys?
        Nash: What? Uh, listen we came here to ask you some questions.
        Cassidy: Something is going on here. (Nash and Lisa just stare at her) Where have you been? (Nash and Lisa exchange looks, but don't answer her) Oh, my god! You had sex, didn't you?
        Lisa: Let me explain.
        Cassidy: I don't believe you.
        Nash: Well, listen sister, I hate to tell you this but it ain't the first time.
        Cassidy: How could you? Mom!
        Lisa: It was a.... It was a... I don't know what it was... Nash...
        Nash: It was a... It was a moment of romantic insanity.
        Cassidy: Oh well, that's just great. What about Henri?
        Nash: What about him? Technically we're still married.
        Cassidy: Daddy! (to Lisa) And you're still engaged.
        Lisa: This doesn't change anything.
        Nash (looks at Lisa): It doesn't?
        Cassidy: How could it not?
        Lisa: First of all whether it does or doesn't is our business. Secondly we're not here to talk about our private life we're here to discuss yours!
        Cassidy: Mine?
        Nash: You see, I found this on Evan's desk. (hands her a book)
        Cassidy: Baby names?
        Lisa: Anything you want to tell us?
        Cassidy: You guys think I'm pregnant?
        Lisa: Are you?
        Nash: Are you?
        Cassidy: You know what I don't believe you guys. You've been divorced for 12 years. (to Lisa) And you go to Paris and you come back and you have sex in the car or wherever. Then you have the nerve to come here and accuse me of being pregnant.
        Nash: Well, are you? (next shot shows Cassidy shutting the door in their faces)

      • (Nash picks a desk in the middle of the SIU)
        Nash: This one. (drops binder on it)
        Joe: What are you doing?
        Nash: I'm picking a desk. Kenny can I have a phone please?
        Joe: You're a captian you got an office up there.
        Nash: I know, it's way the hell back there. (he points behind him somewhere) I don't wanna be back there. It's not for me. I need to be up here with you guys so I can keep an eye on you.
        Joe: We love you, too. (Nash picks up the phone Kenny put on his desk)
        Nash: You gotta plug it in.

      • (About King, Harvey's dog, who's at the new SIU)
        Nash: Don't even think about makin' him the mascot around here. I got you guys.

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