Nash Bridges

Season 2 Episode 2

'Til Death Do Us Part

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 20, 1996 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • This episode was aired out of order. In this episode they move to the Boat office but in the next five episodes they are back in the Dome Building office. This episode should have been aired right before "Night Train" in story order.

  • Quotes

    • Nick: I was married once. I was 28 when she died. She left three children without a mother. I didn't do the greatest job, but they didn't complain. ... How can kids be so strong?
      Nash: Come on, dad, let's go home.

    • (Joe is looking at his tongue in a window)
      Nash: What are you doing?
      Joe: Check my tongue.
      Nash: I am not going to check your tongue.
      Joe: It feels funny.
      Nash: They didn't say anything about your tongue. Your tongue is fine and you're fine.
      Joe: You don't care about me.
      Nash: Of course I care about 'ya. I just think you should listen to the doctors.

    • (After Katz fell off the building trying to talk down Kwan)
      Nash: That was one hell of a dive, Katzoid. I give you a 5.8.
      Joe: I only gave you a 5 for it. You didn't hold that pike position long enough.
      Katz: That's very funny. Now, I assume that you interrogated Kwan after I-- After I, uh,-- departed. And-- Excuse me. (walks over behind a car and throws up)
      Nash (to Joe): Charming.

    • Katz (walking into the new SIU, which is a barge): Wow, nice. Hey, Bridges, how would you describe this decor, early Poseidon adventure? What do you keep a little dramamine in your desk drawer there?
      Nash (laughs): He's cute, isn't he? Listen, just before you leave for the comedy tour in the Catskills, how about updating us on the lab video?

    • Katz: As of this moment, the F.B.I and your Special Investigations Unit are joined at the hip.
      Nash (laughs): All this good news and it's not even lunch yet.

    • Joe: Do we have to do this?
      Nash: You can't investigate a crime without looking for clues.
      Joe: Well, can't we have somebody else go in and get the clues and bring them out and we look at them?
      Nash: What the hell's the matter with you? This is totally safe.
      Joe: Is it unusual to be afraid of a room full of a deadly virus?

    • Joe: Everyone acts like they have never seen a mexican in a space suit.

    • (After he spent the night with a witness)
      Nash: What about the patrol units at Dana's house?
      Harvey: No man, they just called. Everything's been quiet since your--- (Bryn motions for him to shut up) Um, you know, uh, your departure. (Bryn points to Evan like he told Harvey)
      Nash (laughs): Oh, oh, oh, my departure. I will remember that. (walks away)
      Evan (walking after him): I didn't say a thing, Nash. (Bryn follows, so does Harvey)
      Harvey: Nash, anything I heard is just petty jealous gossip...

    • Joe: Out of curiosity, Doctor, what are the symptoms of this infection?
      Doctor: After seventy-two hours, you get rapidly rising fever, accumulation of fluid in the lungs, disintegration of the neural system, renal and colon failure, liquidization of the internal intestinal membranes, and death within thirty-six hours.
      Joe: Oh, good, you had me worried there for a moment.
      Nash: Yeah, me too. He's already got all that other stuff.

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