Nash Bridges

Season 3 Episode 22


Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 15, 1998 on CBS



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    • Joe: Hey, this might've worked out well for everybody. We made a lot of money on this case. Come on, I'll buy you a bottle of wine.
      Nash: What do you mean 'we' pale face?
      Joe: What do you want? Red or white?
      Nash: What do you want? Black or blue?
      Joe: I got it, champagne.

    • Joe: Okay, if you really that upset how come I'm still alive?
      Nash: Ah, 'cause you might have just done me a favor.
      Joe: Yeah, she wants to have babies.
      Nash: Yeah, I-- How do you know that?
      Joe: Bubba, that's why you broke up in the first place.
      Nash: Oh, yeah. I just remembered that.

    • Stacy: Okay, it's from a woman who claims to have been engaged to our father.
      Nash: That's impossible. She's got the wrong Nick Bridges.
      Stacy: Check the dates. She claims to have met Nick in Pearl Harbor in 1943.
      Nash: Well, that's when he was stationed there.
      Stacy: I know that. She knows that. She also knows several intimate things about our father.
      Nash: What does she want?
      Stacy: It doesn't say. But do you want me to tell you what I think?
      Nash: Ha. That's a rhetorical question, counselor.
      Stacy: Yes, it is. I'll tell you what she wants. She wants to tell dad that he has more children than he or we thought. Why else would she be contacting him after all these years?
      Nash: Ah, wait a minute, wait a minute. Let's not lose our heads here. There's gotta be a better explanation other than that. Why'd she write to you?
      Stacy: I was the fifth Bridges in San Francisco she tried. Nick's not in the phone book.
      Nash: Well, call her back and tell her she's got the right Nick Bridges.
      Stacy: Call her? Nash, this woman could be a lunatic for all we know.
      Nash: Yeah, or she could be the chair person for the Pearl Harbor reunion committee. Either way, it's Nick's business and not ours.
      Stacy: You're a policeman. At the very least, check her out first.
      Nash: Let me read the letter first.
      Stacy: Fine, read it. But you better not give that letter to Nick until you've investigated her throughly.
      Nash: Okay, I'll do it.

    • Evan: What are you doing here?
      Cassidy: My dad saw the flowers.
      Evan: Did you tell him?
      Cassidy: Not yet.
      Evan: When?
      Cassidy: Next time I see him. Look, I know how you've been with other women and--
      Evan: No, no, no, no. Look, that was totally different, okay?
      Cassidy: Yeah, but how do I know that?
      Evan: Well, there's nothing I can say to convince you, right? All I can do is prove it.
      Cassidy: I mean, once I tell him, we can't turn back.
      Evan: I don't wanna turn back.

    • Nash: How was I supposed to know it was her? When I knew her she was Beth Wilson.
      Joe: I can't believe you're going out to dinner with her.
      Nash: She asked me. What could I say?
      Joe: Oh, gee. Let me think. How about uh, 'no, thank you.'
      Nash: Relax. It's one dinner.
      Joe: Ah, dinner was exactly how it started between you two last time.
      Nash: Alright, alright. Look, I'll admit that I was a little delighted to see her and I should've said something about Leon but I didn't, so there. I'm gonna have one dinner with her and it's not gonna mess up our investigation.
      Joe: Oh, with this girl it will. Hey, I remember this relationship. Uh, Ghirardelli's Square, Valentine's day, uh the petty cab ride to no where. You want me to go into graphic detail?
      Nash: We were young then.
      Joe: It was two years ago.
      Nash: One dinner, alright. Just relax.
      Joe: One dinner which will lead to one romantic relationship which ends Joe's off duty career.
      Nash: Thank you, Nostradamus. One dinner.

    • Nash: Well, let's see, five hours and 20 minutes. That's gotta be some sort of a record.
      Joe: Yeah, yeah. Just ring the bell Sherlock.

    • Boz (about the girl Nash & Joe are looking for): Why she kill somebody?
      Nash: No, no, man. It's an off-duty thing.
      Boz: Well, then you got to hook me up with a dead president, baby.
      Nash: Alright, Joe. Pay him.
      Joe: Me?
      Nash: Yeah. You know how the expense reports work. Come on.
      Boz: Oh, no, no, no, no. Don't even show me any members of the Jackson family unless it be Janet.
      Nash (laughs): Give him a 50.
      Boz: Yeah, Ulysses S. Grant he helped free my people. But was it too little too late? You know what I'm sayin'?
      Nash: Alright, give him a Ben. And knock it off with the history lesson, alright?

    • Evan: You know, this is way beyond risky.
      Cassidy: You haven't called in two days. I left messages. Is there something wrong?
      Evan: No, no, no. I-- Look, I've just been buried with work.
      Cassidy: Listen, stop making excuses. Because if this is just about sex then you know, I really--
      Evan: No, no, no, no. This-- This is absolutely not about sex.
      Cassidy: Are you sure about that?
      Evan: Yes. I mean, you know that I think you're incredible.
      Cassidy: Well, you have a weird way of showing it. Look, I can't be casual about this so if that's what you have in mind then you need to be honest, like, now.
      Evan (brushes hair away from her face): I love you.
      Cassidy: I love you, too. (they kiss)
      Evan: Look, I gotta go. They're gonna be looking for me. This is deadly.
      Cassidy: We have to tell him. (Evan nods)

    • Lucus: This is being run like any other SEAL operation. Departmentalize, command and control. Every aspect is on a need to know basis.
      Nash: Mmhmm. That way if anybody in the unit gets caught mission integrity isn't comprimised. Right?
      Lucus: That's right. Exactly. Were you a SEAL?
      Nash (laughs): Oh, I've rolled up on the beach and barked a few times.

    • Nash: Let me get a handle this. You were willing to die for your cause, and now you're willing to deal?
      Lucus: I'm flexible. It's one of my gifts.
      Nash (laughs): Okay, I like that. That's good.

    • Lucus (after he tried to blow himself up, but the grenade was defective): Can I grab my jacket?
      Harvey: Oh, yeah. And grab your lithium while you're at it.

    • Joe: I can't believe how lucky you are.
      Nash: Uh, it isn't luck if you can do it consistently.

    • (After Nash shoots the guy out of the helicopter)
      Joe: Ever think about taking up duck hunting?
      Nash: Son of a bitch shot my car. Evan, fish that bastard out of the bay.

    • Joe: Tell me once again why you don't like to do off duty cases. I mean, you solved this one in less time that it takes me to fill out my petty cash report.
      Nash: I didn't say I wasn't good at 'em. I just said that I don't like 'em.

    • Nash: Alright. So just out of curiosity, what's so impossible about this off-duty case?
      Joe: Nothing. Let it go.
      Nash: Come on.
      Joe: Okay. Leon Washington, he contacted the agency. He wants to track down a girl, okay? It's bogus.
      Nash: Wait a minute. You turned down an assignment from Leon Washington without consulting me? I thought we were partners.
      Joe: Oh, did I mention the other part of this case? It cannot be solved.
      Nash: He wants to track down a girl. How hard can it be?
      Joe: Oh, you wanna know? Okay. It's the last play, of the last game, last season, okay? Leon breaks off tackles, runs 65 yards, scores the winning touchdown, crosses the goal line, looks up into the stands and locks eyes with the most beautiful girl in the world.
      Nash: And he wants to find her.
      Joe: The stadium holds 65,000 people. This is one random girl.
      Nash: Alright, fine. I'm in.
      Joe: What?
      Nash: I'm in. I'll do it.
      Joe: Why would you wanna do this?
      Nash: Man, this kid is Leon Washington. He's cool. He's probably gonna be in the Hall of Fame. I think it'd be a hoot to meet 'em.
      Joe: Now you're just messing with me.
      Nash: I want you to go over there and confirm this thing before they give it to somebody else.
      Joe: You're serious.
      Nash: As scurvey.

    • Nash: Joseph. You aren't going out of town this weekend.
      Joe: Yeah, I know. I lied.
      Nash: Yes, you did lie, Joe. To whom?
      Joe: No one. Can't I have some privacy around here? Jeez. (Nash glares at him) Alright, it was the detective agency. They want me to do a job.
      Nash: And you turned them down?
      Joe: Yes, I did.
      Nash: Wait a minute. This isn't some new hustle in order to get my involved in this off duty case is it?
      Joe: Oh, no. Nothing like that. It's an impossible case. I can't possibly solve it no matter how much money they throw at me.
      Nash: Wow. Did you hear that?
      Joe: What?
      Nash: I believe that was the sound of hell freezing over.

    • Nash: Harv, you got the current routes on those armour transport companies?
      Harvey: Why, Nash, you've read my floppy disk.

    • Nash: Well, a 13 ton truck doesn't just vanish.
      Joe: Well, if it was a U.F.O at least we know that they're here for our money and not our women.

    • (Evan has sent Cassidy dozens of roses. Nash and Joe come over and see them all)
      Nash: Oh, what the hell we got goin' on here? A flower shop?
      Joe: I'll take a dozen for Inger. You guys take credit cards?
      Cassidy: They're from a friend.
      Nash: Anyone I know?
      Lynette: Don't put her on the spot.
      Nash: Mind your own business.
      Cassidy: Well, I just met him. He's um....exuberant.
      Nash: Hmm, exuberant. Ha, that's not the word I'd use.
      Lynette: So, what's up with your love life, Nash?
      Joe: Timely question. Why don't you tell them?
      Nash: Taking the 5th on that. Sorry I brought it up. See ya later. Gotta go back to work.

    • (Nash walks into the resturant kitchen and finds Joe. Nash is obviously mad)
      Nash (as he's walking towards Joe): One dinner. One night out with her that's all I ask.
      Joe: I was just looking out for you.
      Nash: No you were looking out for you. (Nash walks away and looks back and groans at Joe)

    • (Nash answers the resturant's phone after Joe has called many times)
      Nash: Nash.
      Joe (disguising voice): Uh, call you back. (Nash laughs and hangs up phone and starts looking around for Joe. Then cut to Joe and Joe's phone rings)
      Nash: Uh, Mr. Mayor. (cuts to Nash looking for Joe) Where the hell are you? (cuts back to Joe)
      Joe: I can't tell you right now, can't see a street sign. (cuts to Nash)
      Nash: You are so dead, bubba. (Joe cringes and hangs up the phone and then cut to Nash still looking around) He's dead. (calls him)
      Joe (hiding in the kitchen): So, see you in the morning, okay? (cuts to Nash)
      Nash: Don't you hang up. (cuts to Joe)
      Joe: I can't hear you I got a bad... (waiter yells out order in the background then cut to Nash)
      Nash (hearing the waiter in the background hangs up and smiles): Ah-ha. Gotcha.

    • (Nash is having dinner with Elizabeth, a girl they were trying to find for an off duty case and Joe thinks it's a bad idea. Joe calls the resturant from his cell and his in the resturant)
      Waiter (answering the phone): Shanghi 930.
      Joe: Yes, I'd like it speak to one of your customers. Mr. Nash Bridges, it's very important.
      Waiter: Hold. (Waiter goes to Nash's table and Nash doesn't want to be disturbed)
      Waiter (back on the phone with Joe): I'm sorry sir. (cuts to Joe listening on the phone) Mr. Bridges does not wish to be distrubed, can I take a message?
      Joe: Tell him it's urgent.
      Waiter: And who would this be?
      Joe: Tell him the mayor wishes to speak to him.

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