Nash Bridges

Season 4 Episode 21


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 23, 1999 on CBS
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An ex-cop who was put in jail by Caitlin is out, and seeking revenge, so Nash and Joe help her catch him one more time. Joe and Inger continue trying to conceive, but Joe feels like everything is forced. Harvey and Evan go undercover to catch people robbing rich tourists in a ritzy hotel. While on the case, Harvey meets a woman.


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    Julie Araskog

    Julie Araskog

    Haley Grissom

    Guest Star

    Laura Cayouette

    Laura Cayouette

    Stephanie Green

    Guest Star

    Rocco Vienhage

    Rocco Vienhage


    Guest Star

    Caroline Lagerfelt

    Caroline Lagerfelt

    Inger Dominguez

    Recurring Role

    Ronald Russell

    Ronald Russell

    Officer Ronnie

    Recurring Role

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      • Nash: Well, the paperwork's done. How 'ya doin'?
        Caitlin: I'm okay. I've been thinking about all that stuff that blew up in that moving van. I mean, (groans) it's like all my childhood stuff, you know? My grandmother's rocking chair. It's just stuff though, right?
        Nash: Well, that's what the Buddhists say.
        Caitlin: Hey, at least I got my place back. (laughs) I may not have anything in it but a couple closets full of clothes, but I got it back.
        Nash (laughs): Well, in this city, I think it's better to have a place to put stuff in than actually having stuff.
        Caitlin: You know, I'm just about finished on my report about you and the SIU.
        Nash: Is that good news or bad?
        Caitlin: I don't know. I do know that you really helped me. You really did, Nash. You helped me with the whole Grissom thing, you know, you were really there for me.
        Nash: Why wouldn't I be?
        Caitlin: Come here. (kisses him)
        Nash: Mm. You sure that's a good idea?
        Caitlin: No, but I really wanted to. (they kiss again)

      • Joe: You know, I gotta tell 'ya, I don't like what this whole fertility thing is doing to us. You know what I mean?
        Inger: I know. It's all become sort of forced, huh?
        Joe: Well, yeah.
        Inger: I'm sorry, Joe.
        Joe: You know, I'd love another child but I'm happy with the way things are now, y'know?
        Inger: Me, too. So let's not force it.
        Joe: Okay. Music to my ears. Where's Lucia?
        Inger: She's on a playdate.
        Joe: Oh, yeah?
        Inger: Mm. Joe? I'm not ovulating anymore.
        Joe: You don't have to ask me twice. Have you seen the bedroom in this place? It's really spacious. (leads her into the bedroom)

      • Lou: How'd you know that I'd find this place?
        Nash: I had faith in 'ya, Lou. You can be pretty clever sometimes.

      • Nash: This guy had a lot of time in that jail cell to think this up, didn't he?
        Caitlin: Yeah. So why didn't he just come straight at us?
        Nash: Oh, he will eventually. He just wants to torture you a little longer.

      • Caitlin: This is so insane. I mean, how does this man think he can win at this?
        Nash: His definition of winning is quite different than yours. He wants to take you down and he doesn't care if he goes down with 'ya.

      • Caitlin: He wants me dead, right? I mean, that's where this whole thing is headed?
        Nash: He's gotta kill me first, he's good but he's not that good.

      • (After Joe and Inger have sex in his car and Nash catches them)
        Joe: Bubba, the thrill is gone.
        Nash (laughs): I'd use a bigger car next time if I were you.

      • Joe: Oh, hey. What are you doing up?
        Caitlin: Hey. I-I couldn't sleep.
        Joe: Yeah, me either. So, what's on your mind?
        Caitlin: You know, I've never actually shot anybody before.
        Joe: Oh, yeah? What about that time that you shot Nash in the ass?
        Caitlin: No, I mean on purpose, with the intent to kill. I mean, how do you ever get that out of your mind?
        Joe: I don't know. All the guys I've ever shot were shooting back at me so I don't feel real bad about putting 'em down, you know?
        Caitlin: Well, I guess I was just uh, I was scared.
        Joe: Yeah, well, you know, fear is a good thing. It gives you an edge. The day I stop being scared is the day I stop being a cop.
        Caitlin: So what are you doing up?
        Joe: Can you keep a secret?
        Caitlin: No, not too well.
        Joe: Oh, well, in that case... Uh, Inger snores. (Caitlin smirks)

      • Nash (after Joe put beads over the passenger seat of the 'cuda): Uh, bubba?
        Joe: Oh, don't ask.
        Nash: I'm afraid that I already did.
        Joe: It's supposed to keep my sperm count high, you know?
        Nash: Oh, god. I wish I hadn't asked.
        Joe: The invasion of Normandy wasn't this well planned.
        Nash: Inger's really working the calender, huh?
        Joe: Ha. Working it? She's got everything wired to her basil temperature. I'm gonna beep when she's ready. (Nash laughs) Why can't it be like the old days? You go six, seven times a night, y'know?
        Nash: Get the-- When did you go six-- Never mind.
        Joe: Hey, I might not be as good as I once was but I'm better once than I ever was.
        Nash: Say that again.
        Joe: Ehhh. (Nash laughs)

      • Joe: How do you wanna play this?
        Nash: Hard and fast.
        Joe: Oh, bad cop/bad cop, huh?
        Nash: How about bad cop/worse cop?

      • Nash: Hello, this is an SIU gig, not MCD.
        Caitlin: No, it is about me, alright? The thing is about me. I'm not gonna sit around and wait for the other shoe to drop.
        Nash: And neither are we. And I'm gonna be there just to make sure that when the other shoe does drop, that it doesn't drop on your pretty little head.
        Caitlin: Fine. You can come with me.

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