Nash Bridges

Season 4 Episode 8


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 13, 1998 on CBS
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Nash becomes the objective of mercenaries controlled by a Singapore billionaire and his American counterpart, locked in battle to capture each other's most prized possessions. Bettina wants Joe and Evan to investigate his fiancee's alleged affair.

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      • Nash: What are you doing?
        Joe: Easy money, bubba.
        Nash: Man, have you lost your mind? Don't even utter those words.
        Joe: What? Bettina's money is not good enough for 'ya?
        Nash: I already turned him down. Have you forgotten our cardinal rule? No domestic disputes.
        Joe: This is not a domestic dispute.
        Nash: Okay. Well, in a word what would you call it?
        Joe: Hmm. In a word? Infidelity.
        Nash: Two words. No way.
        Joe: Look, Bettina and his fiancee aren't married, he's not even living with her. So where's the domestic?
        Nash: Don't be throwin' semantics at me, Joseph.
        Joe: Look, he hasn't even confronted her with this. So where's the dispute part?
        Nash: Joe, I do not like doing these kinds of cases. They always spell disaster. Especially when it starts with a 'B' as in 'Bettina.'
        Joe: Well, I already accepted the case. (Nash gives him a look) Hey, I am half of Bridges and Dominguez, you know.
        Nash: Good. You took it, you work it.
        Joe: Mm. Well, you're responsible for the other half, Bridges.

      • Joe: Nashman, you're gonna love this one. You know Bettina's fiancee? Turns out she's a cop groupie. Been through homicide, vice and even has went through some of ours.
        Nash: I hate to tell you this, partner. But that case is closed.
        Joe: C-Closed? What do you mean, closed? I didn't close it.
        Nash: Turns out the guy you were looking for was the guy you were working with.
        Joe: Evan? (Nash nods) How do you know it was Evan?
        Nash: These things have a way of finding me. Like it or not.
        Joe: And what did Bettina say about this?
        Nash (sees Rick walking toward them): Well, how about you ask him yourself?
        Rick: Hey, Nash. So, Dominguez I was thinking that since Nash here essentially solved my case even though he wasn't working on it, I'm going to essentially not pay you your full fee. What do you think about that?
        Joe: Well, uh, the next time you two guys want to stab me in the back, call out my name and you can get me in the heart. (huffs and walks off)
        Rick: What's his problem? What did he just find out that Cinco de Mayo falls on a weekday this year?
        Nash: That's what we call a domestic dispute.

      • Nash: Oh, hi. Come on in.
        Caitlin: Wow. Great view, Nash. But do you have any idea how small an earthquake it would take to bury you in bricks?
        Nash: Ha. Well, yes, I do. Do you?
        Caitlin: Well, yes, as a matter of fact, I do. A 4.6.
        Nash (laughs): I got a waiver from the city.
        Caitlin: Oh-ho. You know, the breath of your scheming, it's just amazing. (Nash laughs)

      • Evan: Here's the guy Bettina's lookin' for. (hands Nash a sketch of himself, Nash laughs)
        Nash (laughing): I'm sorry. I find this highly amusing.
        Evan: Okay, look, I met her at a cop bar and she swore to me that she was single. And then I heard later that she's a cop groupie.
        Nash: A cop groupie?
        Evan: You know, the kind of girl that's into cops.
        Nash: I know what the term is. I think we invented it.
        Evan: But anyway, she says that I'm exciting.
        Nash: Why are you telling me this?
        Evan: Well, see, Bettina's really out to nail the guy, I mean, me. And I just thought since you're the one who asked me to--
        Nash: I asked you to work the case because this is exactly the situation that I was trying to avoid. So I take it that you and Cassidy are-- (makes a motion with his hand) Over and out?
        Nash: Yes.

      • Nash: So why come after me?
        Cyanide Guy: Simple. You captured Wilde's flag. Game over. The new objective was to take you out.
        Joe (laughs): Congratulations, Nashman. You're officially a form of recreation. Uh, that does just apply to him, right?
        Cyanide Guy: Yeah.
        Nash: Before you get too excited there, uh, you should keep in mind that the person who usually gets hit is the guy that's standing close to the target. Uh, that would be you.
        Joe: I want that referee and everything else you got, got it? Or I'm going to drown you in that cup of coffee, understand?
        Cyanide Guy: Yeah.

      • (After they dropped cyanide guy in the bay, he's drinking coffee)
        Nash: I'm thinkin' that might work better if you dump it over your head.

      • (After she dropped cyanide guy back in the bay)
        Caitlin: I shouldn't have done it.
        Nash: Are you kiddin' me? He had it comin', or worse.
        Caitlin: You want to know what the biggest challenge of police work is, Captain?
        Nash: There's just one?
        Caitlin: Having the strength of character to maintain your moral authority and not giving into temptation of behaving as badly as the scum you arrest. And I failed.
        Nash: You're human, you're allowed.
        Caitlin: No, I'm not. Neither are you.

      • (Nash drops Cyanide guy into the water):
        Nash: You know, bubba. There's a reason that they put Alcatraz out there in the middle of the bay. Yeah, no one could ever survive long enough to get back to shore.
        Joe: Too cold?
        Nash: Way too cold. Well, plus the sharks. You know, I got this friend in Chinatown. He tells me that that Chinese herb Donqui can slow the heart and respiratory rates down so much that it's barely perceptible. A doctor would even mistake you for dead.
        Joe: What's it do for hypothermia?
        Nash: Nothin'. (to Cyanide guy) You know, I think I see your lips turning blue.
        Cyanide Guy: I'm still in America, right? You kill me, you go to prison, therefore you won't kill me.
        Caitlin (walks up behind them): He's right.
        Nash: Well, actually, you're both wrong. Joe? (Joe hands Nash a piece of paper) Now this is what commonly referred to in the business as a death certificate. (to Cyanide guy) Yours. Joe, what does it say on there, for cause of death?
        Joe: It says 'Cyanide poisoning.'
        Nash: Ah-ha. Cyanide poisoning. So as far as the world is concerned, (points to cyanide guy) you're already dead. (to Caitlin) And as far as I know, there's no law against killing a dead person. (to cyanide guy) Get the picture?
        Joe: It's not a pretty one.
        Caitlin: Alright, come on, Nash. This is enough. It's sadistic.
        Nash: Are you crazy? Innocent people got shot up because of this nimrod. Then he fakes his own death so he doesn't have to face the consequences, breaks into my apartment and tries to kill me, and I am sadistic? Now that's rich.
        Cyanide Guy: Okay, okay.
        Nash (lifts the cable and him out of the water): Okay, okay what?
        Cyanide Guy: It's a game.
        Caitlin: What's a game?
        Cyanide Guy: It's a war game. Tan and Wilde both have teams of mercenaries, both teams possess a briefcase and our objective is to capture the other team's case, by any means necessary.
        Caitlin: W-Wait a second. You shot up Yerba Buena Gardens for a game? You shot innocent people for a game?
        Cyanide Guy: They got in the way. Collateral damage. (Caitlin hits the button sending Cyanide guy back into the water then walks off)
        Nash: Damn. She may be human after all. You better get out of there, you may die twice. (hits the button raises Cyanide guy back up)

      • Joe: She dumped you?
        Rick: Yeah, she dumped me. And then she told me I was a psycho for having her investigated. How did she find out, Dominguez?
        Joe: Look, Rick, why don't I go talk to her? Maybe I can straight this whole thing out, okay?
        Rick: It's too late. It's too late. She's apparently in love with this other guy, this 'E' somebody.
        Joe: E?
        Rick: Yes, 'E'. E. E. E. I saw it in her date book. She's in love with some guy who's name starts with a letter 'E.' I've never trusted that letter. What is that? Ernie? Earl? Edgar? Edward? Ugh! Cortez! Listen to me, get me one of those books, and write down all the names that start with the letter 'E.' Come on, go.
        Joe: Rick, look on the bright side. Maybe you got out just in time before this 'E' guy made a fool of you.
        Rick: Oh, no. This is not over Dominguez, do you understand? It is not over. Now that I know I want to know who this guy is. Cortez, come here. I want this guy for lunch. Cortez, come on, come on. Listen, you go down to that bartender and you get a name, and if they don't have a name you get me a description. Take the police, get charters, whatever it takes, get it. Come on, go, go, go. This guy's ass is mine. Move it.
        Joe: Calm down, Rick.

      • Nash: Well, well, well, well, Inspector Cross. Why am I not surprised to see you?
        Caitlin: I don't know, maybe your ears were burning. Your name certainly has been on my lips all afternoon.
        Nash: Well, there's a concept. I'm flattered.
        Caitlin: Don't be. Mayor Brown got a call from Kevin Wilde this afternoon after your little house call. (Nash laughs) It appears that you have alienated one of our cities most prominate citizens and largest employers.
        Nash: Uh huh. Well, I'm just one little guy but I do what I can.
        Caitlin: The Mayor's asked me to monitor the case, Nash.
        Nash: Oh, meaning you want me to drop it?
        Caitlin: Ah, now you're getting the politics.
        Nash: Now you get this. No way, Jose.
        Caitlin: Ah, I figured you'd say that. Alright, I gave you the mayor's message. You do what you have to do.

      • Nash: Well, well, well, well, Inspector Cross. Why am I not surprised to see you?
        Caitlin: I don't know, maybe your ears were burning. Your name certainly has been on my lips all afternoon.
        Nash: Well, there's a concept. I'm flattered.
        Caitlin: Don't be.

      • Nash (seeing Caitlin): Oh, man. I thought she'd be tired of me by now.
        Joe: Is that possible?
        Nash: Watch it.

      • Evan: Harvey, Harvey. I tried to break up with her and she said 'no.'
        Harvey: You can't refuse to break up with someone, after they break up with you.
        Evan: Have you ever seen Fatal Attraction?
        Harvey: Point made.

      • Harvey: Evan, you talk to Darcy, you tell her you want out. That's the only way.
        Evan: That's right, that's right. That's a good point. Why didn't I think of that?
        Harvey: Because you should have a sign on your shirt with an arrow pointing down to your belt that says 'I'm with stupid.'

      • (After Joe hangs up the phone with Rick)
        Joe: Unbelievable.
        Nash: Don't look over here, pal. I'm not working this case.
        Joe: Yeah, I know.
        Nash: And from what I've seen, you're not working it either.
        Joe: Ah, Evan's doing all the leg work.
        Nash: You ever hear of the concept 'If you want anything done right, do it yourself.'
        Joe: Did you ever hear of the concept of delegating?
        Nash: Oh, yeah, I've heard of that. It doesn't work.

      • Evan: Harv, do you think I would've slept with her had I know that she was Bettina's fiancee?
        Harvey: You are in such deep, cock-cocka here, it's funny.
        Evan: What's gonna happen when Bettina finds out? I mean, what am I gonna do?
        Harvey: Here's a tip. Take your foot off the accelerator for a minute. You just broke up with Cassidy, man.
        Evan: Harv, I know that. I wasn't out looking for a relationship or trying to get involved. I mean, it was a rebound thing.
        Harvey: Well, now you're hired to find yourself, it's cool. It's like a buddah curse. (laughs)

      • Nash: Evan, how would you like to work an off-duty case?
        Evan: Oh, I'd love to, man. I could really use the money.
        Nash: Excellent.
        Joe: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. What are you doin'?
        Nash: I'm subcontracting out my half of the work. Meet my proxy.
        Joe: Are you forgetting the last time I worked with this guy I wound up kidnapped and in the trunk of a car?
        Evan: Come on, Joe. You're not still mad about that, are 'ya? (Joe nods)
        Nash: As Captain of this vessel, I pronounce you partners.

      • Nash: Rick, the answer is no.
        Rick: Why?
        Nash: Because I have a hard and fast rule. No domestic disputes.
        Rick: Oh, great. You have your own private detective agency and you don't do domestics. That's crazy. Look, I'll pay 'ya double, plus expenses.
        Nash: It's not about the money, Rick.
        Rick: Alright, listen the other night she calls and says she's going to her mother's, right? And then her mother calls lookin' for her. What would you think?
        Nash: Uh, she had car trouble. Uh, she ran into a friend. Uh, she changed her mind. I can think of a lot of reasons before jumping to she's having an affair.
        Rick: Okay, Mr. Benefit of the Doubt, we're down to only 12 times a week.
        Nash: What?
        Rick: Yeah, you do the math. That's less than twice a day.
        Nash: Oh, no, no, no. I'm no good with long division.

      • Caitlin: As much as it pains me to think our agendas might actually line up, it was pretty nice being on the same side.
        Nash: Well, don't get too used to it. Don't make it a habit. You might learn to like it.
        Caitlin: There you go again.
        Nash: What?
        Caitlin: Every time I make an attempt to have a cordial relationship with you, you just undercut me.
        Nash: Whoa, wait a minute. Who's undercutting who, sister?
        Caitlin: That is what I'm talking about. That right there, Nash.
        Nash: No, no, no I'm trying to be nice here but you're misinterpreting everything that I say. (Caitlin scoffs) You know what, I'm having a very, very bad ex-wife flashback. Uh-huh.
        Caitlin: Okay, look I was trying to be nice so let's just...
        Nash: Yes?
        Caitlin: You know what? Forget it!
        Nash: Yes?
        Caitlin: No, forget it! Goodbye!
        Nash: Okay, fine, goodbye! (she starts walking away as Joe's walking up the stairs) Don't let the door hit ya...
        Caitlin: Oh! (she walks away and is gone)
        Nash: ...Where the dog shoulda bit ya.
        Joe: I can see the bonding experience has warmed things up between the two of you. (Nash gives him a look)

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