Nash Bridges

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 01, 1996 on CBS



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    • Nash: What the hell's going on, A.J? You going back to the Rotunda?
      A.J: Nope, Hawaii. I didn't get it.
      Nash: Damn, A.J. I don't know what to say.
      A.J: Well, the next test for captain isn't for another five years. I promised myself if I didn't get it by now, I'd go home. (holds up a medal) Hunter's Point, '82. Whoo. I've never been so scared and excited at the same time.
      Nash: You said that on your wedding day, too.
      A.J: Meant 'em both times, huh. Been a hell of a ride, hasn't it?
      Nash: It sure has. You sure about this, A.J?
      A.J: Yeah. (they hug)

    • Nash: But if you ever let my daughter have a party and get like that again, I will kick you right back out.
      Nick: How'd you know about the party?
      Nash: Well, you just confessed to it. (laughs)

    • Nash: Nick, I've been thinkin'. I want you to live here with me.
      Nick: You do? But you always work, I thought it wasn't practical.
      Nash: Ah, hell, it isn't practical. But I don't want you livin' in no damn nursing home no more. You oughta be livin' right here with me. It's the right thing to do. And if I'm not here, and Cassidy's not here, we'll get you a companion to be with 'ya.
      Nick: Thanks, son.

    • Dale: Thanks for dropping me off, Nash. Next time try solving a case on your own.
      Nash: You sure you don't want to go get some breakfast?
      Dale: Why would I spend $4.50 on eggs and toast, when I can make it right here and save myself the 4 bucks?
      Nash: Because the eggs won't be runny and the toast won't be burnt.
      Dale: I hope to hell you're not feeling sorry for me.
      Nash: Are you crazy? A rattlesnake, maybe, you no way.
      Dale: Good 'cause this is my life this is what I created and I like it. So bug off and leave me alone. Unless you want my help again.
      Nash: Who would ask you for your help? You nasty old bugger.

    • Nash: What's goin' on with you? Why are you so mad?
      Dale: Because I let him get away.
      Nash: Forget about that crap. You remember the first week on the job when I was chasing that guy and I ran through the plate glass window?
      Dale: I thought you said you were pushed. So when were you gonna tell me the truth about this?
      Nash: I was waiting for a special occasion.

    • Dale: You know, Nash, I've been following your career and I must say, I'm real proud.
      Nash: Thanks, Dale.
      Dale: No, I mean, proud of me. I taught you well.

    • Joe: Hey, listen, can we drive over and drop that off? I think I'm getting some shin splints.
      A.J: Ah, we wouldn't want to blow your cover, Joe.
      Joe: How would you feel about me blowing my aorta? Would that make you happy?

    • Joe: Hey, listen, can we drive over and drop that off? I think I'm getting some shin splints.
      A.J: Ah, we wouldn't want to blow your cover, Joe.
      Joe: How would you feel about me blowing my aorta? Would that make you happy?

    • Dale: Damn, I must be rustier than I thought.
      Nash: What? What was that? What's that I'm hearing, is that humility?
      Dale: Yeah, well, suck it in, kid 'cause it's the first and last time you'll hear it from me.

    • Evan: So this is what a pension buys you when you retire?
      Nash: No, his ex wife got that. This is what was left over.

    • (Joe is dressed as a bike messenger for his undercover gig)
      Joe: I can see you guys laughing back there.
      Nash: How are the Olympic trials?
      Joe: Hey, don't you start, too, man. I'm getting harassed from everybody.
      Nash: Speaking of rashes, it sounds like you're getting a little chafe there in your thighs.
      Joe: As a matter of fact, I am. Hey, do you have any thigh cream, dear?
      Nash: Nope, fresh out. When are you gonna blow off this bike patrol deal and get on this case with us?
      Joe: Hey, as soon as I take these drug dealers down, I'm there.
      Harvey: Any one care to see a grown man get humiliated in a bike race?
      Bryn: By a ten year old, Joe.

    • (Joe is undercover as a bike messenger)
      Joe: Hey, fellow crime fighters.
      Bryn: Hey, Joe. Fascinating article about bike seats causing low sperm count.
      Joe: Oh, yeah? It's not the bikes seats, it's the bike shorts.

    • Nash: A.J. Just the man I want to see. You think when you get that big promotion you can get us some outside phone lines to the mainland?
      A.J: After the promotion, yeah.
      Evan: What if you don't get that promotion?
      A.J: I am the most qualified candidate, got the most senority, got the best hair. What else do I need?
      Evan (laughs): Captain Shimamura, I like it.
      Nash: So when you make captain A.J, are you gonna do some shipboard weddings here?
      A.J: Anything for you, Nash.

    • (Nash and Evan go to Nash's retired mentor to help him on an unsolved case they worked on together)
      Nash: Evan, I don't want you coming back in 20 years and pulling this crap on me!

    • Evan: I kinda miss the Rotunda. Is there any chance of us getting back in there?
      Nash: Not a chance. The final earthquake report said it was basically a miracle we survived as long as we did.

  • Notes

    • Annette O'Toole (Lisa) does not appear in this episode.

    • This is Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa's last appearance on the show. He is credited as a guest star in this episode. His character, A.J. Shimamura, returns to Hawaii after being turned down for a promotion to captain.

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