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Connie Britton stars as aging country star Rayna James as she embarks on a tour with up coming starlet Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere). Things heat up as Juliette tries to take Rayna's place at the top of the country music charts.

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    • Listen Up Writers

      I loved this show and now it is falling into the same formula of every other drama. Can't there be some characters that always stay good and are not hopping from one bed or one problem to another?

      Please keep Will and Avery good.

      Rayna should have married Luke Wheeler. Deacon is a neurotic and unpredictable guy. Rayna is a fool to go back to Deacon. Why do we need Gabriella?

      Why did you kill off Jeff Fordham? I thought the relationship with Layla was one of the most promising developments in the show.

      Juliette needs to be a costar again. We haven't seen her much.

      What is it with Gunnar's and Scarlett's goofy hairdoes? Who thought we needed a new girlfriend for Gunnar?

      Please, TV shows don't have to have drugs, murder and adultery to be successful.

      Can you at least leave Avery and Will as is?moreless
    • Missed Opportunities

      STOP WRITING OFF THE VILLAINS! Rayna's dad, her sister, her ex-husband and his mistress, Juliette's mom, Scarlett's mom. Even I could write so many great plots with those characters. Rayna and Deacon back together? More great story lines lost. Used to love this show, now bored. Only the music gets me to tune in.
    • Why haven't Emmys been awarded!!

      This is a fabulous series with great acting from everyone. And great singing. Hello .....

      I will be anxiously awaiting Season 5. Please tell me they are not going to kill off Deacon. -- The rest of the cliffhangers they can do what they want to do, but it would be unbearable if he is no longer a part of the series..

      All this negative feedback about Avery not letting Juliette pursue her career is so offtrack. Avery is one of the best actors on the show and the unfolding role he plays has been the most amazing one of all to watch. I thought he was such a loser in the beginning because it looked like he thought it was all about him, but now he depicts the most sincere, caring, and unselfish person in the bunch. -- Look how he gave up a very promising career in the Triple Exes just to be with Juliette and his baby (whatever her name is --- which secret I hope they are going to give up in the coming season!)

      Whatever happens with this series you can be sure I will be there watching. Great job everyone. If it were up to me there would be a lot of Emmys being handed out!moreless
    • Flatline City

      It has to be Beverly because Deacon & Rayna are the main characters. This means that the show could not come back next season without Deacon. The only way is if the actor Charles Esten left the show.
    • Is the better part over hope not

      If you get rid of Deacon you might as well cancel Nashville

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