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Connie Britton stars as aging country star Rayna James as she embarks on a tour with up coming starlet Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere). Things heat up as Juliette tries to take Rayna's place at the top of the country music charts.

    Two Nashville Stars Are Leaving the Show

    Get details on their departures.


    Nashville Renewed for Season 5 at CMT and Hulu

    A premiere date will be revealed in the future.

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    • Ready to DUMP this show!!

      I loved this show when it first came on - it was fresh and had a zing that kept me watching. Then the story line started dipping into the same old same old sad stuff that has already been done. This season is actually worst than the last -- dump Layla - stupid character and bad garbage about the Rayna's daughter (BORING!) - she is a spoiled brat....

      I am actually from Nashville and know that there are things that go on behind the country music scene but this show is getting to be a "fast forward" fest for me -- I really only watch about 15 minutes of the actual it maybe another couple of weeks and then it is going in the trash bin.

      Really a shame for such a strong start and now just hum drum and it went from a 7 to a 1.5 very quickly.

      I know this is only my opinion and could rant on all night but I hate it when good shows slide down the hill of poop tv.

    • Ready To Quit This Show

      Is everyone in Nashville this miserable and unhappy? Is that really how you want to portray the country music industry? So sick and tired of all the really is not necessary and is making this show so tiresome and not enjoyable to watch. Please give us something to make us smile and feel good about. I have been a CW fan all of my life but Nashville makes me want to migrate to another genre. Please give us something to feel good about and not quite so predictable. Also, I don't agree with the gay agenda but this story line is beyond ridiculous. Come on writers!!!!moreless
    • Predictable

      so predictable you knew right away Juliet was going to take the place of Riff. Give Layla a break and let her have a career
    • Let It Go

      Please can we have some positive moments once in awhile please. I'm interested in the main cast of characters and secondary ones and agree with the stop killing off so many people and give them some peace. Too, many filler characters that aren't interesting.

      Not that thrilled with Scarlette's new hair cut, cute but I loved her long hair. Will Gunnar ever have any happiness? Can we have more Avery singing? I like Rayna's girls but seems like they're on more than anyone else lately. The thing with Maddie and Colt didn't add much to the storyline and comes off as filler. It seems that there are a lot token characters or storylines playing out for what? First sex, gay man hiding, single daddy, recovering drug & alcoholics, girl shows up gets a job steals, abusive exs blah, blah ,blah this is a music show. Please more music and less cliches. I thought more of Julliette's (Hayden) postpartum depression story might have been handled a little more compassionately so as to actually help someone.moreless
    • YOU GUYS HAVE (been there SCENE that)!!!

      I so love you show not only for the really for the well written scripts that you have

      and the beautiful music that you guys produce but also because I love to take pictures of nashville and surrounding areas for the sights in My Wonderful City

      that I live and work in and around. I AM SO BLESSED that your writers can put so much life, love and passion in the show that it draws the people who watches the ABC network in on an addictive, emotional, roller-coaster. Not going too far off my reason for this post, the scenes you pick to film has been wonderful but you also need to cover the other areas of nashville and some of the smaller cities around like Goodlettsville where I live with quite a few areas that will make a wonderful backdrop for the show like Liz's a wonderful small well know meat and three restaurant right next door to the Goodlettsville city Hall a ton of antique malls and 2 parks in the area all rather close to each other. I hope this may help in some way with at all amd thanks. dgeneralmoreless

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