Season 1 Episode 20

A Picture From Life's Other Side

Aired Unknown May 15, 2013 on CMT - Country Music Television
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    Nashville "A Picture From Life's Other Side" Review: The Leather Jacket of Douchery Strikes Again

    Whereas Nashville's last few episodes kept throwing more balls into the air, "A Picture From Life's Other Side" brought gravity into the picture, bringing them down quite quickly, and quite disastrously, for certain characters.

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    As Teddy and Rayna battle over their girls, Lamar comes to Rayna's rescue. Meanwhile Avery and Will get a promising music opportunity, as Jolene tries to help a fragile Juliette.

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    • How much more can this girl take?

      Very dramatic and emotional. Yet again, Rayna James proves just what a spoilt, entitled diva she is while Juliette has real problems in her life.

      Boo Hoo Rayna - you couldn't introduce your boyfriend to your kids for five minutes and mega rich, corrupt Daddy helps you out again. And she had the nerve to tell Juliette she had to earn things? Rayna's living proof of not having earned things when you have a nice house, kids, a husband that held everything together while she went on tour, all the while knowing that she had the safety net of said businessman husband and a corrupt, rich father that would bend all kinds of laws to do whatever she wanted.

      By comparison, Rayna has had family support all her life and career while Juliette has had to forge her career, and look after herself for a large chunk of her life, without any support at all apart from producers only interested in money.

      Sorry but Rayna's character is really seriously bugging me and one can only hope she gets knocked down a peg or two next season. It's a shame because Connie is a really good actress and singer but the way her character has been written means I have no sympathy, just mild dislike, for Rayna.

      And we really need to see Juliette gets some happiness as well. So far this season, she's been dogged by scandal, used and ripped off by people, continually humiliated by a very childish Rayna and her friends, robbed, blackmailed and now this. I'm surprised she's holding it together at all. It was incredibly sad to see her in the dark watching the news report at the end. The Juliette character is crying out for affection, after having none through her life, and the only people who giver her that affection all have ulterior motives be it getting their hands on her money or furthering their own careers. Let's hope that the next person to show her some affection genuinely means it.

      The other story arcs have progressed well. Could Avery be back on Scarlet's radar? Is Gunnar going to take his act too far and end up like his brother? Is Deacon going to stop coasting through life, make up his mind as to which band he's going to play with and then stick with it instead of dropping out at the first argument? Honestly, it has to be up to three now isn't it? And I can see a big, and possibly, messy custody case in the offing - could this be the thing to make Rayna grow up a little and realise there are repercussions for thinking you live a charmed life and can bury huge secrets from people you have close relationships with?

      As always the songs and music are excellent. Being more of a 70's rock/metal fan - the closest having got to anything remotely country being Lynyrd Skynyrd - I'm finding myself feeling the need to buy the soundtrack albums, as I'm thoroughly enjoying the songs.

      I hope this show goes the distance and doesn't end up being mysteriously cancelled, like so many good shows do, before they have a chance to really get going. This one has got going very quickly and there is always the danger that fresh ideas can run out if it peaks too soon, which will put it on the 'at risk' list.

      This, however, is quite new and has a lot going for it so I'd like to see, hopefully, at least five seasons.

    • Best show in years!

      I'm loving this show!!!!!! The cast is truly amazing!!!!! All of them!
    • A Picture From Life's Other Side

      A Picture From Life's Other Side was perfect and the most dramatic episode of Nashville so far. Gunnar continues portraying a bad boy image landing him in various types of trouble. Scarlet makes her debut which wad beautiful. Will makes his own oppertunity which was cool and I loved his song. Juliette faces many troubles and finds devestation. Rayna and Lamar have their own battles and they played out interestingly. $h*! Has hit the fan in the end and leaves me in suspense to find out what happens next!!!!!!!!!


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