Season 1 Episode 9

Be Careful of Stones That You Throw

Aired Unknown Jan 09, 2013 on CMT - Country Music Television

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  • Juliette and her merriage to Sean

    I agree that this whole marriage to Sean thing wasn't because she TRULY loved him. I think she cares about him, yes. But actually in love with him enough to spend the rest of her life with him and ONLY him? Definitely not. It was evident in the previous episode (or the one before that) when she asked him about how much longer he was gonna put up the charade of waiting until marriage to have sex that she ONLY wanted to have sex. She didn't want the confines of marriage to have to wait for sex, which is her choice to not wait for marriage to have sex just like it's a person right to wait until marriage for sex. But let's not pretend that the reason she married Sean was because she was in love with him and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him and only him, because it wasn't. Though another big reason why she did get married to Sean was because Juliette wanted to stick it to his mom for "telling her what to do" or "what was or wasn't gonna fly in her family" because his mom didn't like Juliette's past (which I don't blame his mom for being weary of Juliette and her past, though that is not the same as his mom flat out telling Juliette that she can't marry her son because he's basically "too good for her" which wasn't right of her to do, just that she has a right to be weary of Juliette and her past).
  • solid episode

    This was another good episode of Nashville, although I have to wonder why the writers decided to have Juliet marry someone she hardly knows and then stand him up. Bit soapy and melodramatic buy hey that's what make a good show
  • be careful of the stones that you throw

    be careful of the stones that you throw was a magnificent episode of Nashville and I really enjoyed watching because there is lots of drama and character development. it was intriguing to learn what Sean and Juliet have done. Rayna makes some decisions in both her life and career that affect her family while Deacon is out on tour and runs into an ex. Avery make some decisions of his own and pushes those who were closest to him away for the sake of his career. meanwhile Scarlett performed with his old band and had a great time. I like how everything played out and look forward to watching what happens next because there is lots of drama suspense and surprise!
  • "The Wrong Song"??? More like "THE WRONG THING"!!!!

    I LOVE Hayden, so when I say this, I am not in any way bashing her or this show. But Juliet, c'mon.... This was obviously impulsive and is going to result in nothing but heartache for both parties. Great episode though. Drama was great!!!