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Wednesday 10:00 PM on ABC

Is Juliette Barnes ready to be a mom?

That's a question ABC's Nashville may pose when it returns for its third season this fall, the show's producers have confirmed to TV.com.

Though they're keeping Season 3 specifics under wraps for now, executive producer Dee Johnson says that the show will find a way to incorporate actress Hayden Panettiere's real-life baby bump.

"We are going to address the idea of pregnancy," Johnson teases. "That's as much as I'll say about that. ... She's faced with new obstacles, let's put it that way."

But if Juliette does turn out to be pregnant, who's the daddy? The possibilities: Avery (Jonathan Jackson), who walked out on Juliette after learning of her ill-advised hook-up with smarmy Jeff Fordham (Oliver Hudson, who's been upped to a series regular this season)... or the smarmy Fordham himself. Let's hope it's the former!

At the end of Season 2, it was clear that Juliette was willing to do whatever it might take to win Avery back—and we're guessing that a baby of ambiguous paternal origin could throw a bit of a wrench into that plan.

"I don't think anything is simple in the world of Juliette," Johnson teased.

That's certainly an understatement!

Where do you think Juliette's storyline is headed in Season 3?