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Another week another episode of Rayna complaining about her new album and another episode of Juliette getting the worst of every world. When will that girl ever get a break?

This week we started off answering the all important cliffhanger from the midseason finale - Who bit the dust? Quick answer - it was Peggy.

The characters and plotlines of Nashville will never be the same again. Haha right. Anyway moving on from that extremely anticlimactic turn of events we moved on to Juliette singing her new single that she co-wrote with Avery. I'm not sure what it was called, but she said Dreams a lot during the chorus so I'm going to go with that. Really all that was important was that we were spending time with my favorite character and let's be honest....

Now acting as a good manager Glenn arranged for Avery to drop by during the shoot. Unfortunately, this was a very awkward situation as we last left Juliette semiproclaiming her love for Avery in front of his half naked girlfriend.

Juliette handled the surprise visit like a champ for a split moment before we went to go check in on Teddy who was.........zzzzzz sorry what was that?

While Rayna consoled the girls Teddy gave a press conference announcing that the police had found Peggy's killer dead in his apartment.

MUCH MORE IMPORTANTLY we then switched back to Juliette and Avery who I will watch do pretty much everything. It doesn't have to even be shipper stuff because they were a blast early in the season when they were just friends. Either way at this moment I felt just like the WWE Universe and Michigan State because

Luckily for Juliette she had someone old and new to fill that empty hole in her heart this week in the form of her former assistant who did not appear in early Season 2 (budget reasons maybe?).

Meanwhile, our other lost child from the midseason finale was still M.I.A. and his fake girlfriend and very complicated handler were starting to notice his absence.

On the other side of town Deacon was having a meeting with a record executive who had heard him play at the concert in the midseason finale. While he liked what Deacon was playing he was convinced that Deacon could dig deeper and do better like he used to do with Rayna.

After Will missed the radio station interview with Lyla Brent decided to get a little more proactive about tracking down Will and headed over to Will and Gunnar's apartment.

It was nice to see Gunnar appear to be much more like early Season 1 Gunnar who actually cared about people again.

Back with our other pair of Nashville younguns things were a little more tense.

After filling Scarlet in on his visit to Juliette in the studio Avery made the poor decision to stay within her radius because she immediately pounced on that opening.

Avery did not very successfully deflect the question. However, Scarlet was soon thrown off when she received a call that Kelly Clarkson wanted to record one of her and Gunnar's songs.

Over in Rayna town, Rayna was complaining once again about her new album, but it was hard to feel bad for her as she had 5 people at her beck and call in her kitchen

Back at the studio (?) Juliette was being protested by not only the fans mad at her for breaking up America's Couple, but also a new set of religious nutjob organizations. Naturally, Juliette handled the situation like a pro.

Things took a turn for the more serious on the other side of town as Gunnar made a startling discovery in Will's room

Conveniently enough Will had left his browser history unscrubbed with his last entry indicating an interest in a certain state park. Gunnar then headed out to track him down.

Back with the adults of the world we had to spend some more time with mopey Teddy

Do you guys remember when Teddy treated Peggy like garbage before she became his mistress? or do you guys remember when Teddy tossed Peggy to the curb? or when Teddy was only going to give her child support? or when Peggy faked a pregnancy to trick Teddy into marrying her? or when she faked a miscarriage so that Teddy would stay married to her? THEIR RELATIONSHIP WAS THE BEST. WE ALL CAN ONLY HOPE TO BE THAT LUCKY.

Moving on things were not looking too great for Juliette outside her next concert either as the protesters appeared to have followed her across the country. Things took a turn for the worse when the protestors hit on Juliette's weak spot.

Unfortunately Juliette lost her cool and uttered the statement that "There is no God that would listen to a crackpot like you". This would later be shortened and used to suggest that Juliette was denying the existence of god which is a PR no-no.

Back home in Nashville with Gunnar on the loose in the woods and out of cell reception Scarlet was forced to go over to his apartment to share the news about Kelly Clarkson. This led to another awkward confrontation between two former best friends over a guy.

As previously mentioned Juliette's words were taken out of context and used as the next in the extremely long line of horrible, godawful things that have happened to Juliette, while Rayna complained about her life being over because she didn't have a single for her new album.

As luck would have it now that Rayna was on the other side of the table she now realized that Jeff was right all along about her new album.

Up in the mountains Gunnar finally tracked down Will who was understandably not coping well with the realities of his situation.

Gunnar and Will then had a truly touching heart to heart and Gunnar threw down the gauntlet telling Will that he had to talk to someone and that as his friend that was his job.

Back in town Deacon was struggling mightily with the task of writing a song that would meet the executive's expectations and took his frustrations out on his lawyer friend.

Over in city hall Teddy was doing the police department's job more effectively than he had any of his other duties on this show. He pointed out that the man who had killed Peggy had been out of work long before he came into office, so it made no sense for him to only be on a one man vendetta.

Meanwhile, Juliette's day went from bad to worse as she kept ignoring Avery's calls and then this happened.

In an effort to curb the PR storm heading her way Juliette even had to resort to dealing with her arch-nemesis to get the truth out.

Juliette managed to obtain Lyla's assistance by pointing out that without Juliette there would be no tour for Lyla to be on and also that Juliette would owe her a favor.

In the studio something surprising happened when Gunnar and Scarlet played for Kelly Clarkson

Not only did Kelly want this song from the two, but she also wanted them to put their heads together for a few days to come up with some more songs specifically for her. Unfortunately she mentioned a bit of a touchy subject.

Scarlet wanted no part of a Gunnar-Scarlet reunion even for Kelly Clarkson. From a professional standpoint considering that it would only have been a few days work from the sound of it, it seems like kind of a disaster.

Meanwhile, Will was making his triumphant return to the tour

Lyla is a bit of a tough character to read so it's getting harder and harder to tell if she really is just faking being the good girlfriend or if she actually does care about Will. Especially because she is continually asking Will if he keeps disappearing because he doesn't want to hang out with her. On the other side of things Will wanted no part of Brent and told him to pack his bags and head back to Nashville.

Speaking of Nashville Rayna was having an artistic discussion with Liam who was back this week. He wasn't super fun this week, but he is still by far the most tolerable of Rayna's numerous love interests. Also, apparently the Luke Wheeler thing is still going on even though we haven't seen him for a while. Anyway, she was still complaining about not having a single and how much she had on the line with this one album.

Considering the fact that most artists make the majority of their money from concerts rather than from album sales (correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm like 99% sure) I'm curious why she's not more freaked out that she quit her tour just so she could hook up with Luke Wheeler, I mean spend more time with her girls.

Back with the younguns there was some serious backlash from the Kelly Clarkson walkout as Gunnar expressed his frustration to Zoe who supported him fully, because honestly the only thing that we ever see Zoe do is talk about or interact with Gunnar.

On the other side of the fence was the final end of Scarlet-Avery. Thank god. Scarlet clearly still has some sort of feelings with regards to Gunnar and Avery was head over heels for Juliette. They both realized it wasn't working and agreed to go their separate ways.

Over in adult world Deacon was doing his best to mend fences after freaking out like a mad man.

Deacon claimed that he couldn't write any songs because he wasn't used to approaching it from a place when he was actually happy.

Towards the end of the episode Lyla did eventually step up for Juliette and I took a very unfortunate screencap of it.

However, from the final screentime for Juliette it did not look like it made much of a difference as she sat only watching a news report about Anti-Juliette rallies.

Fingers crossed that her hero will find her in time and that at least for an episode or two (god forbid maybe even three!) she will find happiness.

In the end Deacon was able to break through his writer's block with the assistance of Maddie and once again despite being in a happy place could not keep his eyes off of Rayna.

Questions (CAUTION: will reference spoilers from the 30 second promo for next week)

- Will Jeff fire Juliette from the label and is that how Juliette ends up at Highway 65 which I imagine is endgame?

- Will Lyla take over as the main act for Juliette's tour if she gets kicked off or will it be totally cancelled?

- Will Deacon throw away another happy relationship for Rayna?

- Will Will be forced out or will he come out willingly this season?

- Does Lyla actually care about Will?

- Do we care at all about Lamar trying to kill Teddy?

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Feb 03, 2014
I wish you continued with the recaps! I keep checking if maybe you did but no such luck.
Jan 29, 2014
I agree with everything. Juliette is bascially the reason I watch the show (the music too) and her relationship with Avery of course. I loved your caps ("the love of my life...I mean who?" lol). Keep them coming!
Jan 26, 2014
This was spot on.
I always though by the end, Rayna and Juliette will have some sort of mother daughter type of relationship. Juliette will have an older sister type relationship with Rayna's daughters and Juliette will be on Rayna's label who will let her do the music she wants to do. No more tween songs. And you're right, Juliette and Avery are perfect together. True love and all that jazz.
Jan 23, 2014
Thanks for the review (and for taking it easier on Scarlett).
I totally didn't think about Juliette ending up with Rayna's company (which, silly me) but I would like to see that development.
And no, I couldn't care less about the whole Lamar Teddy thing.
Jan 21, 2014
Thanks so so much for the review! I'm really disappointed that there's not any discussion on here, I actually didn't watch this episode until I saw your review on here last night and it spurred me to watch it today, so thanks.

You're spot on about Peggy, I feel bad laughing about it, but her death was pretty much a non-event. Teddy was the only concerned character, and Rayna was just all like, 'how very unfortunate for you.' I loved that no one cared! However, I am a sucker for traditional soapy plots, so I do very much care about Lamar trying to kill Teddy from behind bars, so as Teddy over-aggressively bumbles towards discovering this, at least I will for the first time in Nashville's history actually have some interest in what he's doing.

Another reason I'm so very happy Peggy is dead is that is meant Will lived, YAY! I'm absolutely loving all the raw emotional stuff they're doing with his character, although it annoyed me a little that neither he or Gunnar could say the word 'gay' during their heart to heart. I personally thought Gunnar was very self-centred when he initially confronted Will. People assume committing suicide is one of the most selfish things a person can do, and I can see how and why a good friend of someone who attempts suicide would think this way. But the fact is, it's not about you, and if you think it is, well then you're not a good friend. I think, after pushing Brent away, that Will might actually try really really hard to live the 'straight' life and might even jump head first into his fake relationship with Layla. I think. in a weird way, Layla does actually care about Will. I mean, initially their relationship was (and is) a PR stunt, but I don't think Layla is the sort of person that would have gone along with it if she didn't already have some semblance of feelings for Will. I think what we've been seeing from her is frustration and confusion towards Will. She wants this career, and she wants to go through it with Will, and she can't understand why he doesn't feel the same way. I was going to say that Will will come to accept himself this season, but then he will he forced out of the closest against his will, but he seems quite against himself at the moment so I'm not really sure.

Gunnar only makes up half of an incredibly selfish couple though, with both him and Zoey somehow still being utterly perplexed that Scarlet is not okay with them being a couple. I know some people may think that Scarlet has been a real downer/ bitch this season, but I've really liked where they've taken her. The girl next door has taken some hard hits and she's finally starting to hit back, and if that means saying no to Kelly Clarkson, then so be it (who's wants to work with her anyway? She mustn't be doing the greatest if she's doing all these guest spots on television). It also meant not clinging onto Avery, who's infatuated with Juliette. I love that these characters grew up enough to realise that they weren't meant to be together.

Like you said, hopefully Avery can get to Juliette soon, she could really use a friend other than new newly returned assistant (seriously, where has she been?). Obviously with a show like Nashville you often have to suspend your disbelief, but I didn't really buy the outrage over Juliette and the paint throwing and CD burning just seemed way too over the top for me. But at the same time is did shine an interesting spotlight on people's obsession with disgracing celebrities. Their lives are in the spotlight and people think that can make judgement on them so easily when they really know nothing about them. Sad stuff for Juliette, bot topical nonetheless.

You're not wrong about Rayna's storyline, it's become very repetitive this season, and she was painfully annoying in this episode, despite the always welcome re-appearance of Liam (why can't he be around all the time?). I just wish they would have had Jeff in this episode gloating to Rayna over his much talked about market research. Their sparring this season has been an excellent addition to the show, so I missed that this week.

I found Deacon annoying this week too, although at least the reason behind his complaining was a decent enough one. For a second there I thought that Deacon had managed to be happy and write a good song, albeit with Maddie, but you're probably right in your observation that the writers have set it up so that Rayna and Deacon need each other. Rayna for her new lead single, and Deacon to launch his budding solo career. I doubt Deacon will break up with Megan though, it'll definitely be her dumping him once he starts to get too close with Rayna again.

Thanks again for the review, it's good to have somewhere to spill all my thoughts out about the series!
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