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I've been wanting to do a write up for Nashville for quite a while, but haven't had the chance until now. The first time through is always difficult when putting the captions together because it takes a few episodes until you pick up a good feeling for the voice you want to use to discuss each show individually (I feel pretty good about Sleepy Hollow and Revolution at this point, but they started off rough). As this is the first time through and there isn't regular coverage of Nashville here I will try to do some larger scale summation in places. With that in mind:

The Layla-Juliette feud started us off this week as Layla took extra time on stage at the current concert to give an encore. Juliette was not happy to say the least.

Here's where we need to discuss something that happened an episode or two ago (so many TV shows right now it's hard to keep straight). Anyway, I want to discuss a particularly significant event. So once upon a time Juliette told Layla in an elevator that if Layla ever felt like she was being taken advantage of or pressured that she should come to Juliette and Juliette would get it handled. Considering the fact that Juliette has zero friends and views everyone as a rival (especially Layla even at that time) it showed huge growth for Juliette as a character to go out of her way to offer any kind of protection/friendship/advice to another person, Naturally Layla immediately shrugged her off and said no thanks. I just wanted to mention this because this week it seemed like Layla completely forgot that this happened.

This entire episode Layla couldn't figure out how to make Juliette happy. In particular for some reason she seemed kind of broken up that it was specifically Juliette who was giving her a hard time. This made absolutely zero sense to me given that she essentially threw an offer of at least an olive branch if not outright friendship back in Juliette's face a few weeks ago.

Anyway, back to this week's episode Juliette was about to feel a bit better about her day upon the arrival of one of her latest extremely poor decisions.

Here we have the Juliette-Charles crazy relationship between two people who have hung out a maximum of 3 or 4 times before his wife found out and attempted to make it a three way situation. I had hoped that her chat with Avery would have gotten this crazy out of her system, but apparently not. It seemed like at the beginning of the episode even Juliette thought that maybe this wasn't the best idea ever, which made me cheer a little bit, but it was clearly a misdirect.

Back in Rayna James land because GOD FORBID the two leading ladies on this show ever interact with one another we were having some more drama on the baby daddy front. This week started off harmlessly enough as Maddie asked her parents if she could take guitar lessons from Deacon.

Teddy decided to freak the hell out about this particular development and throw a hissy fit. Teddy is one of the strangest characters ever. One week he is a nice charming ex-husband and perfect father, the next week he is a giant d-bag. It has not been a gradual change from one to the other which would make sense. Rather, it literally changes from week to week (Week 1 Nice Teddy, Week 2 D-Bag Teddy, Week 3 Nice Teddy). Who the hell knows what Teddy we will see next week, but this week Teddy was in full on D-Bag mode.

Our other main group of characters were spending another week apart from one another, but only temporarily thanks to:

We don't need to get into the extremely twisted development of Avery as a character, but at this point he is clearly meant to be the Messiah who can do no wrong. I don't particularly mind this at the moment. When Avery first flipped to goody-goody it was kind of annoying, but he's kind of grown on me (as long as he's not in a scene with Scarlet). Anyway, Avery decided that he would rode trip up to St. Louis with Zoe to spend some time with Scarlet. This left Zoe and Gunnar having awkward time with one another about this impending disaster.

Teddy and Rayna eventually relented and allowed Maddie to take guitar lessons with Deacon who spent some time discussing it with his new lawyer girlfriend

Back on tour Will was continuing to wrestle with his demons this week and spent a little too much time in a bar.

Layla came to check on Will because he had left her set early. She soon became fed up with his drunk antics and left. Will then proceeded to dance on the bar and attempt a failed stage dive into the floor. Much to Layla's disgust this meant that their radio interview in the morning had to be cancelled and led the label to give Will a personal sidekick.

Charlie continued his crazy stalker antics as he phone Juliette later that night

Charlie publicly filed for divorce from Olivia so that he could be with Juliette. Juliette continued to be somewhat concerned about this crazy person destroying his life for her, but only somewhat.

Then it was time for quick check in with what ever the hell is going on with Lamar these days. Hey Lamar hows it going?

Lamar did have a small shot at getting out of jail and being placed under house arrest if he could get enough good character witnesses. He asked Rayna to get Tandi to help out. Naturally as soon as Tandi and Rayna started talking about this it turned into the all Rayna all the time show.

Then it was time to spend some more quality time with Charlie and Juliette as Juliette vented about Layla some more

It was kind of sad and a little bit heartbreaking how easily Juliette fell for that line about being special. FIND YOURSELF A GOOD MAN JULIETTE, I'M ROOTING FOR U GIRL.

Teddy then spent a scene feeling sorry for himself with Peggy and all I could think was

Similarly, Gunnar and Zoe talked about their nonsense for....zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Luckily, after sitting through those difficult scenes we were back on track as Layla spotted Charles Wentworth hanging out with Juliette.

Juliette was on top of the situation quickly after Layla attempted to throw herself at Charlie and demoted Layla in the concert order.

Later, Will (who benefited from Juliette's fit of pique) tried to make it up to Layla.

Layla devised a plan to sing a duet with Will at the end of his set, which from Juliette and Glenn's reaction was worse than Layla singing right before Juliette for some reason. I don't know. I didn't really get why it was such a big deal to Glenn at least.

Meanwhile, Tandi was starting to have cold feet about sending her father to prison. The FBI(?) made it abundantly clear that if Tandi did anything to help her father she would be outed as the mole.

Back on tour Glenn was not happy with the heavy handed way that Juliette was handling the Layla situation.

Glenn was pretty on the nose about who was to blame for the current bad decision making Juliette. Needless to say Juliette did not like her father figure calling her out on this point.

Maddie's guitar lessons with Deacon were successful as the pair awkwardly bonded in a kinda nice way. But it was still super awkward. Maddie then invited Deacon to one of her performances and invited Deacon up on stage to perform with her much to the displeasure of one Teddy Conrad.

Meanwhile my least favorite character of the moment spent the entire episode trying to make one thing very clear to all of her friends.

Juliette's next point of order was to steal Layla's duet with will away from her. This led to Layla just staring daggers at Juliette and later breaking down into tears.

Back with Debbie Downer, Avery was doing his best to try and cheer her up.

Back in Rayna world Maddie was fed up with both of her daddies

Maddie threatened to cut off contact with both of her daddies if they didn't quit their respective whining about one another.

After deciding with Gunnar that they should inform Scarlet of their dalliance Zoe went to go talk to her. Unfortunately, Scarlet had something more important to talk about which put that plan on the backburner.

After his set Will went to find Layla and ran into Juliette. Now I haven't always been a fan of Will and I question some of the decisions that he's made, but over the last few episodes he's actually started to turn it around a little bit. He had nice exchange with Juliette about the realities of their respective situations with Layla. He finished by saying that all that really mattered in the end was finding the one person that made you want to be the best version of yourself.

Back in Rayna Land, Rayna ended up testifying on behalf of Lamar

Unfortunately for Lamar he was not granted release into house arrest. Rayna was furious with Tandi for not showing up to testify for Lamar. However, it looked like in the end Lamar took it in stride as he declared that he would have his vengeance on his enemies (what enemies? none that we've met), however if they spun this off into a show about Lamar's Revenge

At the end of the day my heart was lifted high as Juliette came to the realization that she had actually met someone who made her want to be a better person.

Personally I would love to see Juliette's love life simmer down a bit. If they paired Avery and Juliette back up together even as just friends I would love it. Their banter at the beginning of the season was amazing and my favorite part of the show. Unfortunately, I can guess where this all will lead and its not good. Clearly Juliette will make her desire for Avery known, he will reject her (albeit nicely) because of Scarlet, and subsequently Juliette will do something extremely self destructive. I cannot tell you how much I dont want to see that happen. If the writers dont want to split up Scarlet and Avery can we at least please have Juliette and Avery be friends that hang out a lot before we get to the inevitable explosion when Juliette gets rejected? Is that too much too ask? Alas I fear my pleas will go unanswered.

Besides Scarlet has more important things to deal with like being a hypocrite

So the cat was out of the bag and Scarlet was upset. Let's keep in mind that Scarlet is the one who broke it off with Gunnar. Scarlet is the one who hooked up with her ex first. Scarlet is the one parading around her old/new boytoy in front of Gunnar.

To end the episode three important things happened. First, Juliette broke it off with Charlie

Then, Teddy kicked Deacon out of the Music Festival

And finally Layla outed Charlie and Juliette to TMZ

A Brief List of Plotlines I Care About In Order from Most to Least

1. Juliette and Avery the friendship

2. Juliette versus Layla

3. Rayna versus the Label

4. Will's Career

A Brief List of Plotlines I Do Not Care About In The Least

1. Rayna and any of her men (Liam, Luke, Teddy, Deacon)

2. Peggy

3. Tandi and Lamar

4. The Gunnar-Zoe-Scarlet triangle


What did you think of this week's episode?

What are your favorite/least favorite plots?

How will the TMZ outing affect Juliette?

What is Scarlet's next move?

What will happen at the Music Festival


In the promo for the next episode it claimed that someone would die


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Dec 09, 2013
Glad to see somebody invested in the show, hope you'll continue with the recaps to give us a space to comment about new episodes as well.
Just please don't be too hard on Scarlett. Getting her involved in all the Gunnar/Zoe boring nonsense is such a terrible decision but her musical career is still one of the strongest points of the show. Less drama, more singing, Scarlett!
Dec 09, 2013
Loved Julliete as always this episode, how she handled Layla was awesome!!
Poor Charlotte, she is so lost...hope she will find her way..
I thought that Julliete made the right decision about Charles..that guy was cute, but a bit possesive...
Rayna defending her father, was nicely done..she chose the right words...was nice..
Dec 09, 2013
Thanks for the recap. It's good to see my favorite show being given some attention for a change. Though I must say, I love this show because of 3 things (Connie Britton, Charles Esten, and MUSIC), so I do get what you mean about some of the plot lines.

I literally couldn't care less about the Scarlett- Zoe-Gunnar thing either, or Peggy. I do care about all things involving Deacon though.

Overall, I thought it was a relatively well rounded episode. Glad to see Juliette finally make the right decision about Charlie. Of course, something bad will happen now though.. She did a good job of putting Layla in her place, that chick needed it so badly!

I'm not sure what will happen to Juliette now, but maybe the TMZ thing will make her more popular due to publicity.. Hopefully her label doesn't drop her or anything like that.

I quite liked getting to see Lamar again. His character has always been interesting. He is right be angry with Tandi. Regardless of whether a family member is supposedly evil or not, it just seems plain wrong to do what she did to him. It doesn't seem all that believable to me.

Teddy is just a total dick. He knew all along that Maddie wasn't his child and now he's acting like a baby about it. He deserves to be stuck with Peggy. Will be interesting to see what happens now he has to decided to mess with Deacon.

Scarlett used to be one of my favourites, but now she is just getting annoying, you are right. She needs to take better advantage of the opportunities being given to her. And Zoe, well, I cannot stand this character.. I hope she doesn't stick around.

Anyway those are my rather jumbled thoughts!

Dec 09, 2013
I thought about a recap too - but its probably best left to someone who wouldn't be swearing at the soapy plot lines Nashville does at times.
I watch it, but at times the voices in my head start screaming at things that happen.

I'm guessing Layla dies - they've turned her into a cry baby, instead of Juliette version 2,0 (she showed she could be manipulative and driven in earlier episodes, but now she seems weak out of her depth). Also if she dies, it may develop Juliette a bit more.

I think the end goal is to have her joins Rayna's new label, and this could be the spark for her to think about jumping labels - it would also give the new record label boss a reason to let her leave.

The whole Teddy and Peggy plot needs to end - its just annoying now.

I hope they start moving forward with Rayna's label plot soon, and it doesn't get overlooked for the more soapy plot lines.

Good review btw.
Dec 08, 2013

Thumbs up for a job well done especially for a 1st outing. To be honest, I don't really liked this show very much and I nearly gave up last season. However 2 things make me comeback, Hayden Panettiere and the wonderful music (surprisingly most of the cast can sing).

I think Juliette want Avery for more than friendship. The writers of the show really needs to make things more interesting. It is sometimes hard to watch.
Dec 08, 2013
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Oh, and can I just say thank you once again? I too have mulled the idea of doing a regular recap for Nashville on here and I think a photo caption recap is really the way to go. I love the show, don't get me wrong, but it often delves into being a ridiculous soap-opera and this type of recap, with it's humour, really suits the show I feel.

I haven't read your other photo recaps because I don't watch Arrow or Revolution, and I'm several episodes behind on Sleepy Hollow, but this is a great first attempt. I particularly think you were spot on with your analysis of Teddy, and Scarlet really was self-absorbed in this episode wasn't she?

Anyway, I'll discuss the episode itself in another comment, but I just thought I'd let you know that I'm so glad someone on here is going to be a photo recap of the show. I'll be reading, and I hope other Nashville fans will be too!
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