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The ever-increasingly soapy storylines aside, Nashville really did produce several great songs and musical moments during its first season, and we've ranked the best in completely arbitrary order in anticipation of tonight's Season 2 premiere.

7. Fade Into You - Scarlett & Gunnar ("Someday You'll Call My Name")
There were no available clips on YouTube from the show, so this performance from the Grand Ole Opry will have to do.

6. Telescope - Maddie and Daphne ("Someday You'll Call My Name")
I chose this over the popular cover of The Lumineers' "Ho Hey" from later in the season because this was the first time we saw the girls sing and we all realized we're no talent losers compared to them.

5. Wrong Song - Rayna & Juliette ("Lovesick Blues")
It took the show forever to get these two on the tour we were promised in the pilot, but in the end they produced this duet.

4. Change Your Mind - Scarlett & Gunnar ("Be Careful of Stones That You Throw")
Pretty much every song Scarlett and Gunnar sing together is great, so.

3. Undermine - Juliette ("Someday You'll Call My Name")
Rayna/Connie who? This was the first time Hayden proved that this was actually her show, and Connie was just visiting.

2. No One Will Ever Love You - Rayna & Deacon ("I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love with You)")
This was the first moment we really felt the love and history between Rayna and Deacon, and the one time Connie Britton owned her singing.

1. If I Didn't Know Better - Scarlett & Gunnar ("Pilot")
This song still gives me chills and is what really sold the pilot, in my opinion.

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May 10, 2014
Agreed :D
Sep 25, 2013
Scarlett and Gunnar's duet's are a goldmine. Glad to see you think so too! I was looking through the IMDB forums and people seem to think they're terrible singers, which just blows my mind. I get shivers every time. Maybe Connie's voice can get grating from time to time and Hayden sounds appropriate to her character (though I hate the style of music... I love when she gets into the proper stuff though like Undermine). I think the actors who play Scarlett and Gunnar have proper technical chops, but I can't sing, so what do I know...

Surely Avery deserves an honorable mention -- his rock roots kept me from losing my mind on more than one occasion (because I'm generally anti-country). His single pre-producer rape is awesome.
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