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May 18, 2014
Nashville: Season 2 Final 'On the Other Hand' and Season 3 Discussion

tv.com had Nashville listed in their weekly FTW vs. WTF this week as 'the soapy gift that keeps on giving', and they're not wrong. It's a very underrated drama that seemed to only just scrape by with a third season renewal, so I think it's about time we talk about it's season two finale and what may be in store for season three. Here's the short recap tv.com provided in FTW vs. WTF :

'In Wednesday's Season 2 finale, Will admitted to Layla that he was gay while a hidden reality-show camera recorded the confession; Juliette vomited on her own hair after getting wasted and struggling to deal with her guilt over cheating on Avery; Gunnar sang Scarlett the song he wrote for her and told her she should stay in Nashville; and Rayna was proposed to not once, but twice. The first ...Read more
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Apr 24, 2014
Nashville: On the Record Concert Episode
I don't see anyone talking about Nashville's concert episode which was a big deal in television in my opinion. It was great to hear the stories behind the songs and see the acts perform on stage (especially Hayden).

I think this concert has established Nashville as one of the best shows on television. Great actors, awesome music.... what else can we ask for?

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Connie Britton stars as aging country star Rayna James as she embarks on a tour with up coming starlet Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere). Things heat up as Juliette tries to take Rayna's place at the top of the country music charts.