Season 1 Episode 14

Dear Brother

Aired Unknown Feb 27, 2013 on CMT - Country Music Television

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  • good episode

    this was another good solid episode of Nashville, the biggest thing to happen in this episode was the death of gunnars brother Jason, which resulted in scarlett making her move on a mourning gunnar, not exacly great timing scarlett??
  • Love this shiw

    Live this show. They ruin it by preempting it all the time. This episode was amazing showing Juliette's growth and rayna/deacon talking. Loved it.
  • Dear Brother

    Dear Brother was a phenomenal and very entertaining episode of Nashville. I really enjoyed wwatching because there was a culmination of character development, drama and intrigue. It was cool to see Juliette throw Deacon a party and finding some personal truths after helping her mother. It was sad to see Rayna face public embaressment over her divorce. Gunnar tries to help his brother with tough love ending in tragedy. I felt characters were empowered and really coming together despite all the downfall. Teddy even made an unforseen move in the end. Rayna's new song was beautiful. Scarlett and gunnar take things to a new level in the wake of terrible news. I liked how Juliette felt somewhat intimidated by the talents of Gunnar and Scarlett. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!