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Juliette Barnes, a rememberable character?

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    [1]Oct 21, 2012
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    So far, the show has been great but what reallycaughtmy eye, was Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere). I think that in time she will grow up from being this sassy young super star, to a kind person and she andRaynawill become friends. What do you guys think of her?

    Also i have set up a fan page on facebook for her: it would look more like she is not just a TV Show Character

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    I agree. Her character has lots of potential for growth. And we're already starting to see that happen, with her mom and her new bf and his family. I'm really starting to like watching her. Well, ok, the fact that she's played by Hayden makes me already like watching her cuz Hayden is so cute and fun to watch, but JULIETTE was kinda...a jerk (yeah, I'll go with that word Wink) in the beginning so I didn't wanna like her character then. But now we're gettin' to see another side of her and I can empathize with her more.

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