Season 1 Episode 12

I've Been Down That Road Before

Aired Unknown Feb 06, 2013 on CMT - Country Music Television

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  • good episode

    This was a pretty great episode of Nashville their we some great musical numbers especially juliets at the end, hayden is so very talented, i'm glad that teddy asked rayna for a divorce their storyline has been dragged out and hopefully this will give rayna more room to breathe and have some fun
  • I've Been Down That Road Before

    I've Been Down That Road Before was an amazing and extremely entertaining episode of Nashville. I really enjoyed watching because the character development was fantastic and it was awesome to see all the various relationships intertwining and creating a complex web of drama. It was really cool to see Juliet expand her horizons as an artist though there seem to be a lot of mixed reviews on the situation. Teddy and Rayna get mixed up with other people in their lives which I believe will prove to be very fateful. Scarlett asks gunner to move in with her which leads to some interesting situations with Avery. It was awesome how gonna stand up for scarlet Ashley was being disrespected by Avery. I love how everything played out and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next because this show has so much potential for various paths!!!!!!!!!
  • I'm still watching and really did not expect to be still watching

    the Juliet/Deacon song was the showcase number of the night, but I liked both of the other performance songs - Connie's voice is very good on her ballad, and Hayden's knockout performance in hot pants with the dancers was a lot of fun to watch. Most excellent to see Avery get a 'reasonable and not vicious' beatdown - three good quick punches was all that was needed to put him in his place for disrespecting Scarlett; he's had that coming for a long time. That scene, after the buildup on the sidewalk with the camera crew, was so Righteous.