Season 1 Episode 7

Lovesick Blues

Aired Unknown Nov 28, 2012 on CMT - Country Music Television

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  • Wrong Song

    This was a great episode I loved having rayna and Juliet share more screen time together and their duet at the end was absolutely rockin, great episode looking forward to next week
  • A clever title goes here!

    I loved the song a lot. This is by far the most interesting episode of the show imo. It brings Rayna and Juliette together in the same room for a longer period of time. The performance was spectacular.
  • Lovesick Blues

    Lovesick Blues was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Nashville as Rayna agrees to work with Juliette Barnes. I liked the character and plot development along with the drama and intrigue. A lot of different things happened in this episode and a few characters futures were put on the line. The music was awesome and I loved the song Rayna and Juliette wrote together. I liked how every thing played out and certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Half hot - half not

    "Wrong Song" is a great song and a terrific performance - Connie and Hayden looked outrageously HOT in their short skirts and lotsa legs. the last three episodes leading up to Connie wanting to put more rock in her music reached a perfect peak with that duet. And it's also the perfect kickoff for their tour together. Well written story arc and excellent performances - including the two guitarists.

    the other story line with Teddy and the comically bad Powers Boothe is really BORING. I never thought I would still be watching this show, but I am.
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