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  • Riveting and alluring

    I was pulled into this show from the first episode. Keep the series going!
  • Great Music!!

    I just love this show. I haven't heard a song I don't like yet. The cast is amazing and the fashion is pretty good too. It makes me want to go to Nashville real bad :) Can't wait till Juliette has her baby and see how her and Avery cope, should be amusing.
  • Great Show!!

    I hope they keep this show on TV, it seems that every show I like they cancel. It's different than all the others.
  • Great show!

    I loved the ending of last night's show. Deacon & Rayna forever! Is there anyone who doesn't want them back together? Even better though was the brief drunk scene between Rayna & Juliette. I like their evolving relationship & that was humorous. They need a scene where Juliette & Rayna get drunk together---no particular point---just funny! I'll write you a sample scene, Nashville writers.

    Juliette & Rayna have both had disagreements with their men. They are out of town for some event, and they both end up in the hotel bar drinking.

    Juliette: I have come to a profound realization during my long life on this planet.

    Rayna: Oh yeah--what?

    Juliette: Men suck! They really really suck.

    Rayna: That is a profound realization. (Slurring slightly). We should write a song about it. The whole country would listen.

    Juliette: Yeah. Maybe the whole world.

    Rayna: It should be a great song like that song Tanya Tucker used to sing--Delta Dawn. You probably are too young to remember it.

    Juliette: My mama used to listen to that!

    Rayna and Juliette sing loudly together: Delta Dawn what's that flower you have on. Could it be a faded rose from days gone by. And did I hear you say you were meeting him here today to take you to his mansion in the sky.

    Both start laughing.

    Juliette: What did that song even mean?

    Rayna: Hell if I know. Some woman fell in love, got dumped, and then got old.

    They continue back & forth & then leave bar to go up to hotel rooms. Outside in parking lot, Juliette suddenly pauses, looks sick & then runs over to a parked truck and throws up in the back. Comes back laughing. Rayna wipes her face with a kleenex laughing.

    Rayna: Oh my God, did you just throw up in someone's truck?

    Juliette: I think I did.

    Rayna: Well damn!

    Juliette: Do you think whoever owns the truck will notice?

    Scene in hotel room. They are both sitting on floor in front of sofa with liquor bottles on table continuing to drink. They get into a discussion about life.

    Juliette: I always felt like I had this empty hole inside of me that I was always trying to fill.

    Rayna: Honey, the whole world has some hole they are trying to fill.

    Juliette: Well, Rayna, that's depressing. You are supposed to say, "Honey, it gets better as you get older!"

    Rayna: (In exact same tone) "Honey, it gets better as you get older!"

    Juliette (holding up glass) Cause you can drink right!

    Rayna toasts her: Damn right!

    Juliette stares closely at Rayna. Hey (very loudly).

    Rayna: Hey (Just as loudly).

    Juliette take's a lock of her hair. You know what? Your hair would look really good in little braids.

    Rayna: ( Touching end of hair). Really?

    Juliette: Yeah, okay turn this way and let me make one. (Starts braiding Rayna's hair sloppily).

    Drunk scene continues back & forth.


    Luke knocks in morning and then enters to find Rayna with hair in little braids asleep with head on couch. Juliette curled up on floor passed out with head in Rayna's lap. Bottles everywhere.

    Luke: Well damn!

  • Nashville's Fashion

    Checkout the Fashion for Nashville Enjoy XOXO

  • I truly enjoy this show

    I am so tired of cop shows, murder, mayhem and bloodly graphic scenes. Nashville, is

    a break with great music, that I enjoy listening to. Please do not cancel this show!
  • Liam And Game of Thrones

    Nashville is one of my favorite shows on television! For lovers of all kinds of music, Nashville is a must see!

    For anyone else who is wondering, the actor who plays Liam is probably not going to be seen regularly on Nashville because he has taken on the role of Daario Naharis on season 4 of GOT. I don't particularly care for him in that role, but I love him as Liam. Still he's doing well for himself if he landed on a show as critically acclaimed as GOT :)
  • Don't cancel this show

    I don't even like country music but I love this show which gets better by the don't cancel it!!
  • It Has it all

    the quality of this show is unprecedented, the music is really inspired, don't know how they make so many good or excellent songs just to fit the plot, but keep em' coming, the storyline is very well done, I don't think there ever was a musical series as good as this one, as long as it is in the air I will keep on watching eagerly!!
  • Talks of cancellation

    This show is getting better every episode, and i am going to be extremely disappointed if it does get cancelled, I Truly hope they renew this series for another season it is one of the best tv drama's I have seen in quite some time and I truly enjoy watching it.. usually I watch supernatural style shows but this one entertains me on another level that other shows do not seem to deliver, maybe it is because I am from the Nashville area and know people in the music business but it is an extremely great show and would be a shame to see it go away.

    The turn to drugs in order to cope storyline is SO TIRED! Will's story is literally going in circles and not moving forward in the slightest. Juliette's the same person since the Pilot. Terrible writers on the show.
  • for season 2

    Where is Liam? he isn't in the season?
  • Quit being twisted

    I am dying for Nashville to go back to how it was season 1. This second season has been nothing but sex-scene after sex-scene. You have so much amazing material to work with because of the characters you created and the story plots you have started. Please stop making us watch your twisted sex fantasies, and go back to awesome country music, people trying to sort out their relationships, and stop making everyone gay! Comment below me: Emwhit2 perhaps watching this with your teenage girls isn't the best idea... They already have to fight hard enough to not have sex with whomever they think they should. Focus up, can we fight for decent television? Or must we result to nothing but sex with her, sex with him, sex with both of them, and then do it again. Can we seriously not come up with anything better? Man alive. Hoping Nashville changes, or I am done.
  • Very Enjoyable

    This has been very fun to watch with my teenage daughters!
  • Season 2

    I hope to see some interesting stories this upcoming season from all the characters. I look forward to seeing Will's storyline. Since the actor who plays Will got upgraded to a series regular this season. I think we might see some interesting stories from him. I also, look forward to seeing how his and Gunnar friendship develops throughout the season. We only got a little bit of their new friendship since Will came into the picture towards the end of the season 1. I think we might see more of their friendship and maybe more drama.

    Another storyline I am interested in seeing is how they'll develop Scarlett character this season. If they could go in the direction of making her realize. She can choice her own path without worrying about making the people around her jealous or upset with the choice she makes for herself? Make her a strong character. Also, look forward seeing her and Avery maybe patch things up. At least get back to being friends again. Avery is another interesting character. Where they are going to take him this season. These four character are what I am going to look forward to see where they go in Season 2. We have about a week to go!

  • I Love Nashville

    This show is really love county music. I'm in love with DEACON!! but I want to see Liam good too.
  • make more recaps?

    for season 1 please put more recaps
  • Surprisingly Good

    I didn't think this show was going to be my cup of tea, but I gave it a try and now I'm hooked. Deacon is SO sexy!
  • Addicted!

    I LOVE this show so much! Great scripts, great music (bought the cd because I loved the songs), and great dynamics with richly detailed characters. The cast members are all amazing and so talented- probably the most uniquely entertaining and quality drama to air in a very long time. I am completely addicted.
  • Great LOVE Story!!!

    This show is so good and I love all the story lines!!! Rayna and Deacon are by FAR my favorites!!!!
  • Love this show!!!!!!

    Glad the girl found out about Deacon!
  • Great show - love it!

    Love the story, love Rayna and Deacon together - hope storyline develop more on this. Story is great and like the crew too. Music is enjoyable and continue to enjoy the show since the first episode.
  • Love this show!!

    I sure hope this show is not cancelled. It is my favorite show!! My husband, daughter and I all sit down and watch this one together! Great cast, love the music and the story line!! And I love Rayna and Deacon together!! My daughter (14) is now a country music fan :)
  • Go for country

    Yes I love country music and Nashville is one of my best show, there is some episodes better then in general it is a good show with a lot of drama, the cast is good, the music excellent. Hoe it stays.
  • The award for the most inconsistent show is.....

    Nashville is one of those shows that you want to root for. It has a great cast, great concept, and a terrible showrunner. For some reason the show has never clicked.... Which is unfortunate because with a cast like this it should be a super hit. I think we may need to say goodbye to Nashville. It will get a second season pickup and possibly abc will fire some writing staff. But, it may be to little too late.
  • Please do NOT cancel this show!

    We absolutely love Nashville! We have it set to record on the DVR so we can watch when we have time. It is always the first show on our DVR we watch. We even enjoy the reruns. Great cast and wonderful story. Love love love.... How about a rating beyond a 10!!!
  • Can't wait for a new episode !!! Need more new episodes !!!!

    I set aside time every Wenesday night to watch this show!!! I love the singing and the story lines are great ! Makes me want to move to Nashville. I will definately plan a visit. I need more new episodes to watch. Thanks !
  • Once you start watching you can't get enough

    I love this show. I can't get enough of it. Great story line and great music.
  • Love music, love drama

    I can not get enough of Nashville, it makes me want to visit such city and hit the clubs, would love to hear some of their singers. This show is wonderful!
  • love this show it is amazing

    i love this show it is awesome,please don't cancel this show love love love it
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