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  • Season 2

    I hope to see some interesting stories this upcoming season from all the characters. I look forward to seeing Will's storyline. Since the actor who plays Will got upgraded to a series regular this season. I think we might see some interesting stories from him. I also, look forward to seeing how his and Gunnar friendship develops throughout the season. We only got a little bit of their new friendship since Will came into the picture towards the end of the season 1. I think we might see more of their friendship and maybe more drama.

    Another storyline I am interested in seeing is how they'll develop Scarlett character this season. If they could go in the direction of making her realize. She can choice her own path without worrying about making the people around her jealous or upset with the choice she makes for herself? Make her a strong character. Also, look forward seeing her and Avery maybe patch things up. At least get back to being friends again. Avery is another interesting character. Where they are going to take him this season. These four character are what I am going to look forward to see where they go in Season 2. We have about a week to go!