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Nashville Star

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In this series, NBC (formerly the USA Network) will team up with RCA Record Label to conduct a nationwide talent search for the next great country-music artist. The contest will be televised as part of the new series. The ten lucky finalists will travel to Nashville to compete against each other for a recording contract from one of the 3 RCA country labels. The contestants' personal lives will be chronicled as they perform original material and cover songs and try to avoid elimination from each round.

    Hey Everybody, Let's Meet the Cast of Survivor: South Pacific!

    The latest round of contestants includes: a foxy country singer, a sexy Playmate, and a sassy mortician!


    NBC touts reality summer

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    • what happen to nashviile stars

      I really like to watch this show again , what happen to why it isn't on anymore , I think you should put it back on with blake Shelton running it ! I think it would be a great turn out!
    • because I think there are things about you that aren't perfectand yes the girls need work they don't work well together.both good singers but need to split their act up

      good job everyone.Last week when Jewel ask Lauren & Sophie if they were having a seizer. Well was Jewel having one with the commit she made the week before about them.It just shows that Jewel put herself as a rude and mindless person.I would of told her why and if she didn't already know why then she doesn't need to be on the panal and training these people and so Jewel rememeber what you learned as a child if you have to be rude when you don't have to,then keep your mouth shut..JUST plain rude rude..John Rich you need to save horse and ride out on a cowboy because you agreed with the commit..jewel you aren't county singer anyway so who are you to give advice.Oh yes Ty Murray makes you country I guess..your commit shows no class on your part of the show..that comment is not to show them how to improve just plain RUDE..moreless
    • What is going on with Nashville star? In the past, my family would not dare miss an episode. The last season was the beginning of the end for me. So predictible. This season is total wreck. Please help the show.moreless

      The contenders are even poor singers. Why are their groups? Where are the auditions held? Do you guys even advertise thes auditions to search for the talent? Or are they only open to the Nashville citizens? Branch Out. I am a HORRIBLE singer and I think that i may have been selected. What is going on? I love Billy Ray, but he need to practice reading from the screen because it is totally obvious. He does so much better shooting from the hip. Another thing, whats up with the sudden emphasis on totally country? Not all country music lovers want to hear constant whining and hillbillyness in all of the music. Your judges don't sing that style of music so why should they push it off on these guys. I'm sorry if it sounds harsh, but i truely loved the show and now it is sooooo corny. I hope it is only for this one season because of the station switch. Good Luck!moreless
    • there is no talent other than gabe. seems to be more about the judges than the talent. billy ray stinks...would of been better off using a wooden indian to host.

      I cant believe they couldnt find any better talent than they did. Other than gabe there is no talent that could even come close to having a hit single. These people should be on the verge of making it not someone who needs to learn how to has no country in his voice and someone needs to tell him to loose the vibrato...the kid from the navy is not country in fact not much of this show so far has seemed country. unless its the theme for the night they shouldnt be singing anything other than county..jewel as a country judge makes no sense at song doesnt make you an expert...billy ray does nothing but read the teleprompter...a doorknob has more movement than he does. Maybe Kawliga would be a better fit as host...i have been a fan of the show since it started but am done watching it.moreless
    • I have loved this show since the first season...let's not let Prime Time and Billy Ray turn it into an American Idol's better than that! Always a cut above, what happened?moreless

      I have been a fan of this show since it's first season. The "constructive criticism" and support previously shown made it easy to watch in comparison to the cruelty I feel many shows of this type thrive on. In the past I always felt the Host tried to connect with the contestants, something I do not find Billy Ray doing. He appears completely removed from the a poor actor doing a part. Last night was a particular embarrasment. Not once did he connect with the artist he was speaking with. Again, in the past, criticism from the Judges was often put in perspective by the Host. I feel the Judges are doing a good job, but then they are veterans of the show. As for Billy Ray...he makes me want to change the channel...send him back to "Hannah Montana"! This is such a great opportunity to show the "heart" of country to a wider audience and it's not being acted on.moreless
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