Nashville Star

Season 6 Episode 2

Episode 2

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 16, 2008 on NBC
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Episode 2
This is the first episode of the season where the viewers vote off a contestant. The three judges coach various members of the cast to see who is the better 'star maker' and Trace Adkins sings with the contestants of Nashville Star.

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  • great performances...

    I was surprised yet again. These contestants are really good. I loved how they split the contestants into three groups and gave celebrity judges to help. It became a competetion between the judges, which I thought was funny. I was rooting for John Rich the entire time, and I think he did the best. Anyways, the contestants sang songs that I've actually heard of before...unlike American Idol...some of my favorite songs of all time are "Who Says You Can't Go Home" and "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" and both songs were performed! I was so happy! Anyways....I really thought this was another good episode. I still don't think Billy Ray is a good host; he just needs more practice....moreless
  • This show is exactly what I love in a competition: really talented people going through all the ups and downs; good weeks and bad weeks, to see who's got the right stuff to make it.moreless

    I want to start by saying that I was just a tiny bit disappointed last week when the judges made their choice. I've been thinking about it all week and I an still unable to 'get it' as to why they sent away Charlie and kept Alyson, she was not at all entertaining to me - I understand it's just an opinion. On to tonight's show: Laura and Sophie - They're cute and they have fine voices and their harmony is good. However, in my opinion they are not engaging me, not entertaining me. The big thing that John Rich wants to know is: Can he make money here? Well, with Laura and Sophie, I don't think so. Ashlee did just fine; she's cute, her voice is pretty good and she's fairly entertaining. Would I buy her CD? Not at this juncture. OH Justin - you're so danged good looking that it's hard to not be entertained watching you try. You're working real hard at something that should be more natural. Singing is like breathing to me, something I do all day every day. You don't have to work that hard if you've really got the chops. I hope to see you around for a few more weeks (think Sanjaya) but I honestly don't think you've got the deep down talent to stay very long. OH, and by the way, stop singing top 40 and trying to make it country - give us some REAL country music!!! Alyson - of course it was better this week, it was horrible last week. I'm not sure how long you're going to be around if the cute factor isn't a big factor. Pearl Heart - well, again, they don't sing badly at all, good voices actually, very nice harmony, but I've already forgotten what song they did and I had to look it up. Forgettable is not a good thing in this situation. I agree with the judges - they don't really have any charisma. Tommy: OH my goodness, even though he was quite fun and entertaining last week he was not the best on the show. He did, however, step it up a bit this week and I really enjoyed his performance. He took a song that is quickly becoming iconic and he made it his own and did a good job doing it. Does he have the best voice of the group - no, but he is very entertaining. Gabe - now that is a voice!!! In my opinion he may have the best voice of all the contestants and his choices have been pretty good. He just needs to loosen up and enjoy singing the song as much as we enjoy hearing him sing them. Shawn - again, I've already forgotten what she sang and that's sad. She's a lovely girl but absolutely not the strongest performer. I can't say much more as I've really forgotten her whole performance. OH Yes - George Jones' and without a lick on convection!! Coffey - well, this guy certainly has potential. However, I think he did a better job last week than this. Tonight he sounded a bit thin and pitchy in a couple of bars, but I believe he will be around for a while and I hope he gains more confidence. Melissa - last week I thought that she would surely end up in the top 3 or 4 and I still think she is one of the strongest voices on the show. I don't know whether the long wait and realizing that she was in the bottom two made her nervous and so her voice got a bit thin a time or two or if it was what John said, maybe too much of a song for her to try. I still believe she's got such a fine voice and I hope that this crazy image-focused country of ours will see beyond the fact that she is NOT a size 4 (like another contestant who does NOT sing nearly as well) and keep her around for a while longer, to allow her to get her confidence back. 3rd Town - all I can say is that I agreed with the judges last week, their performance was all county fair and this week was even worse in my opinion. Bohemian Rhapsody??? What were they thinking? I'm glad they decided to sing something else, but unfortunately they did not do it well. I do tend to run on, but I wanted to take time to consider each one. Thank you for your patience.moreless

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