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  • what happen to nashviile stars

    I really like to watch this show again , what happen to why it isn't on anymore , I think you should put it back on with blake Shelton running it ! I think it would be a great turn out!
  • because I think there are things about you that aren't perfectand yes the girls need work they don't work well together.both good singers but need to split their act up

    good job everyone.Last week when Jewel ask Lauren & Sophie if they were having a seizer. Well was Jewel having one with the commit she made the week before about them.It just shows that Jewel put herself as a rude and mindless person.I would of told her why and if she didn't already know why then she doesn't need to be on the panal and training these people and so Jewel rememeber what you learned as a child if you have to be rude when you don't have to,then keep your mouth shut..JUST plain rude rude..John Rich you need to save horse and ride out on a cowboy because you agreed with the commit..jewel you aren't county singer anyway so who are you to give advice.Oh yes Ty Murray makes you country I guess..your commit shows no class on your part of the show..that comment is not to show them how to improve just plain RUDE..
  • What is going on with Nashville star? In the past, my family would not dare miss an episode. The last season was the beginning of the end for me. So predictible. This season is total wreck. Please help the show.

    The contenders are even poor singers. Why are their groups? Where are the auditions held? Do you guys even advertise thes auditions to search for the talent? Or are they only open to the Nashville citizens? Branch Out. I am a HORRIBLE singer and I think that i may have been selected. What is going on? I love Billy Ray, but he need to practice reading from the screen because it is totally obvious. He does so much better shooting from the hip. Another thing, whats up with the sudden emphasis on totally country? Not all country music lovers want to hear constant whining and hillbillyness in all of the music. Your judges don't sing that style of music so why should they push it off on these guys. I'm sorry if it sounds harsh, but i truely loved the show and now it is sooooo corny. I hope it is only for this one season because of the station switch. Good Luck!
  • there is no talent other than gabe. seems to be more about the judges than the talent. billy ray stinks...would of been better off using a wooden indian to host.

    I cant believe they couldnt find any better talent than they did. Other than gabe there is no talent that could even come close to having a hit single. These people should be on the verge of making it not someone who needs to learn how to has no country in his voice and someone needs to tell him to loose the vibrato...the kid from the navy is not country in fact not much of this show so far has seemed country. unless its the theme for the night they shouldnt be singing anything other than county..jewel as a country judge makes no sense at song doesnt make you an expert...billy ray does nothing but read the teleprompter...a doorknob has more movement than he does. Maybe Kawliga would be a better fit as host...i have been a fan of the show since it started but am done watching it.
  • I have loved this show since the first season...let's not let Prime Time and Billy Ray turn it into an American Idol's better than that! Always a cut above, what happened?

    I have been a fan of this show since it's first season. The "constructive criticism" and support previously shown made it easy to watch in comparison to the cruelty I feel many shows of this type thrive on. In the past I always felt the Host tried to connect with the contestants, something I do not find Billy Ray doing. He appears completely removed from the a poor actor doing a part. Last night was a particular embarrasment. Not once did he connect with the artist he was speaking with. Again, in the past, criticism from the Judges was often put in perspective by the Host. I feel the Judges are doing a good job, but then they are veterans of the show. As for Billy Ray...he makes me want to change the channel...send him back to "Hannah Montana"! This is such a great opportunity to show the "heart" of country to a wider audience and it's not being acted on.
  • Give it back to TNT

    What is going on? Where did the blond hostess come from? We knew going into this that Billy was not up to par. Now we have dancers with not much on. If you wish to save the show, STOP...get new judges and start over with some real talent. You may need to give it back to TNT. I was going to try and get tickets again this year, but I see no reason to spend four times as much as last year to see a no talent show. NBC trying to buy ratings with the new line-up may increase viewers, but it will be short lived.
  • The three worst judges I have ever seen they should be so lucky that they aren't judged as harshly as they judge others.

    I thought they kicked off some of there only true talent that they had on the show. Charley was by far the best contestant that they had this season. I think the judges need to be a lot less harsh in their estimations of others. If this is the top twelve of everyone that they picked why didn't we the public get to judge them.... completely unfair and wrong for a show of this type!!!! I felt that Jewel has no part to even be a part of this show just because she says that she grew up listening to country music that does not make her an expert!!
  • Dumb show. Judges kicked off the only country singer on the show, Charley Jenkins. Not worth watching if you love country music.

    What happened to country music? The only country singer that performed was Charley Jenkins and for some reason the three judges had the power to boot him without having the public vote. The other eleven singers were defiantly not country singers. To bad you lost the only classic performer. When young men and women come to compete for the top twelve spots. they have high expectation that the competition will be fare.
    That the judges will be helpful not rude. It really was not fare that Charley Jenkins did not did the opportunity to have the public vote for him like the remaining eleven.
  • Nashville Star needs judges such as George Strait, George Jones or Merle Haggard to find country stars. What I heard was another genre of rock last night. Counry Music was barely exhibited during the show.

    I am not happy with the choices Nashville Star made in choosing judges for the show. It is supposed to be a country music show and these judges, even though they have ties to Nashville and to what they call country music, are no where close to representing true country music or its fans. It would be a different show if they used some of the greats like George Jones, George Strait, Alan Jackson, or Merle Haggard. To me, this show is just another chance to get a record deal to record another genre of rock music. Country was barely visable during the show!
  • Nashville wanna-bes compete for a recording contract.

    I've caught this each year it's been on - this is Season 4, I do believe, and it doesn't improve much at all. It doesn't deteriorate, either, though. It just remains as sort of a stable car wreck. Occasional standout performances make it worth watching as sort of a video jukebox. The new network, NBC, seems to have added nothing to the mix that CMT hadn't already had in place. Billy Ray Cyrus as the newest host, following Jewel (excellent host, now a judge) and Lee Ann Rimes (not such a great host) demonstrates just how good Ryan Seacrest is at his job. The top twelve contestants are a motley bunch, ranging from groups (first time) this year - a middle-aged male trio and an underaged female duo in braces. Judges have improved over the seasons to the point that their critiques are often the smartest things about the show. Let's wait and see if any of these folks step it up . . .
  • I think all 3 judges tonight on Nashville Star sucked!!! They sent Charley home because they thought he was a Garth wanna be. They clearly didn't make their decissions based on vocal abilities.

    Charley was country and had a really great voice and got sent home because the judges didn't like that he went in the audience to sing. But yet they told the 2 young girls that they needed to work the stage. I think being told I was trying to imitate Garth Brooks would be a major compliment!!!! This is going to be the worse year ever for Nashville star with those judges. It's a country show and they pass a guy singing Drops of Jupiter by Train. I just don't understand what they were thinking and I hate to see how many more good singers they send home because of sucky judging!
  • I love this show! Nashville Star is so funny cuz all the hillbillies come out and sing like the end of the world! I am so excited for the new season to start this monday! I cant wait to see all the crappy sings and all the good singers as well!

    I love this show! Nashville Star is so funny cuz all the hillbillies come out and sing like the end of the world! I am so excited for the new season to start this monday! I cant wait to see all the crappy sings and all the good singers as well! its just so great that these crazy people come out and sing their hearts out and all we do is laugh at them! but it is the best form of entertainment i can think of! I can not wait to see what ones are good though! the ones that CAN sing are wonderful! Monday! NBC! i suggest everyone tune it cuz i know i will!

  • Anything that says Nashville has to rock!

    Anything that says Nashville has to rock! come on who doesn't like country music, well a lot of people but heck I love country music. Country music is practically my whole life and Nashville star is so awesome because it captivates the audience and has some really cool country stars on it as well, this always is a great thing for me to watch because I try to et in as much county music as possible because here in RI there aren't a lot of country stations or country things, people are either rap or pop, I don't mind either but it isn't that great because I really like country music. I love Nashville star and I hope it keeps going strong!
  • What's up with country music lately?

    I don't understand, what's up with country music lately. It used to be songs about life, love, and music. Now it seems to be going to rap. You can't even hear if Cowboy Troy has a good singing voice or not. I hate that country music is no longer country MUSIC. Bring back music and leave the rap to the others. As for the judges, they need to quit flirting and start listening. Most of the singers now on the show are not that good. Once in awhile you let the good ones during try outs go and accept the ones that are not. Get back to basics, and LISTEN.
  • I love Blake Shelton and his music. I have always been a fan of country music. Great show

    I have always been a country music fan so I like this show to see who the new up and coming country music stars will be even if they do not win the competition. I am a big Alabama fan so Randy Owen is a very competent judge since his band has been around so long. I did not know alot about Anastasia Brown until I read her biography and after reading it I can see why she is a judge. Blake Shelton is a great addition to the mix as a judge. Cowboy Troy is a pretty decent host but not so sure about Jewel although she is nice I don't see her as a Nashville Star host. My favorite contestant this seaso so far would be Angela Hacker and David St. Romain. I think Zack Hacker is a pretty good singer as well. I will be tuning in on one of the days the show is on.
  • Don't forget to vote!

    For everyone who loves this show don't forget to vote for your favorites!!! I've been voting for the last hour and will continue until the polls close. Love this show! There's even more talent on this year than in some past years, and I absolutely love Jewel as the host this year. Of course, I love her anyway- I think she's crazy talented! But she's just a great host period. I'm voting for Whitney Duncan, David St. Romain, Angela Hacker & Zac Hacker. If you don't vote for anyone else just make sure you vote for them. The numbers are 1-866-978-2702, 1-866-978-2703, 1-866-978-2705 &1-866-978-2706. Vote, vote, vote!
  • I gave up after season 2... And I'm still not sure why I watched season 2. What happened to it after season 1? (This review is Season 1 specific)

    When I first heard about Nashville Star, I was worried. I thought people would see it as many did, a rip-off of American Idol. Then I watched it, and, happily, my fears on the show were quelled.

    Please note that this review only pertains to Season 1.

    Yes, similarly to American Idol, Nashville Star is a music competition. However, NS is more than that. For one thing, all of the contestants on NS are singer/songwriters. So when they have weeks that they have to sing original songs, those are their own songs they're singing! And, to help the contestants out, they lived together in one house. So when they were working on their songs, they could bounce things off of each other, could get feedback.

    In addition to that, each week the contestants would have a special assignment. I don't remember a lot of them now, but one week they had to sing the National Anthem at a NASCAR race, and another, they had to go back home and give a charity concert.

    Of course, the highlight of the season was Buddy Jewel winning, since my mom and I had been sending in votes every week.

    Now, though... They don't show the stuff going on in the house (do they even still have the house?), they cut down the number of original song weeks (I wanna hear THEM, not them being parrots!), and they show "bad auditions" (I want to see the contestants, not ridiculing the people who didn't make it).

    Let me know when the show gets decent again.
  • A bad spin off

    Nashville star, is nothing more then American Idol in country clothing.

    The only difference between the shows other then the music, is all the celebrity judges they have popping up.

    The other big difference between AI and NS is the fact that while American Idol has a big following that is main stream, Nashville star doesn\'t.

    Personally I think that the show should be cancelled, send the hosts back into the shadow\'s. but then if that happened it would mean we would have to put up with Cowboy Troy shilling sandwhichs for Burger King on TV all the time.
  • good show love to see Cowboy Troy and Miss Wynona on the show, as well as Larry The Cable Guy, WWE superstar John Cena, and Big And Rich...

    Great show watched every episode voted a lot but my blonde gal went bye bye. I want to go on the show and perform. I am a struggling country singer, so I think I have what it takes to go on and perform. Buddy Jewel was awsome as well as Miranda Lambert.
  • I have watched the Nashville Star two times and had to turn it off.

    the music is too loud. the crowd noise is too loud. and there is an almost uncomfortable sound coming from the music. too much edgy sound. i think it dosen\'t do anyone justice to cover up the people trying to make a difference by a bunch of session guys looking for attention. get your priorities straight and do what the singing is about. turn down the band..turn up the singing.. take the sharp reverb off of evrything and lets get real nashville.
  • By far the best music reality show. Have you seen the American Idol? No competition, only one good performer out of the whole bunch. My only problem with N-star: why on so late at night?

    By far N-star is THE reality music show of it\'s kind. American Idol can\'t even compare. I tuned into \"Idol\" twice and that\'s all I needed to see or hear, to know that N-star has much better entertainment value. There doesn\'t seem to be any good competition in \"Idol\", only one good performer in the whole bunch. I like all kinds of music and I guess pop & rock are my roots, but N-star is the best show by far. Not so sure about the co-hosts. I\'d like to see Nancy O\'Dell back! Too many contestants kissing up to Wy, and what\'s up with the judges? Is Anastacia Brown the only one capable of giving constructive criticism/advice? The male judges act like they are there to judge beauty and looks of the contestants. Perhaps N-star should try again as far as judge and host picks go, for the next season. However, the format is right on. I don\'t know about other households, but this one gets up early mornings, so it\'s early to bed (usually by 9-9:30), so this new time frame is yukky. There\'s not much else on tv at night, so why can\'t it start at 8pm? It has family entertainment value, but what family stays up that late? Not ours!
  • Nashville Star is sloppy and poorly done.

    One of the most glaring flaws is the judges. I am sick of hearing feedback like \"Git r done\" or \"bring it\". I think you lose all credibility with ridiculous people trying to be judges. I also think That very talented women get voted off because they don\'t come across \"hick\" enough for the show. The two most talented women got voted off back to back and now I refuse to watch the rest of the season. I am not going to sit through a show composed of mostly male contestants, and I think many others would agree.
    Not everyone likes the male style of country music I perfer the female more contemporary style.
  • Great Show!

    I think that Nashville Star is a great show! The judges are great, the guests are great, and most of all the contestants are great!!! I usually just do not like a couple of the contestants but usually the rest of the contestants are great! I hope they will keep renewing the show!
  • Absolute Guilty Pleasure

    I do love to watch the young and not so young talent on the show! Far more talented than American Idol, these folks actually play instruments and write music!
    But Wynonna and Troy are painful to watch together and Larry the Cable Guy didn't offer any realy advice to the contestants - other than plugging his movie what was his purpose for being there? And now a Pro Wrestler for a Judge? That is demeaning to the performers. As if the show doesnt' take them seriously. Thank God for Phil and Anastasia.
  • I will not get involved in the voting this year. The audience was manipulated by showing the clip of the disagreement about experience. Two years in a row, my pick finished second. Enough is enough.

    What was that statement about "women not being able to win" supposed to do except incite women to vote for the poor little girl. No Thanks. I'll stick with entertainment. The voting system makes no difference as long as the staff is manipulative. I do enjoy Phil Vasser. Just tell us up front who the winner is supposed to be, so we won't be disappointed.
  • Great show

    I love Nashville Star. I seemed to have liked last years season better then this years but I think that was because of the contestants. I loved Leann Rimes as the hostess. I liked the judges a lot better this year as well. Last year I went to see the Nashville Star Tour when it came to Cleveland. That was awesome. We got to meet and greet all the contestants on that tour. George Canyon was incredible. This show shows originallity and talent then most reality shows. The set up and the voting run well. It seems fair and makes you feel like you are part of the show.
  • LeAnn Rimes is an absolutely fantastic host and she's who got me hooked on Nashville Star. The women singers on the show are fantastic but I mainly just fast forward through the men--imagine my anger when all but 1 women were voted off early last season!

    I say better every season after only seeing one season but I know for a fact that season 3 had to be better than prior seasons because it had LeAnn Rimes! She is fabulous! When I saw that she was hosting it, I just had to watch since she's one of my favorite singers. Now she's one of my favorite TV hosts! She has as nice of a speaking voice as her singing one. Well, almost as nice! Of the season 3 contestants, all the women were fantastic and talented and all the men...well...SUCKED! I eventually just started fast forwarding through the male singers. I was heartbroken to see all my favorites (besides Erika Jo) get voted off one by one (with my favorite being Christy, the first woman voted off). But overall I'm ecstatic that Erika Jo won and I can't wait for next season! =)
  • This show has the talent that AI wishes they had. They don't have no talent singers on here, trying to become good singers. And that's what sets it above the rest.

    Most of the AI type shows out there scour millions of people and pull out wanna be singers that have little to no talent.

    They then feed on the fact that they can build a fan base from these people by airing a competition. Which gets fans involved with the singers, and helps them sell a ton of albums, even though they are not that great, or special.

    Anyways, back to Nashville star, This show goes out and finds the singers who have been doing this for some time, and have been building careers.

    What this means, is that the quality is already there, and judges will give them tips on how to refine themselves, but they don't have to teach them how to sing.

    It really makes the whole show, that much more enjoyable.

    If you are a fan of music, don't shy away, just because you may not be a country fan. This has the music, and the stylings that I bet you will love. Give it a try!
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