Nashville Star

Season 6 Episode 1

Season Premiere

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 09, 2008 on NBC

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  • Well in this episode, we got to meet all the contestants and watch them perform. And after all was said and done, we saw one get sent home.

    I just have to say that the tallent in this show, is entirley better then the talent in AI. And more intriguing. These people play,sing, harmonize, and jump around if need be. I thought the judging was a little off on some, but still entertaining. I loved every song performed, except one. When I watch AI I rarely like a song, if i do! i thought this episode was enjoyable to say the least, and i will be watching tonight! So if you missed the first episode, then be sure to check out this one, and the rest for that matter. You gotta see Pearl heart, and Third Town perform. thier harmonies are amazing. ... Oh yeah, and theres two little girls that rip too!=)
  • surprisingly good...

    I was surprised at the talent that they found for this season of the show. I already have favorites, and already have people I don't like after the first episode. I wished to see more of the audtitions, but oh well. I did like how they congested the part when they cut people. It gets really boring to watch that. American Idol takes a whole episode to do that while this show only took ten minutes. I liked that. I didn't like Billy Ray Cyrus as a host. He seemed really annoying and seemed like he was trying too hard. I really liked when John Rich and Jewel argued about pitch in this episode. That was funny. Anyways, this was a good start to the season. Taylor Swift is awesome!
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